Monthly News Review: April 2016



If your not one of the super rich, their co conspiritors or just a like minded wealthy individual,  you would do well to remember through what eyes the majority of rich and powerful see you. The masses are merely there to be used and herded like cattle in whatever manner suits their purpose. Their overt sense of community and empathy for their fellow man and all life for that matter is non existent. A lack of empathy is one of the hallmarks of a pyschopath, other hallmarks can include habitual lying, insincerity and violence. Sounds like the job description for a politician.


The rich and powerful use terms like “the little people” when refering to the ordinary folk of this world. Presumably they think of themselves as the “big people”, this can certainly be true literally at least, they like to stuff their faces at expensive restaurants and they often have the bellies and chins to prove it. Whether it’s true metaphorically is unlikely. Yes they can be cunning, manipulative and devious, but they lack a deeper wisdom, which if they knew, they would understand that ultimately, their well being and health depends on the well being and health of everybody. When you understand the reality of this, then your selfishness becomes realigned, no longer do you serve only yourself to benefit yourself, for it is futile in the long run. You serve yourself, in addition to your fellow humans and all life, to improve yourself, everyone else and the environment in which we all live. In short, we must all work together as we are stronger together, in the same way a sports coach doesn’t tell the members of the team to go out and all try to be the heroes and work for their own glory for they would surely lose, instead the coach wants them to work together as a team for they are much more powerful that way, why should it be any different on a larger scale when considering the human race? Do not harm others for your own material gain, as we are all weaker that way, it’s very simple really.



A deeper wisdom still would look at the impact of guilt on the individual who harms their fellow man and the consequences on their character when accumulating guilt from wrong doing to others. However, one requires empathy to feel guilt when harming others hence an absence of empathy is a hallmark of the psychopath. It is questionable however if any individual genuinely lacks empathy as empathy is a very simple notion of knowing what is right to do unto others, because everyone knows what they would like or not like to happen to themselves. Surely its impossible for any individual with even the most basic intellect to not be aware of this. Rather than an actual lack of empathy, they have found a way to bury their emotions deep within themselves, but they are there nonetheless, deep within them and bubbling away.


Now if each individual on earth understood these concepts, if indeed they are accurate, the advancement of the human race would be unstoppable. If this knowledge is not realised at some point then perhaps the human race will self destruct? In which case it will be the inevitable and justified outcome for the human races inability to evolve themselves beyond a base level spiritual and emotional state.



No matter how poor, the believers of capitalism will defend the capitalist system for this is their indoctrination since birth. Despite the imbalance in prosperity in the world now being more obvious than ever before, with the huge disparity between the rich and poor, the millions of middle class slowly losing their spending power, half the world in poverty whilst the other half struggles with obesity, the belief in capitalism is still as strong as ever amongst the faithful. There are those who beleive in capitalism but acknowledge that capitalism has lost its way and what we have now is no longer capitalism but to return us to capitalisms true form will return us back to normality and equality. In my view, where we are now is exactly the correct outcome that capitalism brings, where we are now is not capitalism thats lost, its capitalisms true path. Essentially, what they argue for is capitalism with regulation, which one might argue is heading towards socialism. We live in a world where the most wealthy and powerful are in control of governments and armies instead of governments being owned by their citizens and the armies subject the governments (or peoples) will. There is the illusion of democracy that we are sold by the politicians which is the latter and there is the reality of our democracy that is the former.



On the 3rd April, the “little people” were reminded of just how helpless they are and how the system they prop up is a rigged game that serves their monied overlords whilst they rummage for scraps. Released by a source know only as John Doe, some 11 million documents were released to the worlds press that detailed the transactions of a company called Mossack Fonseca. This firm is based in Panama and this document release became know in the press as the Panama Papers.



Mossack Fonseca, founded by German Lawyer Jürgen Mossack, then later joined by Panamanian lawyer Ramon Fonseca is a law firm that specialises in setting up companies in certain countries whereby the true owner of said company and its assets can remain hidden from public view. It is understood that they have around 5-10% of the market share for providing these services. In short, rich people can use the service to hide their money. This of course is a very attractive proposition for the wealthy. It might be the case that someone wants to hide their money because it was obtained through illegal means or perhaps they want to hide their money from the tax man in the country in which they reside. There is no point getting upset at this because its all perfectly legal, if Mossack Fonseca was acting illegally it would have been shut down already. Instead,  its all part of the neat little set up the elites have going that feathers their nests. So while the “little people” slog it out day to day and pay 30% tax on their income. The rich just hide it and pay little to no tax. Well, they do have a lot of expenses don’t they what with the restaurants, holiday homes, power boats, 4 holidays a year…etc. They need the tax break otherwise they might not be able to afford their ski chalet in Aspen, and then what? Even when its shoved right in the indoctrinated “little peoples” faces how unfair the system is, most don’t even react, or perhaps they say well who wouldn’t try to avoid tax if they can? Perhaps what they dont get is that they are subsidising the rich. If the rich paid their fair share then the state could either provide more in services to the population or cut taxes for everyone. Still, you can spell it out for people  and if it doesn’t fit with their beliefs then you might as well urinate up a rope.


