Monthly News Review: April 2015


Saturday 25th April at 7.11am GMT an earthquake of 7.8 on the richter scale struck Nepal. The epicenter was west of Kathmandu and north of Bharatpur. So far the death toll is over 6600 and over 14000 injured, this number would have been much greater if the quake had struck at night with people asleep and unable to react quickly and escape buildings that would collapse imminently. Many buildings didn’t collapse immediately and were left extremely unstable and unsafe, these buildings would then collapse in the following hours or days to come. This forced great numbers of people to live out in the open becoming desperate for shelter and food. Relief efforts are underway with many people having been pulled alive from underneath the rubble of collapsed buildings up to 5 days after the event.



On the 18th of April over 8oo migrant refugees died when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean whilst attempting to reach the shores of Southern Europe after departing from North Africa. So far in 2015 over 1700 refugees have already died as they attempt to flee their countries and seek out a new life in Europe. In 2014 at least 3000 died trying to make the same crossing. Lampedusa, an Italian Island about halfway across the Mediterranean is the destination for most of these crossings, and if the boat does capsize and the migrants are picked up by rescue vessels this is where they tend to end up. There is now a large and ever growing migrant population living in migrant centers and camps in Lampedusa as they wait to to enter Europe through this perceived gateway.


So what on earth could compel anybody to make such a risky journey with no security or prospects necessarily even when they reach their destination? One would presume that whatever they are trying to escape must be horrific. Lets look at a few figures to get a sense of scale…


Migrants departing from North Africa to Europe per year:


2009 prior to NATO campaign in Libya                        –  9000

2011 year of Qaddafi murder                                        –  60 000

2014                                                                                 –  170 000


As most of these migrants are Libyan , the focus will be on Libya (there are also many Syrians). Looks pretty clear cut that a lot of people decided to leave Libya in 2011 after NATO delivered democracy, freedom and prosperity to the people of Libya. NATO carried out air strikes on a sovereign nation that had no UN resolution backing it, the air strikes supported a ground offensive led by so called rebel groups against the Qaddafi government.


But what was life like in Libya before they knew democracy, freedom and prosperity when the tyrant Qaddafi ruled over them?  This video gives a few clues as to what it was like and what the people thought of Qaddafi in Libya.



Look at the streets, the buildings and the cleanliness of the place, this doesn’t appear to be a third world country run by a kleptocrat with a population in poverty. Look at the people celebrating him, at a time when Libya was under NATO bombardment. These images don’t seem to fit with the western narrative on Qaddafi. There is one major issue that many people will refer to which they will use as a stick to beat Qaddafi with and that’s the alleged Libyan involvement in the Lockerbie plane crash.


Pan Am Flight 103  was destroyed by a terrorist bomb on Wednesday, 21 December 1988, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew on board. The only man convicted of carrying out the terrorist act was a Libyan professor by the name of Baset Al-Megrahi. Here is a quote regarding the case agaisnt Al-Megrahi from the blog, a website run by Dr. Jim Swire who lost his son in the incident and is the spokesman for the British relatives of Pan Am 103. “The prosecution case against him held water like a sieve. We are expected to believe the fantastic tale of the Luqa-Frankfurt-Heathrow transfer of an invisible, unaccompanied suitcase which miraculously found itself situated in the perfect position in the hold of 103 to create maximum destructive effect having eluded no fewer than three separate security regimes. There is no evidence for any such luggage ever having left the ground in either Malta or Germany, it is mere surmise. Not only that but we have accusations of the key Crown witness having been bribed for testimony; a multitude of serious question marks over material evidence, including the very real possibility of the crucial fragment of PCB having been fabricated; discredited forensic scientists testifying for the prosecution; and, most worryingly, allegations of the Crown’s non-disclosure of evidence which could have been key to the defense. ” It is in fact some relatives of the victims that have been campaigning to overturn the verdict against Al-Megrahi because they believed him to be innocent. In addition to Lockerbie, some might argue of Libya’s guilt in the terrorist act as they admitted to it by compensating the victims relatives in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. Well the answer to that is already obvious, to lift sanctions that had to admit it.


