Cologne NYE assaults: In Cologne Germany on new years eve it was reported that gangs of men numbering in their hundreds travelled in to Cologne city centre and in what seemed to be an organised effort they attempted to sexually assault numerous females and assault other members of the public as well as robbing them in many cases, women would be surrounded by gangs of men and then molested, one woman alleges she was raped, there are over 350 complaints to the police. Eye witnesses say that the groups of men comprised of men of Arab or North African descent.  There were also reports of similar disturbances in Hamburg. Germany has taken a million refugees so far who are fleeing the war zones of the middle east such as Syria. Many observers have wondered that amongst the genuine refugees are there significant numbers of Islamist fighters who only respect the wahhabi doctrine whereby women are essentlially subservient to men and second class citizens, not to mention they are a blatent terrorist threat. There has been a strong effort in the mainstream media to dissassociate any connection between the refugees and these criminal acts, presumably because its going to make the politicians look rather foolish having to admit they have let hundreds of criminals into their country that now threaten their citizens, and this is by no means the first incident of refugees clashing with local residents in a European country. Right wing groups such as Pegida in Germany staged a protest march on the 10/01/16 which ended violently with the police spraying the group with water cannons. A local group in Cologne has organised a security group which will patrol the streets to keep an eye out for trouble, its legal for a citizen to arrest someone in Germany if they are breaking the law. So far it has welcomed over 9000 volunteers in just a few days, this indicates the severity of the problem.