Well…it appears as if the gloves are well and truly off now as the presidential race enters the final lap. Trump verbally brutalises Hillary in front of the big wigs then Hillary stands up and attempts to give as good as she got. Traditionally hosted by the Archbishop of New York at the Waldorf Astoria in aid of Catholic charities and in memory of the allegedly benevolent Catholic New York Governor Alfred Smith who was also a presidential nominee. It is supposed to be the only occasion during the presidential race where the candidates share the stage so to speak, it is also intended for them to poke fun at each other gently. To attend the event event would cost you between $3000 – $150 000 depending on whether you wanted to sit at head table or by the toilet door. All proceeds are given to the “neediest children of New York”. One wonders if that includes the needy children that have been sexually abused by the Catholic priests? Their web page doesn’t clarify that for some reason.


With such a price tag, you can be assured that plebs off the street won’t be attending this event. Instead you will mostly find those that live life in the moral gutter, however, they do have expensive clothes and jewellery which serves to deceive and distract themselves and your average onlooker of their true nature. What you have here is a nest of vipers, the US political and business elite all feeding at the trough like fat pigs whilst crowning each other philanthropists, oh how the super rich love to present themselves as the generous caring types. Have a look at any super rich persons wiki page and you can probably bet your last dollar they call themselves a philanthropist. Well it does make sense doesn’t it? They have accumulated such vast material wealth because….they love to give things away so much. Enjoy the speeches, Trumps is particularly brutal…poor Hillary.