Mosul Siege: The long wait for the Iraqi Army to reach the outskirts of Mosul and prepare its assault on the last major Islamic State stronghold in Iraq is over. No doubt the US air force will be on hand to drop some bombs on non essential targets like wedding parties, their jihadi puppets are beginning to become short in supply and they haven’t finished the task that was given to them yet so they have to be careful not to kill too many. Perhaps thats why only last week we heard reports that 9000 Islamic State fighters will be allowed to leave Mosul prior to the seige and make their way to Syria having being given assurances by the Saudi government that they will be protected. In Syria their job will be to continue the fight against Assad which has always been the primary goal for the US and its partners. No fear though, according the Syrian Arab Army facebook page, they have a “special surprise” waiting for them. Once Mosul is recaptured by the Iraqi army , we can probably expect a massive “US victory against Islamic State” western media campaign.