USA: Vegas Mass Shooting

On the night of October 1st, on the Las Vegas Strip , a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Hotel, onto a large crowd of people below who were attending the route 91 Harvest Music Festival. On stage at the time was Jason Aldean a country music Continue Reading ›

Caribbean: Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria struck the island of Dominica on the 19th September as a category 5 Hurricane, it killed 15 people before moving on to wreak more devastation on Puerto Rico. Maria had lost some strength when it made landfall on Puerto Rica and had become a category 4 hurricane, still carrying wind speeds of up Continue Reading ›

Mexico: Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck central Mexico on the 19th of September. Over 230 people have now been confirmed dead and there are over 800 casualites.        

USA: Hurricane Irma

Having begun life on August 30th off the West Coast of Africa, by September 6th, Hurricane Irma had crossed the Atlantic and had become a category five hurricane with wind speeds up to 185mph. Irma ripped through the Caribbean as a category five leaving a path of devastation before reaching Florida in the US on Continue Reading ›

ANNA News documentary: “Deir ez-Zor under seige”

Syria: SAA at the Gates of Deir Ezzor

After more than three years, relief has finally arrived for the city of Deir Ezzor, held to siege by deranged rabid animals, or Obamas little pets as they are referred to in Illuminati circles (allegedly). The Syrian Arab Army in conjuction with the Russian Aerospace Forces have reached the gates of Deir Ezzor. A fantastic Continue Reading ›

Paul Craig Roberts: The Weaponization of History and Journalism  

Doug Christie: Overcoming Threats to Freedom

Syria: Road to Deir ez-Zor  

India: Floods

Over 1000 people are believed to have perished in floods across South Asia in the summer of 2017. Bangladesh, Nepal and India have all been severely affected by massive rainfall over the last few months. In Mumbai India, on the 29th August, 468mm of rain fell in the space of twelve hours, the most rainfall Continue Reading ›

USA: Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is still raging in the USA having already claimed 16 lives so far. As the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the United States it has caused massive flood damage in addition to the loss of life, in particular in Texas. At its strongest it was a category four hurricane, just when it Continue Reading ›

Syria: Tiger Forces Desert Report

Syria: Battle Reports

You wouldn’t know it from the virtual mainstream media blanket blackout, but the Syrian Arab Army, with support from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are grinding down the Islamist terrorist savages into mincemeat on a daily basis. The reason why you don’t hear much in the western media is because losing sides don’t usually shout out Continue Reading ›

Syria: Desert Operations

Syria: Raqqa

Syria: Eastern Damascus

Syrian Perspective Latest

Latest Article from Ziad at Syrian Perspective and latest video from Syriana Analysis QATARI-SUPPORTED TERRORISTS LOSE GROUND TO SAA IN DAMASCUS; ISIS FALLING APART EVERYWHERE

Iraq: Western Mosul Destruction

Tour of Western Mosul, now free of Islamic State (for the most part) but virtually destroyed. When Syria and Russia fought to rid Aleppo from the human garbage, all we heard from Western media was how they are killing civilians as they sought to save their Jihadi friends. When Iraq and the US Air Force Continue Reading ›

Aleppo – The Industrial Capital of Syria

Documentary about the theft and destruction of the industrial districts of Aleppo by Sinan Saeed and Tom Duggan with Fares Shehabi (MP for Aleppo).  

Syria: Hama, Deir Ezzor

Title video is the Syrian Tiger Forces taking the Jihadis to the cleaners in Northern Hama.  Video below is footage of artillery strikes by SAA in Homs province.     Next two videos are an ANNA news update and footage of the ongoing siege in Deir Ezzor, 85000 civilians trapped in the city with only Continue Reading ›

Syria: Al-Qaboun and Northern Hama

The latest post from R&U vids. The Jihadi degenerates in Al Qaboun in Damascus and Northern Hama are on the wrong end of a severe beating at the moment. In Al-Qaboun its so bad the jihadi groups are now killing each other en masse. Al-Qaboun has been isolated from the rest of Eastern Ghouta and Continue Reading ›

Jimmy Dore: 3 Ways Trump Has Already Betrayed His Base

When Trump was elected, there was a sliver of hope that there might be change and the establishment thats been stiffing most of us day after day might finally get taken down a notch or two, after all, what was it he said….”drain the swamp”. It was only ever a sliver of hope because when Continue Reading ›