Monthly News Review: July 2015


As a consequence of the ongoing naval blockade by Saudi Arabia on Yemen, in addition to the military air campaign, 4000 Yemeni civilians are dead and 13 million people are in serious need of nutrition and clean water and if this isn’t addressed urgently there will be millions of people who will die. According to a UN report on human development from 2011, Yemen is the 34th poorest country in the world, so needless to say the population doesn’t have great deal. Throw in a naval blockade that prevents your country from receiving any supplies or exporting any goods, add some f15’s, Typhoon and Tornado Jets flying over head dropping bombs on civilian infrastructure and you can imagine if there is a hell on hearth, it might feel something like that, not to mention that in summer, daytime temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celcius.


Being on the verge of such a massive human tragedy you would think the the wider western world would be appalled, especially in this over sensitive age where its impossible to tell a joke without offending someone. Its been over seventy years and the broken record that is “six million Jews” is still going strong, so with over double that number trapped and on the verge of starvation or death from above, where is the outcry of emotion from the all the liberals and bleeding hearts who care so much about all the things wrong with humanity. A wall of silence, that is all your going to get from anyone except those who have a genuine desire to sift through the deceptions of our time and have a sense of genuine empathy for their fellow man. This wall of silence also provides those with accusations of double standards and manipulative agenda’s at the world media and governments with plenty of ammunition.


Very curious indeed how all the mainstream media in the west say next to nothing about whats happening in Yemen and if they do, it will actually serve to diminish ones shock at was is happening and actually try deflect attention away from the tragedy. There are two clear examples of this that I have witnessed recently, the first is France 24 who like the others rarely if ever mention anything that’s happening in Yemen, yet a story did crop up several days ago when it publicised the announcement that Saudi Arabia had declared a five day ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to reach the Yemeni population. The only reason France 24 have mentioned this as its the only positive thing there is to say about Saudi Arabia in this whole disgusting affair. If one was to not pay any attention to other news channels which aren’t so agenda driven one would be left with the impression of how merciful and caring the Saudis are that they have halted their bombardment of their neighbor to let all the nice Yemeni people get all the things they need to make them happy and content before bombing starts again. After all, if France 24 was your source of information that would be the most information your going to get, until the next cease fire happens anyway. So when Saudi Arabia broke their own ceasefire two days later was on it France 24’s headlines…the answer is an obvious no. There was an article in the guardian newspaper on the 29th May ,  with supporting quotes from amnesty and doctors, the essence of the article is to essentially blame the civilian deaths in Yemen on the Yemeni army and Houthi forces that are trying to defend themselves from the onslaught being imposed on them by the Saudis. More specifically it states that most civilian deaths are actually a consequence of fallen anti aircraft ammunition. Is this really possible, have the majority of of 4000 deaths come about from waves of falling shrapnel and missile fragments from the skies above from anti air craft fire? It seems remarkable, perhaps this has been a contributing factor, however, its hard to recall if this has ever been mentioned before in any other war zone as a major factor to civilian deaths, in addition, there have only been two or three Saudi aircraft shot down since the start of the war so that doesn’t make a great deal of sense,  there are plenty of videos on the internet where it is clear to see very, very large explosions from Saudi airstrikes in civilian areas. In short it sounds like blatant propaganda, and to what effect, well just like France 24 they are trying to make you turn your head away, they don’t want you looking at this one. The agenda controllers know they can’t keep a lid on it completely but they will give a few titbits just to make you think your in touch with whats happening and those tit bits will be nicely devised to get the reaction that suits them best, that reaction is one of apathy. The Saudis need to appear as benevolent and the Yemenis need to appear as the self destructive types who brought it on themselves.


