Assualt on Fallujah: The Iraqi government forces have begun their assualt on the Islamic State held city of Fallujah. To have been a resident of Fallujah in the last 30 years is to have become familiar with hell itself one would imagine.  The residents have endured the invasions and occupation of the Western forces when Saddam Hussein was president. During the war with the Western coalition, the Western armed forces used depleted uranium shells against Saddams forces which had terrible consequences for the citizens. Thousands of babies have since been born with terrible physical disformity as a result of the radiation from the illegal munitions that were used. Now they have endured the terror of Islamic State and now must endure another military attack to rid themselves of the foreign sponsored terrorists that have held them captive for a year. With hindsight, would any resident of Fallujah have chosen this path over keeping the “tyrant” Saddam in power in Iraq. They must be so grateful to George Bush and Tony Blair.