Monthly News Review: January 2016



On the 1st of January 2016, Saudi Arabia kicked off the new year festivities by chopping off the heads of 47 people. All very reminiscent of another group in the middle east who likes to chop heads off but we aren’t supposed to mention that connection are we. Lets recap on what exactly Saudi Arabia is, its run by the House of Saud, there are no democratic elections that determine who rules the country, there are elections for council positions only, and women have only very recently won the right to vote in them. Whilst we have mentioned women, we also ought to remind ourselves that women arn’t allowed to drive, can’t be seen in public without full veil on, they can’t go outside without being escorted by male relative. Where are the women libbers and their campaign against Saudi Arabia? Thats right, it doesnt exist, because the womens lib movement just like the left in general is a tool of the establishment, just like Saudi Arabia. So its a dictatorship that treats women as sub standard humans, what else? They have capital punishment and use it quite freely, 157 were killed in public executions in 2015, and as just mentioned, 47 on the 1st of Jan 2016 alone. The death penalty can be handed out for a range of offences including blasphemy, witchcraft and sorcery. Method of execution is usually behading by sword but can also be stoning to death and crucifiction. The culture in Saudi Arabia is rooted in Islamic law as derived by the Salafist or Wahhabi interpretation of it. The Wahhabi’s used to be a small sect in Saudi Arabia, but after aligning with the House of Saud and with help from the English they managed to muscle their way into power and take control of Saudi Arabia. There’s another surpise…the West assisted extremist Islamists into power in the middle east, Afghanistan anyone? The Wahhabis, beleive they are pure Muslims and all those who don’t subscribe can be refered to as Kafirs, even those from other branches of Islam. Thats why Islamic State, who also subscribe to Wahhabism, and their brethren terrorist organisations in Syria have no issue slaughtering other Muslims from different branches of Islam.


Saudi Arabia, a country of dictatorship, brutal state murder and oppression on large sections of its own population, ruled by Islamists with the most extreme ideology, the same ideology shared by all the Islamist terrorist groups and backed by billions of petro dollars which allegedly funds the terrorist groups…is the primary ally of the “West” in the middle East.


History of British Sponsored Al Saud & their Association with Wahabi Ideology


One of the men who was beheaded on the 1st of January was Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, he was a political opponant and critical of the house of Saud and was a prominent Shia cleric amongst the global Sia community. He was sentanced to death for seeking ‘foreign meddling’ in the affairs of Saudi Arabia or treason if you prefer. If the Saudi government are so against in the meddling of affairs by foreigners, how must they feel about their meddling in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan amongst others? As always with the deceivers and the oppressors, its one rule for themselves and another rule for everyone else.




January was a very busy month for terrorist attacks….The war on terror seems to have only increased terrorism quite dramatically since it began in 2001, how does the West reconcile this inconveniant truth with it’s supposed intention to make us all safer? Not only is the world a much more dangerous place than just 15 years ago, we have all had many rights and freedoms taken away in an effort to enhance security allegedly. Not to mention the austerity measures that so many have suffered that have crippled their lives. If you havent been bombed by terrorists or out of control governments, or financially ruined by the financial terrorists in Wall Street and the City of London then you can consider yourself quite lucky.


On the 12th of January there was another terrorist attack in Turkey, a lone suicide bomber set of his explosives in Sultanahmet square, a popular tourist part of the old town in Istanbul. President Erdogan immediately declared that the bombers identity was Syrian and that he was a member of Islamic State. 11 tourists died in the attack, 10 Germans and 1 Peruvian, there were also about 15 more people injured. This was then widely reported in mainstream media around the globe, Islamic State and Syria being the two buzz words as they constantly attempt to bring Syria into focus in the readers minds and encourage them to associate Syria with Islamic State. That may be perfectly reasonable you say but don’t forget Islamic State is also in Iraq and we rarely hear Iraq mentioned in the same context when we hear about the terrorist attacks. In Australia they even reported that Turkey had in fact arrested Russian nationals in Syria who allegedly were Islamic State militants, again more encouragment by the media to get the readers to associate their targets such as Russia with negative connotations. Its all mental preperation for what ever toxic plan they have cooked up next.


