Monthly News Review: February 2016


February 1st saw the begininng of the presidential primary elections and caucuses in the United States. This process will establish the candidates that will represent their respective party in the presidential election that will take place on November 8th. Ultimately it will determine who will be become the president of the United States and the public face of the inevitable global horror that will be inflicted on the world for the next 4 or 8 years, under the guise of world’s policeman pushing their special brand of democracy and freedom hard in in the face of any country that dares to defy the wishes of the western establishment. 8 is the maximum years the president can serve as a maximum of two terms is allowed, most get 8 years. The process of electing the candidate seems somewhat complicated to say the least, so although this is a review, lets spend some time examining the process so that we may cast a critical eye upon it.


A vote is held in each state of America for each party to determine who the presidential candidate will be, the votes can take the format of either a primary or a caucus or can be a mixture of both. A primary is an official vote that requires a ballot, for example, to vote you would tick a box on a piece of paper and put it in a box. The primaries can be open or closed to the public so that in some states any individual of any party affiliation may cast a vote for a parties nominee and in some states it may be closed so that only party members can vote on who will be their nominee, Around half of the States have open votes and half closed. A caucus is much less official in that it comprises of gatherings of voters who would be registerd party members. They would debate and there would be activists for a particular candidate who woulod try and sway opinion and then there would be a vote at the end which might take the form of raising a hand in the air, there is no official ballot box and voting card.


So then what, the people vote and what do they get, they dont actually get a vote for their candidate, what they get is a delegate. A delegate is a party member chosen by the party in advance who will be able to cast a vote for the nominee at the summer national convention that each party has where the winner is decided. Each party allocates a number of delegates to each state. Then after the vote has been cast at the primary or caucus, each candidate will receive a number of delegates to support them proportionate to the number of votes they received. So if there were 10 delegates representing a state and a candidate won 60% of the vote in that state they would get 6 delegates that would then go on to vote for them at the convention where the presidential candidate is decided. This is the case for most states for both major parties, however the republican party operates a winner takes all system in several states, where by the winner of the vote can take all the delegates that are available from that state.


To become the candidate that represents the party at the presidential election, he or she must have a majority of delegates voting in their favour, so they need 50% + 1 person to tip them over the line. This year the Republican party has 2472 delegates in total so Donald Trump for example would need to have won 1237 delegates to secure his candidacy. The delegates that are won in the primaries/caucus’s that each state has, become pledged delegates, which means that they have to vote for the candidate that won them in the national convention. In addition to the pledged delegates there are whats known as unpledged delegates or super delegates. These are delegates who have an automattic seat at the national conventions and in the case of the democrats can decide for themselves who to vote for. For the Democrats and the Republican party they have differing systems of utilising unpledged voters. The Democrats have over 700 super delegates, they have an automatic seat at the national convention, where the final vote happens for the candidate that would go forward and represent the party at the presidential election. The democrat superdelegates are made up of senior party members such as former presidents, governers and other big cheeses. There are 4765 democrat delegates in total and 703 super delegates, so the super delegates form about 15% of the total number. These superdelegate can vote freely and obviousley are able to swing a close vote one way or another, potentially against the popular vote, which is almost certainly one of the intentions behind having all those super delegates. In the 2016 candidate race for the democrats, nearly all the the super delegates have already declared their support for Hilary Clinton. In the previous candidate race when Obama was running for candidacy against Hilary Clinton, the majority of super delegates had again declared their support for Hilary prior to the race but were forced to switch their allegiance for Obama after Obama had won a significant share of the popular vote. Had they not done so they would have had to fly in the face of clear support for obama amongst the popular voters. The republicans on the other hand have 3 super delegates per state and these are the state chairsperson and two district-level committee members who are obliged to vote in favour of the candidate who won the popular vote in their respective states.


