Monthly News Review: August 2015


There is so much devastation in the middle east right now, the suffering is immense for millions of people. We hear the mainstream western media give their well manicured stories to us regarding whats happening, however, spend some time looking at other sources of information and you will soon discover there is plenty of information that the mainstream western media appears to willfully neglect to tell you,  you could easily come to the conclusion that they were in fact attempting to deceive you entirely with regard to whats happening and why. With that knowledge in mind you may prevent yourself from being deceived but your still not much closer to understanding why its actually happening. We can only look at all the information presented and try to sift through it.  This months review is brief attempt to try to analyse whats happening in the middle east, in particular Syria and Iraq, and examine one possible set of objectives for those that are orchestrating or at the very least maintaining the violence in the region.

We have to start with what we know:


There are five major factions in Syria and Iraq:


  • The Syrian Government (aided by Hezbollah)

  • The Iraqi government. (aided by Hezbollah and other Iraqi militias)

  • Islamic State

  • Al Nusra Front

  • Kurds


There are two Islamic Terrorist/militant groups in Syria and Iraq of serious strategic consequence. Al Nusra front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda which holds territory in the western and southern side of Syria and Islamic State which occupies a large portion of land in the northern and eastern side of Syria and the northern and western side of Iraq. Its hard to find any news at all on the FSA, it appears that as a group is has disbanded mostly and joined with either Al Nusra front or Islamic state taking all their US funded weapons with them. The Kurds are a major ethnic group and are unified as a fighting force fighting IS in the north of Syria and Iraq.



The first and most important realisation is that the terrorist groups must be receiving state support from one or more countries. How can a gang of armed men with no supplies, training or heavy weapons take on state armies, its ridiculous to suggest it can be done, it would be impossible for them to operate independently, they may be able to sell oil to raise funds but it would still require major buyers who can refine the oil. In any case, they need fuel, food, weapons, ammunition and a continuous supply of new recruits as their numbers are reduce daily by the ongoing conflict.


This leads us to the next point, the countries adjacent to the war zones must be facilitating easy access across their borders for these supply lines to exist, for without them IS or Al Nusra front could not survive for long. The militants don’t have an air force that are bringing in supplies on mass by air so the supplies must be brought on land. Turkey is accused of being the main provider of an access route for the terrorists. There are two major facts that support this, the first is the map, the terrorist strongholds are near the Turkish border, it would make sense as this is close to their alleged supply line. In addition there is an enforced no fly zone (enforced by the Turks and the anti air missile silos installed by the US) along the Turkish border which prevents the Syrian Air force from attacking militants there, this in effect creates a safe haven for militants to move freely across the border. Its not just Turkey, Jordan has a base where so called moderate militants are trained before entering Syria, they are trained by the CIA and then cross over to Syria, this is also established fact and on the record. Israel has been assisting Al Nusra Front terrorists in Syria, it provides medical aid to them in Israel where it takes the injured back to medical stations near the border, this is also an undisputed fact, their ambulances have come under attack from Syrian civilians who are sick of seeing the Israelis give assistance to the injured terrorists as they travel back and forth, additionally, two Israeli helicopters and and an F16 were recently shot down inside Syria according to Syrian press, as they attempted to prevent the advance of the Syrian army on the City of Zabadani. The Israelis have also carried out several air attacks on Syrian units inside Syria which the Israeli’s have openly admitted to which can only assist the terrorists. On top of this, when the Syrian Arab Army and the Iraqi Army make advances and discover the dead bodies of the terrorists, amongst them they have found military/secret service officials from Turkey, Israel and the United states. This is on the record on major news outlets from both Iraq and Syria.


Then there are countries that don’t border the war zone but are also accused of assisting the Terrorists, Saudi Arabia is a major suspect here. The first thing to say is that the Islamic State/Al Nusra Front Islamic ideology is the Wahhabi Sunni branch of Islam, where does Wahhabism come from…Saudi Arabia, who like to chop heads off… Islamic State, which State likes to chop heads off as capital punishment…Saudi Arabia. UAE and Qatar are also accused of being heavily involved as both are very close to the Saudi Regime. Additionally to the fact that the terrorists share the same ideology as the Saudi’s and the allies in their middle east, evidence that these countries are involved can be found when the Syrian Army retakes land once held by the terrorists, they find military supplies like rations weapons and ammunition which can be traced to these countries under accusation. They have posted videos online showing the supplies they have recovered, ration packs for instance have writing on which shows what they are and helps identify where they came from.


