Warning, Graphic and upsetting content.


Nice Truck Attack: July 14 is Bastille day, a national celebration for the French. On July 14th of this year, there was a fireworks display on the beach in Nice attended by thousands of people. Families, mums, dads and kids. In what can only be described as a sickening disgusting act of the most brutal and callous nature, a Tunisian man who was a french resident, Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, decided to drive his truck through the crowds of people watching the fireworks killing 84 people and injuring over 300. Mums, kids, dads grandparents all got killed. Although Islamic State have claimed responsibility the media seemed to be trying to distance this event from an Islamist terror attack, it is reported that Mohamed only became interested in religion in April and wasn’t a practicing Muslim generally, certainly before April in any case. It certainly doesnt seem unreasonable that he was part of the terrorist group even if he had only joined them recently. He was a truck driver by trade, but had been sacked following falling asleep at the wheel,  his family had split up and he was in the process of divorce. A depressed and depraved man, full of anger could join Islamic State and then become their weapon against innocent civilians, what does it matter if he only joined them in recent months.