What happens if at the national convention, the first vote takes place and no candidate attains the 50% +1 required? This is refered to as a brokered convention or a contested convention. In this scenario aftyer the first inconclusive vote,  the delegates are no longer bound to vote according to the election results in each state and can vote freely in the subsequent vote or votes. What we have now is a free for all where powerful political powers do deals in back rooms to ensure their man comes through to represent the party, rendering the past several months of voting in each state, potentially meaningless. For instance, this time round we have a clear leader in the republicn party race in Donald Trump, yet he may not secure enough delegates to ensure victory on the frst vote. If this happens there will be a brokered convention and you can near guarantee it wont be Trump leading the republican party at the next election. That is if you beleive the press and all the indicators appear to be that he isn’t wanted by the establishment, despite being connected to the establishment himself, perhaps he isnt quite establishment enough?


So who are the lucky few that might get to become the President of the United States, considered by most in the world to be the most important and powerful job in the world. There are two main parties in the US, the democrats and the republicans. The democrats are supposed to be the liberal left and the republics at the other end of the spectrum being the conservative right. For the democrat party there are two nominees:




Hillary Clinton


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Hilary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton (1993 – 2001) is 100% an establishment favourite. Hillary qualified in Law from Yale university, subsequently became partner in a law firm and served on the board of the worlds largest company Wall Mart before she became wife of the president and first lady, thereafter she was involved in politics.  She was the democrat super delegates choice of candidate in the last presidential candidate race until Obama won too much of the popular vote and they were pressured into switching to Obama. Nearly all the democratic super delegates have declared their support for Hilary this time around so she effectively has a head start of over 700 votes. Bill Clintons presidency reached its most contraversial point perhaps when he denied on national tv that he was having an affair with a female colleague – Monica Lewinsky, but six months later he was forced to admit, again on national tv, that in fact he lied previously and did have “sexual relaions”. He did try his hardest to seem very sincere though, a nice example of agression being used to try and cover a lie, a tactic often used by well practiced liars. The Clinton marriage survived and here she is over a decade on but his time she is the one getting ready for the top job and move back into the Whitehouse with hubby Bill hanging off her arm as the supportive partner, to be paraded alongside like little trophies as most family members are at rallies and so on. She should have fond memories of the last time she was there so the move back in should be smooth running. Lets hope Bill and Monica didn’t use the master bedroom.



Being an establishment favourite speaks for itself, the international Jewish financiers and their minions that control the establishment will be supportive of her, she will be vehemently pro Israel and she will have no issue carrying out whichever agenda is laid before her that achieves their geopolitical goals, no matter how many innocent lives may be cast into the fire. We can say this with confidence because she has already proved this to her establishment masters. Obama gifted Hillary the role of Secretary State after his victory, this is a very prominent position in the US government as this person is in charge of the US foreign policy which of course is a major factor in US strategic politics. During Hillarys time she over saw the destruction of the Libyan state and the illegal murder of Gaddafi. Since the US led intervention, hundreds of thousands of Libyans have fled the country as it is now an unstable hotbed of war and Islamist radical terrorism, if they haven’t drowned at sea will have found themselves as destitute refugees in southern Europe. One only needs to check the refugee figures to see a huge increase immediately after Gaddafi was killed. Islamic State have found a new home there and are in control of a section of the country, tens of thousands of Libyans  died in the 2011 conflict and subsequently in the internal wars between the rival factions in Libya. No doubt innocent families who once carried out their lives under Gaddafi in what we would consider a normal fashion, are now subject to the barbarity of rule by Islamic State where rape, kidnap and murder, often by beheading in the street are the norm. None of that worries Hillary though, she got rid of Gaddafi who was a thorn in the establishments side and thats all that matters, besides, it was useful for the US to gain another base for their Islamic State puppet to operate from so they could prepare their assault on other countries, such as… Syria.



Hillary would be a fairly safe bet to become the next president, she has the backing of the establishment, she also would be the first female president so that gives her a lot of momentum with 50% of the population straight off the bat. The feminists and the homosexuals will be first in the queue on election day for Hillary, that much is certain. She will get a lot of popular support from many other parts of society too.