Usually Islamic State launch two or three suicide bombers on targets where we know it really is Islamic State carrying out the attack, look at Lebanon and Iraq, its very often more than one attacker, when everyone is rushing to the aid of the injured in the first bomb, the second bomber detonates thus capturing a new wave of innocent victims in the attack. A disgusting technique used by the most vile of individuals. The local police were aware of this multiple bomber stratgey hence they held everyone back before moving in according to some reports.


As most people know who actually make an effort to look into news beyond the garbage spewed out by mainstream media, Turkey has in fact been supporting Islamic State, there are satelite images of tens of fuel trucks taking fuel from Islamic State to Turkey to be sold into world markets, there are photos of Turkish Secret Service (MIT) trucks en route to Syria being stopped by authorities and discovering them laden with weapons (the authorities that stopped these trucks and reported it to the media are now in prison in Turkey). We have testimony from Islamic State militants captured by Iraqi and Syrian forces saying they have received training in Turkey from Turkish authorities and we also have evidence of supplies such as food being supplied to the militants when the government forces of Iraq and Syria capture their terrorist dens. Therefore, if it was Islamic State that attacked Istanbul, then it is a false flag or some revenge lone attacker outside of the greater agenda because Islamic State and Turkey, a NATO member, seem to be allies.


As it transpires, the identity of the bomber was in fact Saudi Arabian, Nabil Fadli, who was 28 years old. Investigators found one of his fingertips at the bomb site. So when Erdogan states categorically it was a Syrian, we know he was lying and we know that he knew he was lying because he based that statement on no evidence. Unless of course the bomber kindly left his passport and phone on a nearby wall as they so often seem to do in these terrorist attacks.


On the 14th January at around 10.30am in central Jakarta Indonesia up to six bombs were detonated by suicide bombers, this was then followed up by an armed assault by numerous terrorists. The targets were an up market part of Jarkata which hosted many foreign embassies, shopping malls, luxury hotels and western food chains such as Starbucks. 8 People died in the attack, 4 were civilians and the other 4 were terrorists. There were over 20 people injured. Considering the nature of the attack, the casualty number seems remarkably low. In the days after the attack a furthet 12 people were were arrested by the police in connection with the incident.Islamic State claimed responsibity for this attack.


On the 15th January there was another terrorist connected to France as its in a former French colony in Africa, Burkhino Faso.  Over 20 People died in the attack on the Splendid Hotel in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, West Africa on friday evening. After detonating car bombs outside the hotel, four gunmen stormed the Splendid hotel which is a luxury hotel that accomodates foreigners and wealthier guests. The Gunmen opened fire killing indiscriminately, they also attacked customers at the Cappucino Cafe situated next to the splendid hotel and killed at least 10 people there. The ordeal lasted some hours ending in the early hours of Saturday morning before Burkinabe and French forces forced their way in killing three of the four terrorists and rescuing 156 civilians. The were over 30 wounded amongst the survivors. An Al Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack. The fourth gunmen was killed at Yibi hotel which he or she presumably escaped to. Two of the gunmen are thought to be women.


The 20th January saw another major terrorist attack, this time in Pakistan. Four gunmen opened fire on students and teachers at the Bacha Khan University after they scaled the wall of the campus under the cover of thick fog. As they rampaged across the campus shouting “Allah is great” they shot dead over 30 people, apparently a student claimed to count over 50 bodies while the official count is in the 20’s, the exact number is unclear as there seem to be conflicting reports. Over 20 people have been injured.  The security services moved in and corned the gunmen in a block before shooting them dead. A branch of the Taliban, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan initially claimed responsibility but then later retracted its claim. This is the same group that in December 2014 attacked an army school in Peshawar, killing 132 children.


