Since wild fires have swept across large areas of land in Israel in recent days, Netanyahu has declared fire to be anti Semitic and should be placed on the register of internationally recognised terrorist groups. Some reports have come in that the fire even left burnt images in the form of Nazi swastikas as it swept across the land with one citizen even claiming she saw the face of Hitler in the flames laughing at her. Israel has carried a military operation against the wild fires with air strikes and a ground offensive but it has had little effect in putting out the flames. An Israeli general was interviewed and stated that the fire demonstrated an irritating Palestinian style persistence to survive against the odds, however, the military operation, code named ” cleanse the land”  will continue against the fire and the scale of operations will be stepped up in the coming days. The general went on to say that if the fire isn’t brought under control soon they will have to invade and take complete control indefinately of both the entire West Bank and the Gaza Strip for security reasons.


Israel is a needy and helpless country that requires more international aid than any other country on earth, it has recently secured $40 billion in aid over 10 years from the United States alone. As such, being so helpless, one of the first acts Netanyahu did was to ask for international help to defeat the flames of terror. Thankfully their neighbours, sorry landlords, the Palestinians, have sent four fire engines to their aid. Israel has welcomed this aid and promised in return as thanks, that as soon as they have sorted out the fire, they will steal more land in the West Bank, evict the Palestinian residents and build Jewish settlements, so Jews from all over the world can exercise their “right of return”.



Satire over.