Here is a link to Qaddafi’s green book, the book all Libyans were to be familiar with. Its a guide to society and the role of government as Qaddafi saw it.


So now Libya has lost Qaddafi, what has arrived in it’s place? First lets have a look at David Cameron’s smug face as he speaks to an unknown crowd in Benghazi presenting himself as their liberator after the Qaddafi’s death.



Notice how we didn’t get to see any footage of the crowd, there can only one reason for that, the crowd wasn’t very big. You can be 100% sure that if it was, they would have shown it. Also notice how he referred to Qaddafi’s comment about how he would hunt them down like rats. Qaddafi also claimed that it was Islamic militants that were behind the uprising in Libya and it was these militants he wanted to hunt down like rats, it is common knowledge that Qaddafi was against groups like Al Qaeda, this has subsequently turned out to be true as we now see that Libya is a hot bed for IS and other Islamic militant groups. So, could it be possible that the crowd of people cheering who David Cameron was preaching his greatness to, were in fact members of terrorist Islamic militant groups like Islamic State. By all accounts it wouldn’t have been the majority of Libyans in that crowd as they supported Qaddafi, they were probably in tears at home packing their bags wondering what Lampedusa was like.


At the end of his little speech he told his fans, “your friends in Britain and France will stand with you as you build your democracy”. In October 2014, David Cameron’s government strongly backed the EU to discontinue the search and rescue missions for drowning refugees trying to flee war torn Libya in the Mediterranean Sea. The search and rescue missions were halted and who knows how many migrants drowned who otherwise would have been saved. Oh, having said that, we do know, approximately 2000 people. If David Cameron ever says to you “I’m going to stand with you” well you now know with what contempt you should treat it. I wonder how many Libyans died as a direct result of Qaddafi’s policies, I’d wager its less than 2000.


So, Libya, once the jewel of the African continent, is now a broken shell of its former self, ravaged by war. Islamic State and similar groups have control over large areas of the country and are battling the puppet government installed by the west as well as each other. Libyan cities are heavily damaged, the economy destroyed and its people destitute and running for their lives. Even running away is impossible as all land borders with Libya are closed, their neighbors don’t want the Islamic militants getting in. This leaves only only one possible escape route, crossing the Mediterranean.


Hilary Clinton was the major US politician behind the NATO led campaign that led to the capture and murder of Qaddafi (he was sodomized with a blade) by terrorist groups. Lets see how she feels over this terrible affair that’s has destroyed nation and millions of peoples lives.



Here is Qaddafi being interviewed by George Negus in 2010


In addition to the drowning of the refugees, we had another round of decapitations by IS in Libya for the second time in 2015. 12 Ethiopian Christians were taken to the Libyan coast and beheaded on the beach and an additional 16 were shot in the desert, both in front of cameras to be posted on social media as part of the IS pr campaign.



On the 2nd of April Kenya suffered its second major terrorist attack in two years. Four gunmen from Somalia-based Islamist group Al-Shabaab, one of whom was the son of a Kenyan government official, killed 148 people at Garissa University College. Of the 148 dead, 6 were from the security services, the rest were Christians and mostly women, this was perhaps chance as the attackers had herded many victims into the women hostel on the campus. After several security personnel were killed, the authorities withdrew and it then took seven hours to send in a special tactical unit to eliminate the terrorists, they secured the site after about half an hour. Interestingly there was a military barracks just 500 metres away from the campus. Al-Shabaab claimed the attack was in response to Kenyan military personal fighting their organisation in Somalia. Somalia and Kenya share a land border.