The truth is probably more like this, Yemen has been subject to a western and Saudi backed dictatorship for as long as they can remember where the elite ruling class lived in luxury whilst the population rots in the street, Salah ruled since 1978, when Yemen managed to get rid of that dictator his deputy Hadi took charge who is also Saudi aligned. Hadi is currently hiding in Saudi Arabia under their protection, what kind of leader flees to a country and hides whilst that same country he hides in then bombs and blockades his own people, with the goal of bombing them into submission so that he can then go back and lead them again? Why has this been done to Yemen, all to keep Saudi Arabia stable most likely. Yemen has a large Shia population which is ideologically opposed to the Saudi Wahhabi ideology, which is also the ideology of the Islamic terrorists (and that’s because Saudi Arabia is the mother of Islamic militant Terrorism, the father is the western Imperialists). If Yemen as a nation were to grow strong, it might challenge and destabalise its neighbor Saudi Arabia, the west cant allow this, Saudi Arabia is a major supplier of oil and also a major purchaser of western goods (with its oil revenue) in particular arms. As such Saudi Arabia is an ally to the west, or more specifically a vassal of sorts. Shia Muslims are much closer aligned to Iran and as we all know Iran is not a vassal of the west, not since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The one positive for the Yemeni population of late has been the arrival of the world food program in Aden where they have distributed food and supplies to over 300 000 people.




The 14th of July saw a conclusion to over a decade of negotiations when an announcement was made that an agreement had been made between Iran and the p5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany). If the agreement is implemented and isnt drailed by congress in the US, Iran will see all sanctions lifted in exchange for concessions on its nuclear activities, it will also be subject to monitoring of its nuclear and military sites.   The International Atomic Energy Agencies Director general Yukiya Amano said in a statement “I am confident in our ability to do this important work. The IAEA stands ready to undertake the necessary monitoring and verification activities when requested,”. On the 20th of July the UN security council unanimously endorsed a draft resolution that puts the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) into international law.


A time of celebration for all concerned you might think, The Iranian people will be released from the sanctions that have handicapped them for so long and those that are worried about Iran making a nuclear bomb and launching at someone should be satisfied that measures are in place to monitor their activities. With regard to the perceived threat from Iran, it should be noted that Iran has consistently declared their intention that nuclear development is for energy only, Iran has never invaded another country and has no history of unprovoked aggression towards another country, at least on an overt basis. And, no evidence has been discovered yet of Iran developing a nuclear weapon. That doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something in secret but as far as we know the reality is as their intentions state. In any case, even if you develop a nuclear weapon its only real use is as a deterrent, its not practical to use it as an offensive weapon as a nuclear weapon will be launched back at you. The only probable outcome of launching a nuclear weapon is the destruction of the target and yourself in the retaliatory attack. Therefore its serves as deterrent to those who might launch one at you unless you can prevent the retaliatory attack.


So all seems as tickety boo as one could wish for, so why do the Israelis have their knickers in a twist still, AIPAC, one of the major Jewish lobbies in the US has already raised a $100 million which they will commit to de railing the agreement in congress so that it never becomes a reality. You will see all the Jewish owned media outlets (which is pretty much all of them) embark on a program of assassinating the deal by skewing realities and facts in the news to drive a nugget of fear so deep into the psyche of the average citizen when someone says Iran they will run for the nearest bomb shelter.


Israel, as anyone who examines it will discover, is a state that like its primary western sponsor the US, was created by slaughtering and driving out the indigenous population. It has expanded its borders illegally since its inception in 1948 either though military capture or settlement building in the Palestinian West Bank which in effect is a slow death for Palestine as it is slowly swallowed up like the host to a parasite. This is why there is so much hatred towards Israel in parts of the middle east and this is why Israel feels the need to carry out what it terms as “defense”. However, what the Jews of Israel call defense, by any other sane persons definition one would call it aggression and it is the Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians who are engaged in defense against the Israel or the Zionist entity as it is often refereed to in those parts of the world. Iran supports Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine in its fight against Israel, hence Iran is a target for Israel and Israel fears a strong Iran.