What about the fighters themselves, most of them are foreign to Syria and Iraq, how do we know this, primarily when the Syrian Arab Army identifies the dead bodies of the terrorists after battles, not to mention the reports coming from individuals who escape the militant ranks after discovering the reality of what they had joined. Many are Saudi, in particular the commanders, but they are also from Libya, Chechnya, Tunisia and many from Europe and other Western countries.  They could be from anywhere really, but the one thing they have in common is that they follow the Sunni branch of Islam which is dominated by Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi teachings. One can only presume that through the Mosques in their respective countries which are no doubt funded by Saudi Arabia they are manipulated into ideas that drive them to want to go to the war zone, ideas such as religious utopia, will of God, fight the Shia Muslims (one only has to look at the comments section on Press TV website to see the division that exists now between Sunni and Shia). I can only speculate as to what might be happening in mosques but it seems logical that this is one of the main places where peopel are being motivated to travel to the war zone. Then you must ask, surely the European nations that have this issue, if its correct, are aware of whats happening and where these people are being radicalized?


Whats even more disturbing than the notion that any country is supporting extremist religious head chopping fanatics to slaughter civilians and bring about a change in the power structure of a region is that the West who has supposed to have been fighting the Islamic militants since 2001 is also supporting the militants. How can we say this… well all the countries that we have strong evidence of direct support for the militants are all in fact vassals or partners of the Unites States. There is no way that any of these countries would be facilitating or supporting militants without the approval of the United States. We also know that for the US the number one goal in all of this has been to remove Syria’s president Assad, they supported the rebellion in Syria in the beginning openly, there are even pictures of John McCain with rebel leaders including the leader of Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, they have continued to support openly what they call moderate opposition which as far as anyone can tell doesn’t actually exist and if it does exist it soon becomes part of one of the extreme groups. Israel has always openly admitted that it would like to see the removal of Assad, they have even said that they would rather have Islamic State as their neighbors if that meant the removal of Assad. An incredible position to take wouldn’t you think? The US and European countries have always pushed for the removal of Assad, they are constantly looking for new justifications to get involved militarily whether it be a false accusation of chemical weapons or a sudden influx of migrants.


monthly news review


If Russia were to print a map of its own territory but an enlarged territory that encompassed other countries and call it lets say, Greater Russia, what would the wider reaction to  that be? If then they decided to put a picture of that map on the back of a ruble coin, what would the wider reaction be?  There is a country that has printed an enlarged map of its state on its money, this country is Israel, there is an idea called greater Israel derived from Jewish religious texts which encompasses wholly or in part Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, or more specifically from the Nile to the Euphrates. Below is an image of the Israeli Shekel coin and a map of greater Israel taken from a radical Christian website, (the Christians that believe in rapture and support Israel to the hilt).




If you compare the two maps they don’t actually match up exactly, the map on the coin appears to take up a lot more territory than the map that incorporates the Nile river to the Euphrates river. The parts of the map that match up is the north west section adjacent to the Mediterranean.  One thing is absolutely without question, the map on the back of the Shekel coin is not the current map of Israel. Why would any country print on its coins, a version of its country map that’s hugely enlarged engulfing its neighbors, imagine if the country next to you did that, what would you think?


In any case the point remains, there is an idea called Greater Israel which has enough weight behind it that there are numerous maps of this idea, it is spoken of in Jewish text as promised to them by God and they printed what looks like a map of Greater Israel on their money.


There is also another map of an entity in the region that doesn’t even exist yet, even in part, this entity is called Greater Kurdistan. The Kurds live in Northern Iraq, Norther Syria and South eastern Turkey but there is no Kurdistan. So lets look at the theoretical map of Greater Kurdistan.


Like Greater Israel there are lots of maps on the internet to be found, and of course there are variations but the general area is the same and in terms of the point of this section, the point remains valid on all of the maps. Lets take another look at a map of Greater Israel, this time without the religious mumbo jumbo on the face of it.



Whats really remarkable is how these two maps fit together rather well, the map of Greater Kurdistan sits very nicely next to the map of Greater Israel with out any real adjustments required to make them fit. The Eastern border of Greater Israel is exactly where the Western Border of  Greater Kurdistan is, you might even wonder that whoever designed Greater Israel had Kurdistan in mind or vica versa at the time of drawing the borders.


So whats the point of all this, the Middle East is a human tragedy beyond measure right now, millions of refugees, millions including women and children butchered and nations destroyed. Perhaps the point of all that, is to achieve the new regions known as Greater Israel and Kurdistan. We know the West and Israel has been supporting the removal of Assad both directly and indirectly through its vassals in the Middle East, If Assad is removed and replaced by a band of thugs as seems to be their true desire, it will be very easy for Israel in due course to declare itself unhappy living next to Jihadist’s and just stroll on in and take all of Syria for itself, much easier than going up against Assad and a real state that has an air force and army, not mention the public would never support that, but they would have no problem see Israel “defend” itself against a Jihadi Islamic State threat. In addition the Jihadist’s will have no chance as their supplies will suddenly dry up once Israel and the West makes its move.


