Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook: For the second time, the USS Donald Cook gets buzzed by Russian jets. The Western media machine is crying like a child telling the world how awful the Russians are by flying their jets so close to a US Missile ship in International waters, they are so used to being the bully they dont know how to act when someone resists. What they fail to to tell you is that the ship is only a couple of hundred kilometres from the Russian coast. If the shoe was on the other foot and Russian warships were this close to the US what would happen? Bear in mind that the West has repeatedly stated in recent months that they see Russia as their primary threat, moreso than Islamic State. Like all criminals, the US government much prefers it when their victims do nothing rather than fight back. In the first encounter between Donald Cook and the Russians, the US discovered that their most advanced AEGIS system failed when under electronic attack from the Russian plane and as the Russian jet approached all their electronic warfare systems went down and they could do nothing, then the Russian jet simulated an attack run although it was carrying no payload. Did the the same thing happen again this time, did the Russian pilots basically get another clear attack run basically saying to the US sitting Donald Duck, we have you and there is nothing you can do? Kudos to the Russian pilots, it takes guts and skill to do this, as far as the US Navy should be concerned, its just a little welcoming party from the Russians, what else did they expect in Russia’s back yard?


AEGIS Fail in Black SEA, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald “Duck”