So its clear why Israel doesn’t want a strong Iran, and lifting sanctions will definitely strengthen the country. Whats less clear is why the Imperialist powers, whose owners are the same people who own Israel, are at odds with Israels stance and are looking to negotiate a deal. Either the suggestion that the owners of Israel and the Imperial west is incorrect or something else is going on. If you listen to Benjamin Friedman, whose speech you can find in the NewsWars documentary section, and assuming what he says is correct, America has been under Jewish Zionist control for a very long time. Therefore there is a deeper plot at hand if Israel and America are one and the same entity, this is a setup or pretext to something else, the obvious conclusion would be that Iran signs the peace deal then in due course at some point in the future Iran will be accused, rightly or wrongly of developing a nuclear weapon and breaking its agreement. This along with sufficient media momentum such as nuclear threat and Israel was right type messages will be enough to sway the general public in western nations that Iran is a threat and there will be an attack on Iran. The Iranians will be defeated and the government replaced with a puppet government that conforms to the international capitalist agenda, then the west declares that democracy and freedom has been delivered to Iran, mission accompllished. Hopefully this is wrong, but knowing that the those who run this world never give up on their agenda, it would be foolish, surely, to think they are just going to let Iran stand in its way of total domination of humanity. However, if the above is correct, Iran is probably also aware of these possibilities so why play along, but then you could say, what choice does it have?


Before this segment ends, lets take a quick look at Israels nuclear capability. The first thing to say is that Israel refuses to admit officially whether it has nuclear weapons or not, however its widely recognised internationally that it is in possession of them, what is unknown is how many, there are different estimates but it is thought it has between 80 – 400 nuclear warheads. Since Israel doesn’t even to admit to being in possession of a nuclear capability its no surprise that it refuses to sign the nuclear no proliferation treaty. Compare this stance to Iran, who says they don’t want nuclear missiles, don’t have nuclear missiles, as far as we know isn’t attempting to build them yet and has been on the receiving end of sanctions since 1979. Like all bullies, Israel is no different, do as I say, not as I do.


Additionally, the US, the country that is leading the world and dominating discussions with Iran and who is the worlds so called moral compass is by far the worst perpetrator of crimes against humanity. The greatest genocide in known history was carried out by Americans on the Native American, up to 100 million dead, the largest and second largest single acts of genocide were committed by the US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan (whose anniversaries are in early August) killing approximately 150 000 people instantly when the US dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations. The US has been engaged in so many wars since its inception in 1776 there are too many to list but you will find them on wiki,  since 1776 it has only experienced 21 years when it wasn’t at war of some kind. It has the most citizen on citizen violence of any country, it has the most police on citizen violence of any country and incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country.




On the 20th July in Turkey, in the south east border town of Suruc at the Amara Cultural Center, members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) had gathered at the cultural center before their journey to Kobani in Syria to assist in rebuilding the town that had been destroyed by war. Kobani is currently under the control of the Kurds who had wrestled control of it from IS earlier in the year. Whilst they SGDF members were engaged in a meeting, a suicide bomber detonated his device and a large explosion killed 31 of the of the SGDF and injured a 100 more. The next day IS claimed responsibility for the attack in Suruc.


The SGDF members had been denied access to cross the border to Kobani by the local governor shortly before their meeting at the cultural center, additionally it is worth noting that they were unable to gain access to the cultural center without going through a police checkpoint which was apparently very thorough indeed and also set up some 200 meters away from the cultural center.


The SGDF is the youth branch of the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), which is a Marxist-Leninist political party that defines itself as “a militant revolutionary socialist party fighting for a workers’-labourers’ federative republic in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. One can assume that the SGDF has strong connections with the Kurds, they define their movement by geographical location in the Kurdish region and the People’s Democratic Party (HDP, the Kurdish party in Turkey) Co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ  was previously the founder and chair of ESP between 2010 and 2014. She later resigned from the party leadership and joined HDP.


Turkey has long faced accusations that is is supporting IS in Syria and Iraq through providing logistical support, training, weapons and easy across its borders. After all, IS must have state support from somewhere, how is it possible for an armed group without state support to take on the Syrian Arab Army which is no small army and also take on Iraq even though it was a fair amount of disarray at the time. Where do the short range weapons come from, where do the large caliber weapons and armored vehicles and the training to be able to use them come from, where does the ammunition come from, where does the food come from, the money, the fuel, the communications tools, the logistical support, these are all necessities to wage a war against an established state. Its absolutely impossible to do this without support from one or more states who can supply those resources.