So what about Kurdistan, well we know the US and therefore the West supports the Kurds and always have, even during the last few decades when Turkey viewed them as terrorists and were engaged in combating them. We know the US took action to prevent IS going to far to the north in Iraq into Kurdish areas and we know that the US is already building a large base in Erbil in Northern Iraq in the Kurdish area, in fact they intend to build three bases in that region. Presumably when Assad and Syria have fallen and the time is right, the US and the Kurds could push south whilst Israel pushes north into Easter Syria, defeat Islamic State and hey presto, Kurdistan alongside Israel is  good to go.   If thats the end game here, with the creation of Greater Israel and Kurdistan the whole dynamic of the area is completely changed in the sense that the Imperialist Western powers, would then have direct control and ownership over much of the Middle East. Next stop… Iran, Russia and China?


If you think that this is a new idea, you would be wrong, in fact a quick trip to and you can find this interesting map…




With the title to accompany it: “GREATER ISRAEL and KURDISTAN: Now this is my kind of a Middle East”


One piece of the jigsaw that is hard to put into place is Turkey, Turkey is fighting the Kurds, however, Turkey and the Kurds are both subordinate to the US. Traditionally Turkey has always been a difficult nut to crack for the West, they can thank Mustafa Kemal for that. In that the Army has always stepped in when a politician steps out of line and doesn’t act in the countries best interest. So what has been one of president Erdogans more notable legacies, the destruction of the independence of the army, hundreds of Turkish military officers and generals have been imprisoned during his tenancy, essentially anyone who might kick up a stink when they see what Erdogan is getting up to, in particular trying to fuse religion and state, the opposite of a secular society. By destroying the army, Turkey was now at the mercy of those who wish to control the country and use it as they see fit without fear of the army revolting and kicking the government out. Erdogan is surely true traitor to Turkey if there ever was one?


With the army subdued, Erdogan can now carry out his plans, or the US plans, and Turkey can be used to do the following, by allowing free movement across it border offering logistical support and the supply of provisions, (all of these accusation are repeated numerously by the Syrians) Turkey assists Islamic state in their wars in Iraq and Syria which in turn are the stepping stones to the creation of Greater Israel and Kurdistan. IS clears the way, the Kurds and the Israelis move in and clears IS out, job done and it all looks above board and kosher morally for the nice people at home in the western countries who sit in their nice living rooms watching the BBC and similar news outlets. One can only assume that although the western powers seemingly have control over IS, the Kurds and Turkey who are all allegedly fighting each other, they are kept in check and prevented from damaging any strategic overall goals, a few airstrikes, or a few bombs don’t change a great deal and it gives the impression that the war is real from that particular perspective. The Turkish people would never accept the creation of Kurdistan inside their border so its impossible for the Turkish politicians to not fight the Kurds if Kurdistan is to be created, they would be thrown out of power, so fighting resumes and one can only assume that in due course Turkey will in some way lose some ground to make way for the creation of Kurdistan in its south eastern region. All of which is pre known and prepared by the west and the Turkish government. Additionally, the Turks are fighting IS, but it is widely acknowledged that they have also been assisting them which doesn’t make much sense, again, one can only assume that this is some game whereby a carefully measured outcome will come to pass. The governments that support IS must do so with out their support becoming public, so a measured assault takes place giving the impression of war but making no real difference in the long run. After all, what have the airs strikes done so far to seriously damage Islamic State?


In the mean time IS is directed accordingly to break up the region and prepare the ground for the new regions of Greater Israel and Kurdistan. As far as the US goes and their campaign against IS, according to the Iraq and Syrian authorities they have said on several occasions that the west isn’t serious about stopping IS but rather containing it in a measured way, they also say that troops on the ground see US aircraft dropping supplies in IS controlled areas frequently. One thing for sure is IS couldn’t maintain itself without state support from somewhere. In any case, to support these theories consider this, in the 2003 invasion of Iraq that lasted just a couple of months the US carried out 29 200 airstrikes, up to a 1000 a day. In Iraq and Syria they carry out approximately 50 a day. It seems the will to destroy IS isn’t the same as it was to remove Saddam Hussein. Its very difficult to know whats really going on, all we can say is that a hell of a lot doesn’t add up and all we can do is try to sift through the deceptions and make sense of it all whilst keeping an open mind. Its not easy though when government agencies like Mossad carry a motto, or old motto now “By way of deception thou shalt do war”.