Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria


It’s not just fanatical Islamists in the middle east that beleive they hold the right of life and death over those that don’t subscribe to their way of life as set out by their interpretations of their religous scripts. There are interpretations of Judaism that are at least, on par with the savagery of the Wahhabi Islamists in terms of racism and subjugation of so called inferiors, one need only to investigate the Talmud, one of Judaisms sacred texts…prepare to be shocked.


Saudi Arabia (the ideological and financial sponsor of Islamist terrorism) and Israel are in fact national allies and neither make no secret of that, a peculiar friendship one might think as we all assume the Jews and all Muslims hate each other. Israel has been a co supporter of the terrorists in Syria and is even assisting Saudi Arabia with its slaughter of the Yemeni people. Although they are different belief systems by name, besides being allies, it seems the Wahhabi’s and the Jews share many characteristics, as do all religous paractioners one might argue, we don’t have to go back to far in history to see the savagry of the Christians and the Catholics.


Perhaps this friendship at national level is why Israel has never been the target of an al-Qaeda or Islamic State Terrorist attack, they would surely argue its their superb counter terrorism units. In all this time since the war on terror began you would think they might have suffered one significant attack by now?


Israel is bullet proof in the Jewish controlled mainstream media, so much so that the Israeli government can even say on public record without any kind of media backlash, that they would prefer the mass murdering Islamist terrorists to be their next door neighbour, rather than a state that is allied to Iran. Then again, is it really a surprise when in fact, out of Islamic State and Iran, its fairly safe to say that only one of them is an enemy to Israel. Regarding the Golan heights and the defense ministers concerns about recent activity, it would only be fair to remind everyone that the Golan heights did in fact belong to Syria until the six day war in 1967 when it was captured by Israel, Israel has kept it ever since of course. The US firm Genie Energy has recently been granted license and has been drilling for oil and has reportedly made some big finds, it’s now even hotter property than it was before. Genie Israel is run by retired Israeli General Effi Eitam, who declared Palestinians “creatures who came out of the depths of darkness,” and predicted Israel would eventually have to kill them all.


This official position by Israel regarding who they want as their neighbours, (which has been expressed before by the former Israeli ambassador to the US on US tv ) is rather telling as it indicates the true relationship between Israel (and the wider western coalition) and Islamic State. It also clearly demonstrates the Israeli government’s complete disregard for the lives of the  Syrian citizen, they are the ones who are being butchered in this war and despite what western media outlets claim, the civilian butchering is being done by the terrorist forces. However, this would fall clearly in line with the original point of this piece, and that is to say, to the religous fanatic, the non religous are lower life forms. Humanity must rid itself of all religion, or we will never be united under the one banner that truly does unite us, humanity.



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