Weapons caches have been intercepted heading for IS from Turkey and the Turkish prosecutors who order the interception subsequently get arrested.  .IS apparently has easy access into Syria through the Turkish border, this is evident from the amount of IS reinforcements that continue to arrive in Syria from that region, consequently it is the northern areas in Syria that have become IS strongholds, or in other words the cities that are close to the Turkish border like Aleppo and Raqqa. Additionally, when IS held territories are re taken by Syrian Arab Army forces they inevitably find weapons and supplies that have been provided by other countries that might include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey or even the US. If your still in doubt as to the amount of IS in Turkey using it as a hub to travel back and forth then why are there extra security measures in place in Turkish airports for citizens heading back to countries like the UK.


Following the bombing at the Amara cultural centre, two days later the PKK, the militant wing of the Kurdsistan Workers Party that has been fighting the Turkish authorities for decades and carrying out terrorist attacks against the Turkish people, carried out what they call a retaliatory attack against the Turkish government and killed two Turkish police officers who they allege were involved in helping to set up the bombing at the Amara cultural centre. When reading some of the accounts of what happened that day, it certainly appears that the authorites may havce had a hand in what happened. The security was very tight, so how did the bomber gain access, in addition why was the security so far from the building, to avoid getting caught in the blast that they knew was coming? Additionally and incredibly, some of the accounts of people who were there even go on to say that police were even attacking survivors.


So what ensued next was a declaration of war on the PKK and IS by the Turkish authorities and they carried out airstrikes against Kurdish and IS positions in norther Syria. The PKK has carried out several attacks in retaliation on Turkish police and soldiers killing several of them at least to date. Following this escalation and perhaps much more importantly, Erdogan met with Obama and they agreed on several new developments. The US can now use a Turkish airbase for drone strikes against militants in Turkey and to support division 30. Division 30 is the US trained militant group that are being sent into Syria to fight IS allegedly. The US has stated that they will attack anyone who confronts their division 30 soldiers including the Syrian Arab Army. Further more, although its not official but widely recognised, a no fly zone will be enforced along a 90 km stretch of the Turkish/Syrian border.


Division 30 consists so far of around 50 individuals trained by the US to go in and fight IS in Syria, within weeks of their mission start they came up against Al Nusra front, the Al-Qaeda wing in Syria. Divison 30 suffered losses almost immediately with around 10 killed, another 10 captured, including their leader and many of its US supplied weapons also captured. The remainder have since declared they don’t want to fight Al Nusra front as that’s not supposed to be their target, instead they should be fighting IS they say. So why are they fighting Al Nusra Front one wonders when they are supposed to be fighting IS. Al Nusra front are located in the western side of Syria near Lebanon, IS is in the north and to the east. Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army are currently conducting very successful missions in the western side against Al Nusra Front and it may not be too long before they are eliminated from that region of Syria, did the US put their division 30 there in the hope that they would bump into the SAA and then have an excuse to bomb them? Or perhaps they wanted to help Assad out and clear the terrorists from that region, that’s very unlikely considering that the US recently declared Assad the “root of all evil” in Syria, former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren, on Fox News Sunday openly stated that we (the Israel and allies) would rather see Assad fall and be replaced by Islamic Jihads than continue with Assad. A remarkable statement to say the least.