The elites are so confident in manipulating public opinion that they released this information and instead of being fearful of it starting a revolt, they used it as a weapon to attack their poitical opponants such as Putin. George Soros, illuminati and financial elite jock, is allegedly behind the distribution of these Panama Papers despite his own companies appearing inside them. Curiously there are very few US companies or names mentioned in the Panama Papers, which even surprised the worlds richest man Bill Gates ” Im surprised there were so few Americans”. Perhaps he should have explained that the US is in fact an excellent tax haven for the rich already so they dont need to go offshore to hide their money. Although he himself appeared in the list which presumably wasn’t a surprise to him? So with Soros being behind the the media distribution, one has to wonder to what end this was done? Perhaps it was all just to attack Putin and Russia as wikileaks suggests, even though Putin’s name was nowhere to be found in the papers you would have been forgiven for thinking otherwise as Putins face appeared on nearly every Western media article covering the papers, yes, three of his alleged friends were in the papers but so where many other members of politcal, celebrity and high society from all over the world including the father of British prime minister David Cameron. David Cameron inherited from his father who had offshore companies so we can safely assume his father engaged in legal tax avoidance and then through inheritance David Cameron would then have benefited from this tax avoidance.






Putin was in the crosshairs of most media establishments in the immediate aftermath of the Panama Papers, there must be more than a couple of hundred names in total in the papers, only three of whom are in any way linked to the Russian government and thats three men who are said to be friends of Putin. Looking at the list, it really is quite absurd to make Putin the entire focus, yet somehow thats what happened, the John Doe who released the list may have intended for it to be used to change the corrupt system we “little people” have to endure but rest assured that is not going to happen, instead it was used as another weapon to shoot politcal bullets at the Wests big bad boogeyman “Putin the Terrible”.


Below are several articles in relation to the Papers, each one with pictures of Putin or mentioning his name in a manner that suggests he was the main perpetrator of money laundering. All very surreal. Whats more, many of these so called shell companies which are used to hide the wealth of their owners are registered in countries that are part of the British Common Wealth more often than not, like the Virgin Islands for instance. With respect to whether the authorities in the West actually want to stop the tax avoidance for the rich, need we say more.



The individual who is said to have released the documents to the media in an effort to try and bring about change in global cesspit we know as the financial industry, is still unknown and apparently fearfull for his life, no surprise there.


This of course is the tip of the iceberg, the rich are all at it, socoialist, conservative, democrat, republican, environmentalist, industrialist, it doesnt matter, when it comes to tax dodging then we suddenly find they all have the same common denominator…greed.





The High Negotiations Committee which form the main opposition to the Syrian government in the Geneva peace talks walked out of negotiations in mid April citing violations to the truce by the Syrian Government. The HNC chief negotiator is Mohammad Alloush pictured below left, in the middle is Bashar al-Jaafari, Syrian representative to the UN and chief negotiator for the Syrian Government. To the right is Zahran Alloush, he was killed in Syria in December, fighting as leader of the Jaysh al-Islam which translates to Army of Islam. The Army of Islam is the major componant of the HNC which if you notice the same surname, is lead by Zahrans cousin Mohammad. Jaysh al-Islam has an open ideology of Sharia law which it wishes to impose on Syria, has commiited many attrocities including the use of a chlorine gas on civilians in which itself has admitted doing. Jaysh al-Islam is openly sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, The father of Zahran was a Salafist/Wahhabi preacher in Saudi Arabia and for thos of you that dont know, Wahhabism is the ideology of Islamic State and Al Qaeda. So one has to wonder why the US, who is co chairing the Geneva talks with Russia, is representing and sponsoring a group that has the same ideology as the Islamist terrorist groups that the US is supposed to be fighing a war against, and if thats not enough duplicity for you, the HNC is not even Syrian in its roots in what is supposed to be a civil war. Very odd indeed.



Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee's chief negotiator Mohammed Alloush (L) and Syria's Ambassador to UN and head of the government delegation Bashar al-Jaafari attend peace talks in Geneva Zahran Alloush, Syria, 2015.jpg


This is who the Western governments and their puppets are supporting in Syria, this is who the Western media are using their propoganda techniques for and this is who the citizens of the West are crying for when they wish Assad dead. This is who the West has declared their support for openly, but in fact, as all independant researchers know, it is highly probable,  almost a certainty, that the West, hidden behind layers of control through their puppets is behind islamic State and all other Islamist terrorist groups, or at the very least, happy for them to be around as long as they serve a useful geo political purpose. As is typical of the Zionist elite financiers at the heart of this deception, and as history often shows, they like to play both sides – it ensures you are the winner. In this instance they are both the terrorist and the supposed terrorist fighter, the independant in this instance is Syria, and that is why they are portrayed as the main demon by the Zionist controlled media.


With respect to the Geneva peace talks, its a den of deception and who is to say whats really happening, The HNC probably walked out because they are losing on the ground and the negotiations aren’t serving their agenda. There may well be government violations, but we also know that there are many terrorist violations agaisnt the government. Despite that, we also know that many terrorist groups have joined the ceasefire so the talks have been by no means fruitless when what really matters in all this is that the people of Syria can live in security and peace. All we can look at is the reality on the ground. At this moment the Syrian government are on the front foot but there is a long way to go with Aleppo to be secured, Deir Ezzor to have its seige broken and Raqqa to be recaptured.




On April 16th ECT an Earthquake hit Equador with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. This can be considered a very powerful earthquake and consequently over 16 500 people were injured and over 650 people have been killed. The epicentre was in a fairly rural part of the country, over 100km from the capitol Quita and some 30km from the nearest significant towns, yet still the casualty numbers were very high.


Its become a noticable phenomonen with earthquakes, that strange lights in the sky are sighted either during or immediately prior to the event.The videos would appear on youtube but the two that NewsWars has posted previously on previous earthquakes were removed by Youtube or the user shortly afterwards. On those instances the lights were flashes of multicoloured light, this time however there appears to be a craft in the sky with an unusally bright light emitting from it.


Equador: Earthquake


Two earthquakes struck Kumamoto Japan on the 14th and 16th April JST. The quakes measured 6.2 and 7.0 respectively on the Richter scale. At least 48 people have died and over 3000 injured in both quakes.


Japan: Kumamoto earthquakes