IS Baghdad Bombs: On the 3rd of July, Baghdad, witnessed another horrific attack on innocent civilians, just the latest horror in a horror story that now stretches back the best part of 30 years. Over 250 people were killed and hundreds injured after Islamic State suicide bombers detonated their explosives in a busy Shia shopping district. It was particulalry busy at it was Ramadan and many families would have been out eating after fasting all day. The West seems to think that Islamic State is a blight on them, but the truth is that tens of thousands more Muslims have died at the hands of these fanatical mercenary butchers than Western civilains. There were no “pray for Iraq” hashtags on facebook or twitter, no profile pics draped in the Iraqi flag. Most of the citizens of the West are apathetic to politics in general and the horrors that those in far off places endure as long as it doesnt interupt their favorite talent show on tv. On the whole they do not care to hear that it is their so called benevolent leaders and country that might have contributed to or caused these problems. Responsibility is the last thing they want to acknowledge, they are too busy watching celebrities pick their nose. Yet if any problem should come near their doorstep or of the doorstep of someone they feel a sense of familiarity with then watch them whine like babies at full volume. If indeed they did feel for Iraq and the horrors its endured as a consequence of the actions of the goverments in the West, then they would have had the picture of the Iraqi flag on their profile pictures for the last 30 years, the Afghani for the last 15, the Syrian for the last 5, the Yemeni for the last 2, and the Palestinian for the last 70 years. That said there are many with conscience who do fight for justice. Coincidently, the Chilcot report has just come out in the UK which in the nicest possible terms called Tony Blair a liar and a warmonger thats killed thousands.