Bernie Sanders



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Bernie Sanders, graduated in political science from Chicago University and is a life long political activist, is considered to be somewhat of a surprise package having coming this far in the race to be the next democratic candidate for the president of the United States. On the surface at least, he presents as a politician with a heart. He presents as the man who “isn’t like rest” just serving big business and not caring one jot what the regular folk have to deal with. Here are some of his quotes:


“Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.”


“For many, the American dream has become a nightmare.”


“The test of a great and powerful nation is not how many wars it can engage in, but how it can resolve international conflicts in a peaceful manner. I will move away from a policy of unilateral military action and regime change, and toward a policy of emphasizing diplomacy, and ensuring the decision to go to war is a last resort.”


Bernie Sanders seems like just the tonic a lot of people have been hoping for. Sure enough, his man of the people comments havn’t gone unnoticed and many socialists and liberals are hanging their hat on Bernie and hoping for real change should he get into power. The question is, is this guy for real, or is he just another chameleon of a politician who says anything to win support? Perhaps his political stance just happens to be the ticket that he and his PR team have developed as their strategy for success rather than a genuine position? We know he doesn’t have the support of the super delegates, although that may change if he wins enough of the popular vote, but so far that hasn’t happened and as it stands he is trailing Clinton by a significant margin and thats not even taking into account the super delegates. So maybe thats a sign he is the real deal? Lets get back down to earth though, firstly, when has any politician actually done any of the good things they said they would do in their manifesto once they got into power, it rarely happens, for a good example, and just one of many around the world, look at Obama and Guantanamo Bay. Obama promised on numerous occassions he would close it during his campaign for presidency, and guess what, ten years later, it’s still open. The politicians are professional liars akin to your worst kind of salesman. They know full well they dont have to follow through because what are you going to do about it if they dont?  In any case, even if Sanders is genuine, how is he going to turn the US political system on its head so that regular people will actually get some power and big business get told to crawl back under the rock they came out from. Has he really got the drive and energy and spirit to take on the establishment and win, is that really going to happen? It would take a monumental effort and they would more than likely assasinate him first, look what they did to Kennedy when he went against the grain.  The jury is out and only time will tell and that’s if Bernie is succesful. In his favour though he does have a long history of activism in socialist causes.


Another interesting aspect about Bernie Sanders is he is Jewish, or at least he has Jewish parents, so perhaps he is closer to the Jewish establishment power bases in America than he might let on. He tries to remain fairly neutral when questioned in public on the Israel Palestine problem. This of course is never good enough for Israel and its supporters and tends to appease to a certain degree those who support Palestine. However, I would argue that when a neutral observer who knows nothing about the Israel Palestine conflict is told the full story, if that observer has the slightest sense of decency, it’s impossible to support any side other than Palestine, how can this be so? Well, to support Israel, is in effect, supporting in principal, theft and genocide. When you consider that the Palestinian land was taken from them against their will in 1948 creating 700 000 refugees, and Israel the state was then created on the stolen land as per the Balfour treaty, an agrement between International Jewry and the United Kingdom, what else can you call that but theft? The theft continues to this day disguised under the ever so innocent name of settelements, these settlements are built on Palestinian land and there are over a hundred of them now with the number rising every year. When you consider that Palestinians have been killed, imprisoned and oppressed on a mass basis for over 60 years, what else can you call that but genocide? When Palestinians fight back with home made rockets, small arms and stones in slingshots, yes they use stones and slingshots against a top 5 world army, this is presented as terrorism and used as justification for further oppression on the Palestinians. So to be neutral in the Israel Palestine conflict is like being neutral when a man enters another mans house, steals his possesions and his land and kills his family. Its my personal belief that no true socialist would ever support Israel and its criminal actions against the Palestinians.