The 90km no fly zone along the Turkish Syrian border is also a very curious development as IS and the other Jihadist organisations in Syria and Iraq don’t have an air force. The only air force they would be restricting therefore would be the Syrian Air force.  So the upshot of this latest round of disturbing of events that started with the bombing of a Kurdish youth group in south eastern Turkey,  is the Syrian Arab Army is weakened again. The PKK aligned Kurdish forces in northern Syria and northern Iraq are under attack from the Turkish air force, but weakening the Kurds in these areas will only serve to strengthen IS who are fighting the Kurds, not to mention IS seems relatively unaffected by the so called coalition air strikes carried out against them. The no fly zone, if it is enforced successfully will only restrict the Syrian Air force from patrolling a border region which is widely recognised as a safe zone used by Islamic State fighters to cross over and support IS against the Iraqi and Syrian governments. Therefore it can definitely be said that this will weaken the Syrian government as they are less able monitor the area from the air and restrict the influx of fighters coming into their country. Division 30’s deployment is in an area where they are very likely to encounter the Syrian Army, this would present an ideal opportunity for the US to begin an Air campaign against the Syrian forces as when that encounter happens they are quite likely to start shooting each other. All in all, when you consider that in the last 12 months the Syrian Arab Army and Iraqi governments have been recovering lost ground and winning the war against the Islamic militants, and when you consider that if it is true that the west and its regional allies are in support of IS as many claim to be the case, then this latest turn of events might begin to make sense. Its just the latest maneuver against the Syrian government to try and topple Assad. There is one certainty in all of this, it is without question the overriding number one goal of Israel, US, UK and its middle eastern regional allies to remove the Assad government. Why are they so determined to do this you might ask, the answer is probably something to do with an idea called Greater Israel.


Meanwhile in Syria, the government continues its war against the Islamic Militants, on the western side in conjunction with Hezbollah the good progress continues with the city of Zabadani slowly being recaptured and liberated from Al Nusra front. The Islamic militants do make gains of their own and frequently capture civilians and kill Armed forces but on the whole it is the government forces that have the momentum and are slowly taking back their country with the support of Hezbollah. A very interesting development is the pardoning of 400 terror linked prisoners by the Assad government. The Justice minister al-Ahmad stated “We have always said that the state of Syria is like a mother and while we crack down on terrorism with one hand we take care of our children with the other hand. We still release more people as we further study their cases not just in Damascus but all over Syria,”. A prisoner who had been released stated, “I am from the city of Zabadani and I joined an armed group there. I wasn’t arrested but I turned in myself when the army started an offensive in the city as I know the armed groups didn’t have the best interest of Syria in mind.” “All the commanders are now foreigners from Chechnya, Saudi Arabia and other places,”


In Iraq, the same is true, the government and the allied militias which also include the Hezbollah brigades are slowly making gains and recapturing territory lost to IS. Prior to the IS insurgency in Iraq, a 1000 people a month were dying in terrorist bomb attacks which stopped after IS swept across the country, now IS is on the back foot they have started their bombing campaign again it would seem, in Dyala on the 18th of July, IS sent a car bomb with over a tonne of explosives into a busy market area. The explosion killed a 115 people including many women and children and injured 150 more.



On the 5th of July in Greece there was a referendum which gave the people of Greece an option to decide whether they accept the terms of the latest bailout out deal in the ongoing debt crisis that Greece faces with its creditors the Troika. The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged the people to vote no prior to the referendum. Huge pressure was applied to the Greek people by the Troika as they forced the banks to close, despite that over 60% of the Greek people voted to reject the deal which would potentially see them default on their loans and exit the EU. Following the referendum the Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned after the creditors told the Greek government they don’t like dealing with him. “Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners’, for my… ‘absence’ from its meetings,” he went on to explain that the Prime minister and himself thought that if his absence would assist in reaching a favorable deal then it would be best for him to step down.