In early April the US and Iran had announced a framework for an agreement that would lead to the lifting of sanctions on Iran, with Iran committing to restricting its nuclear program to ensure that it doesn’t obtain nuclear weapons. Iran has always stated that it doesn’t intend to obtain nuclear weapons so if this deal goes ahead then Iran will have sacrificed nothing and achieved the lifting of sanctions if it truly didn’t intend to obtain nuclear weapons. It didn’t take long however for subsequent announcements from either side to demonstrate rifts between the two parties, in addition we have Israel attempting to derail the process with comments from Netanyahu like “I think this is a dream deal for Iran, and it’s a nightmare deal for the world” and ” They’re getting a free path to the bomb”, in addition the the US congress is telling Obama that it doesn’t matter what his government agrees because they wont approve it. One wonders what planet some people live on, in that they try to obstruct a peace deal, but in the bully boy Israeli mindset and their US allies, death and destruction is the only language they know. In any case, its one possibility that the peace deal is a planned pretext to war with Iran. Its hard to believe that all of a sudden the US wants to make friends with Iran, perhaps, if the peace deal is agreed, in due course Iran will be accused of breaking the peace deal, false evidence of nuclear development will be shown to the world and this will be the catalyst for an attack. The public will buy the media propaganda and give their support to an attack on Iran on the pretext that they broke the peace deal agreement and are attempting to build nuclear weapons, with the additional accusation of using it against Israel.



In Yemen, the illegal, western backed Saudi air campaign against Yemen continues with 1000’s of Yemeni dead including hundreds of women and children, however, the Houthis’ are still going strong. There is very little coverage of this in the western media and when comparing the western media reaction to Russia and Ukraine where Russia was falsely accused of the very thing Saudi Arabia is actually doing, the difference in attitude and reporting is staggering. Yet more proof that western media is agenda driven by higher powers. Bizarrely, Saudi Arabia declared an end to hostilities on the 21st of April, only for it to continue its onslaught the next day, some kind of peculiar PR stunt perhaps? Not only is Saudi Arabia targeting civilian infrastructure, it has a blockade on Yemen and very little humanitarian aid is getting through, the country has now run out of fuel completely. “The services still available in the country in terms of health, water, food are quickly disappearing because fuel is no longer being brought into the country,” UN official Johannes van der Klaauw.




The US government is seemingly preparing for military rule over its citizens. The US government is probably quite wary of the 300 million guns that are owned by its civilians as this potentially presents a very real threat to their plans should citizens decide to take up arms against the government. Of course, arming the civilian population was exactly the intention of anti new world order founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson who knew that an armed public would be a serious obstacle for a government intent on domination of its citizens. Evidence of this military preparation can be seen in the latest military exercise called Jade Helm. Jade Helm will be a carried out across 10 states in the US and will involve many branches of the military. The simulation will involve treating whole states as hostile and ways to counter the insurgency from the civilians living there. Unless the US is expecting an invasion from a foreign entity then what else could they be preparing for except an armed civilian uprising?





In Baltimore, another American citizen was allegedly killed by police, this time beaten to death whilst in custody, his name was Freddie Gray and six officers have now been charged, one with depraved heart murder and five others with different charges ranging from manslaughter to illegal arrest. Pressure is now mounting on the authorities to react to the widespread police brutality that is particularly prevalent on the black community. Large protests, some becoming very violent have followed this incident in Baltimore and throughout the US. As stated in previous reviews, incidents like this are happening all the time now and communities are recognising the problem and trying to do something about it.



The Leader of Islamic State, Ibrahim al-Samarrai aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been injured in a US airstrike it is now confirmed, he is still alive but has suffered a serious spinal injury and is being treated by doctors from Mosul in Iraq. Abu Alaa Afri, the deputy of Baghdadi and a former physics teacher, has been appointed as the Takfiri group’s temporary leader. Will US Senator John McCain be paying another visit to his comrade Baghdadi and bring him a get well card this time?

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The picture above is Senator John McCain meeting with the various leaders of the rebel groups in Syria at the beginning of the Syrian conflict. Naturally, McCain denies that this man (circled in red) is in fact Baghdadi, the man who would go on to become the leader of Islamic State.



In the UK, the Sunday Times rich list was published in April, it can now be shown according to this list that the top 1% are now 100% better off financially than a decade ago, during a supposed time of austerity. During the same period millions have endured and suffered, not just in the UK but all over the world. There couldn’t be a more obvious statistic to prove that economic life is a rigged game and this notion of equality and fairness and opportunity for all, even in so called fair and democratic countries like the UK is nothing… but an illusion.