Bernie Sanders has made quite a lot of noises about being anti war, so what’s his record on supporting wars. He has supported so far…the Kosovo war, both Iraq wars and then was against the withdrawing of troops from Iraq and the impeachment of George Bush for invading Iraq illegally. He suported the war in Afghanistan and the the war in Libya and the removal of Gaddafi. Sanders has always supported all of Israel’s aggressions agasinst Palestine and most recently voted in the 100-0 vote that was a motion to approve and give moral support to Israel from the US in their last invasion of Gaza. A strange record one might think for one who claims to be anti war, a socialist and man of the people. Perhaps the large military industrial complex that is based in Vermont, the state that Sanders is senator of has something to do with that?






The democrats have two candidates in their race to become the candidate for the next democratic candidate in the presidential election and ultimately become president. The republicans also known as the grand old party or GOP, have four candidates or did have at the start, Rubio has since suspended his campaign:




Donald Trump


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Donald Trump is a life long business man who began his real estate empire with a “small loan” of a million dollars given to him by his father. Even if you don’t care about politics it would be hard to not know that Donald Trump is currently running to become the next Republican presidential candidate. Whys that, well, because the global media has gone into overdrive trying to character assasinate Trump, you’ll find all sorts of articles and pictures of, Trump did this and Trump said that….hes a racist, hes a macho male chauvinist pig, hes a gun loving child killer, he loves Putin. You name it, any bit of shit they can throw at him, its going to get thrown. To be fair he probably is a nasty peice of work, but then what politician isnt? Even when looking for the pictures of the candidates on google, I immediately noticed how the pictures available on the google search were mostly of him looking ridiculous, much more so than the two already reviewed. Is this because Trump spends much more time looking stupid than the others or is it just another way the global media marketing machine gets turned against you when they want to bring you down.  Personally, I find this almost reassuring when considering Trumps suitability as a president, for if there is one thing I know, if the establishment don’t want it, then you probably should. However, that in no way is an endorsement for Trump as president, surely there must be at least one or two other people in the US population of 300 million who would be more suitable?


However, is it really conceivable that Trump, the real estate billionaire from New York is really the establishment outsider that the media make out? You would have to be connected at high levels to make it as far as he has and he is. Its without question that he moves inside influential powerful Jewish circles, in particular the Manhatton real estate devolopers.  For example, his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism so that she could marry the wealthy Jewish real estate devoloper Jared Kushner heir to the Kushner fortune. So we know he isnt just some rich loner who nobody likes, he is as well connected to the Jewish controlled power bases as anybody else. There is no way he would have made it this far without a certain degree of approval from the establishment.




Trump is currently leading the race to become the republican candidate and this got all the liberals crying over their keyboards, which is rather amusing if nothing else. Many liberals probably enjoyed watching Trump fire hapless millionaire wannabe’s on the TV show the Apprentice, they enjoy his tv show, just can’t stomach him as leader. Trumps political momentum also seems to have ruffled the feathers of the halls of power as they apparently are seeking to destabilise his path to victory. Every media outlet seems to be joining in the character assasination when all the candidates could so easily be just as easily character assisinated. If Trump fails to secure enough votes for the majority victory at the convention then it seems its unlikely he will become the candidate for president with members of the republican party even threating to vote for the democrat Clinton at the second vote (if thats even possible) to avoid having Trump as their representative. So here’s the contradiction, on the one hand, Trump has support and is heavily connected with the circles of power. However, despite this his campaign is being targeted for destabilisation by people whom he must also know and also be connected to these same circles of power that he himself is connected to. Perhaps it goes something like this, to become a candidate for president, you have to have the approval of the relevant power brokers, but that doesnt mean they want you to get there, they have their favorites after all.







