Earthquake: On April 16th ECT an Earthquake hit Equador with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. This can be considered a very powerful earthquake and consequently over 16 500 people were injured and over 650 people have been killed. The epicentre was in a fairly rural part of the country, over 100km from the capitol Quita and some 30km from the nearest significant towns, yet still the casualty numbers were very high.


Its become a noticable phenomonen with earthquakes, that strange lights in the sky are sighted either during or immediately prior to the event.The videos would appear on youtube but the two that NewsWars has posted previously on previous earthquakes were removed by Youtube or the user shortly afterwards. On those instances the lights were flashes of multicoloured light, this time however there appears to be a craft in the sky with an unusally bright light emitting from it.