On the 30th of January, Boko Haram in Nigeria claimed responisbility for another ugly episode of mass murder. The attack took place in the village of Dalori 10km from Maiduguri which hosts an army headquarters. This in itself raises some questions. Reportedly up to 100 militants entered the village on motor vehicles and opened fire. They killed indiscriminately and fire bombed huts, many of which had children in and were burnt to death. The smoke from the fires could be seen in Maiduguri.  Several female suicide bombers followed the fleeing villagers to a nearby village where they blew themselves up amongst the panic stricken villagers. 86 People are confirmed dead with with over 50 injured, many for burns. Most of the village of Dalori has been destroyed. The attack apparenly lasted some four hours despite the proximity to the army headquarters. It is reported that the army was waiting for reinforcements before they moved in forcing the terrorists to retreat. There are complaints that the army took too long to respond, i addition there are questions as to how so many terrorists actually made it to the village as they would have had to pass checkpoints.


On the 31st of January, Damascus, the capital of Syria was victim to yet more horror. Syria is a country that has born the brunt of filth that the terrorist armies bring. Terrorist armies that consist of many nationalities which proves its no civil war, and are financed and supported by nation states within the international community. In the Sayeda Zeinab district which is host to a holy Shia shrine, Two Islamic State suicide bombers detonated their explosive vests and killed 50 civilians and injured over 100. This attack coincided with the beginning of supposed peace talks in Geneva. There is only one reason why the West and its Middle East Vassels like Saudi Arabia are pressing to sit round the table and talk “peace”, it’s because their Islamic State puppet and terrorist brethren, “moderate” or otherwise are getting a can of whip ass opened on them. They use peace talks to delay your military advantage and buy time to formulate new strategies whilst strengthening their military positions. Assad and the Russians would be beyond stupid to agree to a ceasefire right now. If I was their advisor I would tell them the ceasefire could happen when the terrorists are dead or in prison.



The city of Deir Ezzor, which has 200 000 inhabitants, is in the east of Syria and surrounded by Islamic State terrorists. It has been under seige for a considerable time, to the north is Raqqa, the capital of Islamic State amd to the West is Palmyra which is also over run by IS. To the south and east is the Iraqi border. Inside Deir Ezzor (which has several different spellings) there is a brigade of the Syrian Army that is standing strong against repeated Islamic State assaults. The man leading this resistance against the terrorists is General Issaam Zahreddeen, Major General of the Syrian Republican guard. Only with supplies dropped from the air by the Syrian and Russian Air force have they been able to withstand the assault for so long.


Its curious how the main spotlight of attention in the western media always falls upon the towns and cities that are beseiged by the Syrian government. They will show pictures of civilians who are starving and tell stories of how they have no access to medicines and food, and this is true, what they neglect to mention is that the Syrian government attempts to get aid to the beseiged civilians but they are often prevented from receiving it by the rebels who seize it and then try to sell it to the desperate residents at massively inflated prices. These are the same rebels the West is supporting and they call “moderates”.




RT Syria besieged Madaya


Deir Ezzor began to receive significnt quatities of humanitarian aid from the Russian Air Force in January, much to the relief of the civilians no doubt. Unfortunately, shortly after the aid began, on the 16th of january the city suffered a major attack from Islamic State where IS captured hundreds of civilians, many were thought to be families of soldiers. Over one hundred were murdered and dumped in the river, many of whom were women and children, the rest, around 400 were taken away, some 200 -300 were then released and ordered not to go back to the city whilst the remainder are still in detention and will face execution if they are thought to be connected to the governement of Syria. The enormity of a tragedy like this, under any other circumstances would be major headline news accross the world that would run for days, imagine this happening in France or Germany for example. In Syria, its different, a story like this tends to get quietly swept under the carpet for one simple reason, the mainstream western media will not under any circumstance run a major story that incites sympathy for the Assad government, sorry, “regime”. Although there are articles in the mainstream media on this, it wasn’t major headline news, and the way it’s presented, they tend to try and twist it, attempting to subtly persuade the reader that the Russian and Syrian governments military offensive is sterile and weak which is the reason for the Islamic State success (whether it be in Deir Ezzor or any other part of Syria), which in turn suggests that responsibility for Islamic State is in fact the Syrian government. We often hear statements from the US and UK governments like, “the Russian air campaign is strengthening IS” and “IS only exists because of the Syrian government”, its all the same tactic. A most perverse argument when the reality clearly appears to be that the Syrian government, more than anyone else, are fighting Islamic State and similar terrorist groups whilst the allies of the west like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are in fact funding and supporting the terrorist groups. White is black and black is white, good is bad and bad is good, truth is lies and lies are truth, welcome to the world in 2016. Unfortunatley for the deceivers, it seems reality has taken a turn they weren’t expecting and their lies are becoming harder to maintain. So they adjust themselves with new strategies and lies. The world is in a very precarious position right now, will the Western Imperialist forces pursue their geopolitical goals and up the stakes with a ground invasion, or will they accept defeat…for now.