Ted Cruz


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Ted Cruz, US senator for Texas and a qualified lawyer from Harvard Law, has worked for state deparments in a legal capacity before entering politics. He is one of the Republican candidates that appeals to the conservative side of America, Pro Capitalism, Pro life, Pro Gun, Pro Christian and of course Pro Israel. You dont get far in US politics if your not prepared to sacrifce US sons and daughters in the name of Israel. $4 billion dollars a year in aid, thats what the US gives to Israel now…every year. Israel receives more aid than any other nation on earth and of course receives more aid from the US than any other nation. Why does a first world country get so much help when there are over 3 billion people in other countries in the world who live in poverty? What abouth the US, the US has its own poverty issues that are in fact quite sizeable, surely $4 bn a year would go a long way to helping the US take care of its own citizens. One has to wonder why, why is there this allegiance to another state that’s so strong and so readily accepted by the people of the US that they are ready to go to war and see their own people suffer on behalf of another country on the other side of the world. Dont they think its strange that another nation so far away seems to be so heavily connected with the fate of their own politics? Which other nation in the world has its internal poitics tied so heavily to another nation, it certainly is a bizarre situation and really speaks volumes about who is in control in the United States. We can say with near absaloute certainty that the same group who controls Israel is in control of the United States political system and all is major corporate componants including finance and media.



Cruz has worked for George W Bush’s administration, he worked for the recount team in florida where George Bush eventually won Florida after a recount and helped send him to the Whitehouse. Cruz met his wife whilst at the Bush admninistration as she worked for Condaliza Rice. Cruz has 8 members of the Jeb Bush campaign team now working for him after the Jeb campaign fell through. Cruz is well connected to the establishment through his links to the Bush organisation and we all know that the Bush family is 100% establishment aligned.


Ted Cruz is currently in second place behind Donald Trump in the race to become the republican presidential candidate. It’s highly unlikely he will secure enough votes in the remaining states to secure the majority needed at the convention to become the republican candidate. The only hope that either he or Marcio Rubio has is that it will become a brokered convention where no one has a majority and there is a second round of voting where the delegates no longer have to vote according to the results in each state, essentially all bets are off and its anyones game to win.




Marco Rubio


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Marco Rubio US senator for the state of Miami and another Law graduate but this time from Miami university. Rubio is from an immigrant Cuban family that Rubio liked to proclaim ran away from the socialst horror that was Fidel Castro, pretty good for enhancing your capitalist to the core identity, that was until it was revealed he was lying and his family emigrated to the US before the revolution in Cuba. Rubio is heavily connected to some of  the wealthy Jewish power players in the US, his biggest financial backer and has been for some time during his rise in politics is the Jewish Billionaire Norman Bramen (worth ($2bn), owner of a car dealership empire and past president of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, He is also backed by the Jewish casino magnate billionaire Sheldon Adelson (worth $32bn) and New York hedge fund mogul Paul Singer (worth $2bn)


Like Ted Cruz, he did his time working for the state in a lawyer capacity before making a transition over to politics. He is a republican so you can expect the typical republican position on most issues.  Pro Capitalism, Pro life, Pro Gun, Pro Christian and of course like all the other candidates in both parties, vehemently Pro Israel. Rubio knows full well, like all the other candidates, there is only one ticket you must have in your pocket if you want to make it to the Whitehouse, and thats be Pro Israel, not because the American people demand it, but because those who control the American people demand it.







Marco began the race to become the republican candidate but has recently suspended his campaign after losing his home state of Florida to none other than Donald trump. A humiliating turn of events for Marco but thats life, it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it Marco?


Following this defeat on home turf, Rubio suspended his campaign and decalared that he intends to leave politics after he finishes as senator. There are now only three candidates left – Trump and Cruz and Kasich. Is it possible that this is a strategic withdrawal to increase the possibility of a brokered convention, perhaps they did the maths and realised there is more chance of Trump getting the clear majority if Rubio stays in the race? If it is a brokered convention, is Rubio able to re-enter the race at the second round of voting as he only suspended his campaign and didn’t actually withdraw. Then, in the second round of voting when the delegates are free to vote for whomever they choose, maybe he can win the nomination through the back door?  Or perhaps this is a genuine withdrawal after realising that if you can’t win home state with the backing that he had then there probably isn’t much hope for him in politics. Might as well just go get a well paid job and live easy for the rest of his life?





