Monthly News Review: August 2016


The ongoing war in Syria still provides much of the focus of discussion. Every day brings new strategic developments, most of which have been in favour of the Syrian government for the last 12 months, in great part thanks to the support given by Russia and the Russian Aerospace Forces. Despite the unbeleivable steadfastness of the SAA against all the odds, one has to wonder where Syria would be right now if Russia had not helped President Assad at his request. It’s certainly possible that Syria would be Libya part two. Infrastructure destroyed, Jihadi head choppers running around with US supplied weapons, women raped en masse, kafirs young and old beheaded in the street, Assad murdered with swords shoved up his backside (like Gaddafi) and floods of even more refugees fleeing this hell that was once a secure and stable sectarian state. Not to mention the obligatory interview with Hilary Clinton laughing at the whole thing in complete satisfaction. Of course, Syria was not picture perfect but any sane person would surely prefer the old Syria where there was security and well being for the most part, no worse or better than most other countries at least. Unless of course your an Israeli or western government official. Israeli officials have on several occasions gone on the record to state that they prefer Islamic State as their neighbours rather than a pro Iran Assad. This is perhaps because the removal of Assad is part of a longer term plan in which the Israelis and the West plan to increase the state of Israel to become the promised “Greater Israel” which stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates, you can see the map of this Greater Israel on the back of shekels.


Having completely surrounded the terrorist controlled eastern Aleppo by securing the Castello Rd in northern Aleppo at the end of July, the SAA were making good progress. However, about a week later in early August the terrorists launched a large scale counter attack in the south west part of the beseiged area. They were able to break the seige and open a relatively narrow corridor to their beseiged jihadi brothers in arms. This moment was lauded in Western media and other aligned media outlets like Al Jazeera. Unfortunately for the terrorists, this apparent breakthrough was not only insufficent in terms of reaching their trapped colleagues in eastern Aleppo, it proved to be somewhat of a trap. Whether by design or accident, it cost the terrorists many lives, some reports indicate in the thousands. As the terrorists poured into the narrow corridor to try and gain further ground they found themselves fired on by the SAA and Russian Aerospace Forces as they had complete fire control over the narrow area. In essence, although in theory the seige had been broken there was still no way in or out of the beseiged area without coming under fire. This was an excellent tactical move if by design. To yield just enough ground to tempt the enemy into a relatively small area where you can slaughter them in great number. The corridor was open for a week or so before the SAA began to move to close it up completely again towards the end of August.


Whenever the SAA make significant gains in the war, as sure as night follows day, the world will be hit with a propaganda piece about Assad and the SAA. We have seen in the media the appealing sound byte (using alliteration) of “barrel bombs” or chemical weapons used against civilians. This time it was a little boy named Omran. Omran was pulled from the dusty ruins of a building after it had been hit by explosives, allegedly from an air strike. What happened next was that he was placed in the back of an ambulance and left on his own whilst he was then photographed by several photographers jostling for position at the back door of the ambulance. Omran was sitting inside the ambulance all alone, covered in dust and looking emotionally devastated.  Make no mistake, this observer detests suffering on all innocent parties, especially children. Omrans fate is tragic, as is the fate of many thousands of children in Syria which you could document on a daily basis. Fortunately though for Omran he was in fact unharmed physically, perhaps he was actually one of the luckier children in this brutal conflict. What is clear as day though, is this was a blatant effort to tug at the superficial emotions of the half asleep masses to incite more anti Assad sentiment to help support their aggressive intentions. What the mainstream media failed to inform you is that one of the photographers whose photos they may well have used and paid for, is in fact a close colleague of Islamist head chopping terrorists in the Zenki gang. This photographer has been seen associating with a group of jihadis who only a short time earlier had filmed themsleves beheading a young child, Abdullah, on the back of a pick up truck. They hold Abdullah’s head aloft as they shout defiantly and jubilantly. It’s one of the most sickening things that a human can witness, let alone associate with, and to carry the act out itself is depravity of the most severe degree. Obviously the kind of people the West has no problem supporting and supplying weapons to as the Zenki’s are one of the US governments approved “moderate” head chopping Takfiri groups. It’s just more evidence to add to the large pile that already exists that the Western governments and their Middle East allies are in bed with jihadi terrorists, the very people that they are supposed to fighting a war on terror against since 2001. They are in fact working alongside these Islamist terrorists in an effort to carry out their geopolitical goals, there can be almost no doubt of this now. The goal in this instance is the removal of the Assad government. This all ties in quite closely with the White Helmets and the Aleppo Media Centre, the West’s jihadi propaganda activists disguised as humanitarian workers. The White Helmets are embedded in terrorist held areas of Syria only, they are funded by George Soros amongst others and they have camera crews follow them around to make video pieces that get distributed to the western media so that they can be used as propaganda. There has been a big push in the media lately to nominate them for the Nobel peace prize. Since Obama received the Nobel peace prize one has to wonder if being awarded that prize actually relates to promoting peace any more. Like so many things in our world, especially in the west, the meaning and essence of so much has been raped so that it can be used as a marketing/public relations tool for furthering agendas and material gain.


