Suicide Bomber Has Nowhere To Go: The Iraqi government is also making sound progress against Islamic State, Iraq seems to get less attention than Syria for some reason in mainstream and alternative news. Perhaps its becasue war in Iraq just seems normal to people these days, much like Afghanistan? A terrible indictment on our subconcious and a reflection of the consequences of US and its allies foreign policy. If you pay attaention to the reports that come out from Iraq and the statements made by some of their officials, in particularly those connected to the \iraqi armed forces and thei partners, you often hear criticism of the US and its anti terrorism efforts, in fact in addition to accusations of assisting Islamic State no less than by airlifiting their commanders to safety when under threat and air dropping supplies to them, they also complain of pressure put on them by the United States to actually refrain from attackin areas and also putting prtessure on them to not use certain militias against the terrorists. Very strange if true and in complete contrast to their public stance that they are in fact the number one combatant against terrorism. However, this interesting video shows the Iraqi army having constructed a barricade and moat around their base, and this time when one of those Islamic State car bombers comes hurtling towards them trying to blow them off the face of the earth it gets a bit stuck and blows itself up harmlessly outside the base after a quick drive around the perimeter….nice.