John Kasich


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John Kasich is the Governer of Ohio and Former Ohio State senator, a graduate in political science from Ohio University, he has spent most of his life in politics but is also a former banker having worked on Wall Street as the Managing Director Of Lehman Brothers, one of the first big banks that collapsed at the beginning of the financial crisis. As it stands now, Kasich is about 500 delegates behind Trump and has only won a single state so far, his home state of Ohio. He won’t be able to get the clear majority required, but will he be able to gain enough votes to stop Trump gaining the majority he needs? Kasich is percieved as more of a quiet man and less extreme than some of his fellow Republicans and might appeal to the more moderate right wingers. Like his fellow candidates though, Kasich knows the importance of being on the same side of Israel if he wants to succeed. Here are some of his quotes on Israel as he tries to cosy up to the most important group in America.


“I have been forever a very strong and emotional supporter of Israel,”


In reference to settlements that Israel builds on Palestinian land after clearing out the Palestinian residents….


“Why are they building more apartments? Because it’s land; it’s security,” he said. “I would never, ever, ever jeopardize the security of that country. Never.”










One thing is certain, it doesn’t matter who loses or wins at the United States Presidential election in November, the Jews and Israel will have their man, or woman in power, they had the win in the bag before the race even began.






NewsWars focuses a lot of attention on events in Syria, the reason for this is Syria is key for the future of the human race. Should the government of Syria fall, the countries that resist the imperialist west will be in a much more difficult position. Should the government of Syria remain and the state of Syria return to its previous condition, not only is this fantastic for the people of Syria who will regain their homes and get to live in a secular society rather than being butchered by Islamic State and living in conditions from the dark ages, it also will set back the plans of the establishment in the west for some time to come. World domination and the subjugation of the entire human race will still be out of their reach. That is of course if the whole thing isn’t just one large charade.


In any case, we proceed on the presumption that the opponants of the war are real, and that is its Russia, Syria and Iran vs the West led by the US, Israel, UK with their vassal states towing the line. A major event happened in Syria at the end of february, a ceasefire agreement was negotiated between the Syrian government and any faction willing to sign up the ceasefire but it excluded Islamic State and Al Nusra Front and other terrorist organisations as recognised by the UN. The two negotiating parties that led the talks were Russia and the US, this speaks volumes in itself and essentialy proves that the terrorist factions on the ground in Syria are nothing more than the proxy armies of the United States. Of course the west likes to refer to them as rebels, but lets see what the western countries would do against any group that takes up arms against the government of their country and lets see what they get called then, no matter how justified the armed groups might be. This theory doesnt even take into account the fact the armed groups are mostly foreigners and are funded and armed by foreign states. Its not a civil war, its an invasion, but yes, there are Syrians who are also fighting the government, Syrians that are aligned to the same radical religous ideology of the invaders and want to create a state governed by Sharia law in much the same fashion as Saudi Arabia, who by no coincidence is one of the main sponsors of Islamic terror. The relatives of the victims of 911 know this about Saudi Arabia and thats why they are trying to take the state of Saudi Arabia to court for damages but the United States is trying to protect them and wont allow it.






The nationwide cessation of hostilities is to apply to any party currently engaged in military or paramilitary hostilities against any other parties other than “Daesh”, “Jabhat al-Nusra”, or other terrorist organizations designated by the UN Security Council.


The responsibilities of the Syrian armed opposition are set out in paragraph 1 below. The responsibilities of the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, and all forces supporting or associated with the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic are set out in paragraph 2 below.