Despite the latest propaganda piece which further dragged Assad and his government through the dirt, the unfortunate reality for the Imperialist powers is that when push comes to shove, Russia is in Syria now and if they want to push though with their plans for the break up of Syria to create Greater Israel and Kurdistan in due course, then they will have to fight Russia head on. Russia is not the broken beast it was twenty years ago, Russia is now at the forefront of military technology and has more nuclear weapons than any other nation on earth. Either the Imperialists are going to lose this battle to some degree or they will take us into world war three. That is unless the Imperialists can find another way to turn the tide of battle in favour of their jihadi puppets.


Across other parts of Syria, the Syrian Government continue to gain ground and recover lost territory. Aside from Deir Ezzor where they are fighting Islamic State which is ongoing, most of the significant military action has been against the other groups of Jihadi terrorists.


Another notable development that happened towards the end of August was the betrayal of Kurdish forces towards the Syrian Government. The Kurds have been receiving a great deal of support from the United States. This is probably because the US wants to use the Kurds and their desire for independence as a mechanism to create Kurdistan. It’s unlikely the US feels pity for their cause, more likely it is because Kurdistan would be a US vassal in the region. Obviously the extra territorial influence is of advantage to the US and the imperialists, additionally it can use Kurdistan to destabilise other countries in the region like Iran and Russia and further still their geopolitical goals. Why do you think when you look at the maps for the proposed Greater Israel and Kurdistan that their borders align exactly? Two states that don’t even exist except in the minds of fanatics from completely different regions, yet they have coordinated the maps to be for the most part side by side, co-incidence or all part of a greater scheme cooked up previously by a single force?





In any case, in Hasaka, the Kurds turned on the Syrian forces, according to some reports, under pressure from the US. After a day or so of skirmishes the Syrian government responded by sending in fighter jets. It then transpires that the US had its soldiers embedded with the Kurds and as such felt they were under threat. So the US sent in its own fighter jets to attack the Syrian jets but by the time they got there the Syrians jets had departed from the area already. There is now a truce between the government and the Kurds in Hasaka so things have calmed down for now. the Kurdish issue is very complex, within the Kurdish forces, apparently there are many factions that have united and allegedly many of them are loyal to Assad also. If correct a significant attack by the Kurds on the Syrian government is unlikely it would seem. Clearly though, the US feels it has every right to invade another country illegally, support armed groups against their government and then when said government responds against armed groups, they respond further by sending in heavy weaponry whilst declaring in the media how they have every right to protect their armed forces and acting the victim. Compare this stance to the reaction in US media at the moment that Putin is influencing the US elections. On the one hand the US media and government institutions feel that the mere notion of outside influence, especially from commie Russia is outrageous, yet they seem to have little to no moral issue with intervening militarily in other states illegally, with millions of people killed as a consequence of their actions. The double standards is really beyond words yet somehow the Jewish controlled mainstream media always finds a way to wrap it up in pretty little parcels that make it palatable to the general public.