Thankfully, there are those who resist the forces of evil in this world and General Issaam Zahreddeen appears to be one of them. He and his troops have performed a miracle in staving off Islamic State so far and their bravery will no doubt go down in Syrian folk lore should the Syrian state survive this horror show.  The following video is an excellent video showing the General and his troops in action. The last 5 mins of the video is incredible to say the least, you can witness the two opposing forces throwing grenades at each other at close range.




CNN syria isis deir ezzor


France 24 islamic state group massacre deir ezzor





Its good to be an American, or at least thats the idea we have been sold. In a capitalist world one thing is clear, capitalism works for you if you have…capital. Or in other words, money. If you dont have money then capitalism certainly isn’t going to do you any favours and here is a good example. The city of Flint in Michigan, with a population of around a half million, is one of the poorest cities in the USA. It has a crime rate 7 times higher than the national average.


Its obvious that crime is directly related to poverty, yet we can’t fight crime by financially empowering poor areas because the very nature of capitalism is to draw resources to those who already have it from those who don’t. You can see this on many levels, in the movement of people to cities from rural areas, in economies, in stock markets, in sports leagues, in any competitive system. Power begets power, the rich are like a giant money magnet. Thats why the rich love capitalism, capitalism works if you have capital, simple, its all in the name.


So why are we talking about Flint, Michigan. Well recently it transpires that the whole city has been receiving toxic water through their taps thanks to the Republican Governer Rick Snyder . How did this come to pass? Rick Snyder decided to disconnect the water supply from the nearby Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes and reconnect it to the polluted River Flint, why, the same reason anyone ever does anything in government in relation to public service, its cheaper, and he had to fund the tax breaks he was giving to the wealthy. Whilst the children of flint and all the other residents were drinking toxic water and getting irreversable brain damage, large coorporations like General Motors still had their pipes hooked up to Lake Huron for their water needs. In addition Nestle, also continued to get its water from Lake Huron which it then bottles and and sells to the poisened people of Flint. Lake Huron is the 3rd largest body of fresh water in the world, fresh water should never be a problem for Flint. It then transpires that even after they found out what was happening they decided to do nothing about it, other than cover it up of course.


Michael Moore, veteran activist, was rasied in and still lives in the city of Flint so this story is particulalry close to his heart:


Michael Moore 10 Facts On Flint




The USA had a seige of its own in January. In Oregan, Ammon Bundy and his armed militia group had taken over a federal building, a wildlife refuge HQ owned by the “Bureau of Land Management” or BLM, in protest at numerous issues they have with the federal government. The main catalyst for this event was the arrest and prosecution of two local ranchers by the name of Hammond. They want to stop the BLM (a federal government state department) who through regulation and fees put massive pressure on counties and private individuals to give up their land to the BLM so that it goes into Federal ownership. Ranchers and communites are essentially being destroyed by the federal government. In April 2014, Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy’s father was at the centre of an armed standoff with the federal government over unpaid grazing fees which the federal government said they owed.


On the 26th January Ammon Bundy and several of his close allies were on their way to a public meeting when the FBI pulled them over and arrested them. Shots were fired during the arrest and as a result Ryan Bundy, Ammon’s brother was wounded and LaVoy Finicum was shot dead. The remaining militia who had taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge remained in the building until February when the last members surrendered to the FBI.