1.  To take part in the cessation of hostilities, armed opposition groups will confirm – to the United States of America or the Russian Federation, who will attest such confirmations to one another as co-chairs of the ISSG by no later than 12:00 (Damascus time) on February 26 2016 – their commitment to and acceptance of the following terms:


  • To full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously on December 18, 2015, ‑ including the readiness to participate in the UN-facilitated political negotiation process;


  • To cease attacks with any weapons, including rockets, mortars, and anti-tank guided missiles, against Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, and any associated forces;


  • To refrain from acquiring or seeking to acquire territory from other parties to the ceasefire;


  • To allow humanitarian agencies, rapid, safe, unhindered and sustained access throughout areas under their operational control and allow immediate humanitarian assistance to reach all people in need;


  • To proportionate use of force (i.e., no greater than required to address an immediate threat) if and when responding in self-defense.


2.  The above-mentioned commitments will be observed by such armed opposition groups, provided that the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic, and all forces supporting or associated with the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic have confirmed to the Russian Federation as co-chair of the ISSG by no later than 12:00 (Damascus time) on February 26, 2016 their commitment to and acceptance of the following terms:


  • To full implementation of UN Security Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously on December 18, 2015, including the readiness to participate in the UN-facilitated political negotiation process;


  • To cease attacks with any weapons, including aerial bombardments by the Air Force of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, against the armed opposition groups (as confirmed to the United States or the Russian Federation by parties to the cessation of hostilities);


  • To refrain from acquiring or seeking to acquire territory from other parties to the ceasefire;


  • To allow humanitarian agencies, rapid, unhindered and sustained access throughout areas under their operational control and allow immediate humanitarian assistance to reach all people in need;


  • To proportionate use of force (i.e., no greater than required to address an immediate threat) if and when responding in self-defense.



The Russian Federation and the United States, as co-chairs of the ISSG and ISSG Ceasefire Task Force, are prepared to work together to ensure effective communications and develop procedures necessary for preventing parties participating in the cessation of hostilities from being attacked by Russian Armed Forces, the U.S.-led Counter ISIL Coalition, the Armed Forces of the Syrian government and other forces supporting them, and other parties to the cessation of hostilities.


All parties further commit to work for the early release of detainees, particularly women and children.


Any party can bring a violation or potential violation of the cessation of hostilities to the attention of the Task Force, either through the OSE or the co-chairs. The OSE and Co-Chairs will establish liaison arrangements with each other and the parties, and inform the public generally about how any party may bring a violation to the attention of the Task Force.


The United States and the Russian Federation as co-chairs confirm that the cessation of hostilities will be monitored in an impartial and transparent manner and with broad media coverage.



Its important to understand that the ceasefire has only come about because the Russians and Syrian government are winning the war, you didn’t hear any call for a ceasefire from the west when the Syrian government and its forces were on their knees, they were quite happy to let terrorism overrun the country. The ceasefire could have been used to strategic advantage by the West and their puppets but this hasn’t been the case. The situation that has transpired, besides a general ceasefire in many areas, is that many terrorists in Syria have laid down their arms in exchange for immunity from the goverment although this isn’t part of the official terms of the ceasfire. It has allowed the Syrian government to potentially free up some of its forces to take to other fronts, the land that has been won back already by the Syrian government ensures the terrorist/rebels wont be able to reassert their dominance as they are trapped in pockets such as around Aleppo. Not to mention of course the ceasefire has meant some respite for the civilians who living through this horror and has allowed aid to reach them. However, the anti terror operations have continued across much of the country and the momentum they have built has not been lost. The ancient city of Palmyra may be retaken soon from Islamic State and the Syrian forces are begining to make their way towards the city of Raqqa, the capital of Islamic State. Likewise in Iraq, they are preparing to retake Mosul, The major city that Islamic State controls in Iraq.


As it stands, the Syrian government is on track to regain its country back and for the most part, the geopolitical aspirations of the imperialists have been thwarted, for now.




There were major terrorist bomb attacks on civilian populations in February. they occured in Nigeria – Dikwa, Iraq -Baghdad, Turkey – Ankara, India – Kashmir and Syria – Homs. All except Ankara were carried out by Islamic extremists, in Ankara the attack was carried out by the Kurds who Turkey are at war with currently.