Turkey and Russia have for many years, on a political level been pretty good friends. Certainly many Turkish people, the secularists at least if not the religious crazies, feel somewhat of a warmth to the Russians and see them as traditional allies. The Russians presumably also get on fine with Turkish, many tens of thousands of them holiday there each year and the Russians buy a lot of agricultural produce from Turkey. That is until in November 2015, when Erdogan’s attack dogs in Northern Syria, whether by Western pressure or even voluntarily, shot down a Russian jet then shot and killed the pilot in the air as he descended in his parachute. Needles to say, Russia was pissed. What followed was a massive anti Turkish campaign in global Russian media. This campaign, which lasted for some months, highlighted Turkey’s compliance and support for jihadi terrorist groups in Syria. In addition, the Russian state issued its own sanctions against Turkey, massively damaging Turkey’s tourist industry and agricultural export industry. This was the status quo until the failed coup happened in Turkey in July. Reports emerged that it was in fact Russia that had rescued Erdogan from his would be executors, the Fetula Gulen religious nut jobs who are sponsored by the United States. Within a week or so, Erdogan had made a visit to Russia and had a face to face with Putin. Almost immediately, everything seemed to be fast tracked back to normality. Sanctions were off, gas pipelines were back on the agenda, holidays were getting booked and Turkish tomatoes were back on the Russian menu.


So when in late August, Turkey announces an invasion into Syria in support of the “rebels” against Islamic State, quite a few eyebrows must have been raised. If Putin and Erdogan are now back on each others speed dial list, could Erdogan be doing this without in the very least the knowledge and approval of Putin. What’s more, according to the Russian government, the Russians do not act in any way in Syria without the approval of President Assad. The Turkish operation was called “Euphrates Shield” which is designed to push Islamic State and Kurds back to the Euphrates river and away from the Turkish border. This turned out to be a very successful mission for Turkey as in the following weeks they captured a great deal of territory with minimal fighting, at least compared to what the SAA have to do to gain territory. The fighting was so minimal that one might even say that Islamic State basically withdrew and allowed Turkey to take the territory. And who said that Turkey was in any way connected to the jihadi terrorists in Syria? In addition to fighting Islamic State, or not fighting as the case may be, the Turkish forces have definitely been engaging the SDF Kurdish forces. Some observers suggest that Turkeys true motive is to prevent the Kurds from establishing any significant territory control along the Turkish border as this is essentially one step away from Kurdistan. Turkey’s role is a mystery, at least to this observer, we just don’t know whose side she is on? Turkey is certainly influenced by the US, although since the failed coup we don’t know to what degree they have rebelled and turned towards Russia – if at all, for we can’t be sure it was Russia that saved Erdogan. We know the Turks are at war with the Kurds but the US also supports the Kurds. We know the Turks support Islamic State and the other jihadi groups who are also fighting the Kurds. We know that the US supports the jihadi groups and Islamic State through their vassal states in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. The only thing that one can establish from this mess is that the US seems to support everyone who is at war. Maybe arms sales and controlling both sides of a conflict are the major considerations for the US as they just push the chess pieces around the board? There is huge profit available to those that lend money to the combatants and those that sell weapons to the combatants in wars. Not to mention, to fund and therefore own both sides of a conflict you remain in control regardless of the outcome of the conflict do you not? To be frank, its just too speculative at this point to try and determine who is playing what game with who. We will just have to wait and see how events transpire and in due course we will find out exactly who is in bed with who. For now we can be sure that Russia and Syria are aligned against the Imperialists and their multiple layers of puppets which include the jihadis who are doing the direct fighting on the ground, beyond that the waters get very murky.