Over the next few days, the creditors formulated a new deal which received an endorsement from Tsipras, he presented it to his government and people and it was met with a very mixed reaction as it still included many harsh austerity measures but had some important concessions according to Tsipras, like Greece retaining ownership over assets that would have otherwise been given away to the creditors. Former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said this regarding the new deal on offer, “We were given a choice between being executed and capitulating. And he (Tsipras) decided that capitulation was the optimal strategy,”



A cabinet reshuffle ensued along with outstanding payments to the creditors being paid and the banks re opened. Talks are ongoing and a final deal will probably be reached in mid august. Will the new deal be the right move for Greece and finally allow them to see some light at the end of the tunnel, how much more austerity can they endure? One thing is clear, the enforced austerity that was a condition of previous bailouts has not created economic growth, it has stifled and strangulated the economy. Greece has a 240 billion Euro debt that it cant service, it has been borrowing money to pay the debt back and as a condition of borrowing the money, set by the lenders, they are force to destroy their economy with austerity thus making them less able to pay their debt. It really is as if the intention of the lenders is to destroy the state of Greece. Its important to note that when the Troika (IMF, European central Banks and European Commision) lend the money to Greece to pay their debts to the private institutions, Greece doesn’t actually see any of the money as it is paid directly to the private banks. All that happens from the Greece perspective is that their debt goes up on a debt that can already never be paid, the conditions of the borrowing set by the lenders enforce them to sell off state assets on the cheap to people like wealthy bankers, some of whom they borrowed the money off in the first place, additionally the workers of Greece have their pay reduced, their pensions reduced, and any other state benefits reduced as the government tries to reduce its expenditure so that it can pay the money it has saved to the creditors. Not only is there the direct hit on peoples pockets and welfare but there is less money in the system being spent by individuals which constricts the economy and kills any growth there might have been. For growth to occur, there must be an increase in transactions in an economy, this can only happen if there is more money flowing in the system. There needs to be a reversal of thinking, the private banks that originally lent money to Greece did so as a “gamble”, its essentially a bet, a bet that they will earn money through the interest when the money is paid back. If the debtor fails and is unable to pay back the debt then surely this can be viewed as a bad bet by the bank and its just tough titties, they wont get their money bank on this occasion, they should have been more careful in who they lent their money too. However, because the Troika back up the private institutions, which the the private institutions are well aware of and would have been reliant upon in the event that Greece could not service its debt, the nation of Greece is duly kicked into the gutter along with its 12 million residents to rescue some banks from a bad years accounts. Its even worse when you consider that Goldman Sachs, a massive American Investment Bank colluded to facilitate the Greeks borrowing and Euro entry in the first place with less than desirable practices.




There was one news story in July that was to top them all in terms of capturing the western public’s anger at injustice in the world, and that was the untimely death of Cecil the Lion. A wealthy dentist and animal killer enthusiast, Walter Palmer, from America had been photoed with the body of a dead lion that he had paid to hunt and shoot in Zimbabwe , presumably because it made him feel really good about himself afterwards. However, that dead lion turned out to be none other than Cecil the Lion, Zimbabwe’s most treasured celebrity lion.


There was a massive  back lash on social and mainstream media, Cecil the lion was shot and killed so the hunter can elevate his own sense of status and potency, a very twisted sense of pleasure. Cecil, seems an odd name for a lion in Africa, in that Cecil isn’t very African, a quick look on wiki and apparently the lion is named after Cecil Rhodes, the famed English Imperialist who conquered Southern Africa and even had a part of it named after him, Rhodesia, until it was re named Zimbabwe. Here is a couple of Cecil Rhodes quotes which gives a flavor of the kind of man he might have been:


“Having read the histories of other countries, I saw that expansion was everything, and that the world’s surface being limited, the great object of present humanity should be to take as much of the world as it possibly could”.


“We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories.”


There are two main points to derive from this event, firstly its a surprise this lion wasn’t killed already by the indigenous people as they almost certainly want to remove Cecil Rhodes and anything associated with him from their memory. Secondly, the outpouring of emotion towards this pathetic dentist and his mindless killing of one of natures great beasts is significantly greater than any kind of reaction you might find to say, 13 million Yemenis on the brink of starvation whilst being bombed, 115 dead in Iraq from a suicide bomb, 31 dead in southern Turkey from a suicide bomb, thousands murdered or running for their lives in Syria, Libya and Iraq, or lets take Palestine for example, Israeli settlers, who have built their illegal homes by stealing land from the Palestinians in the West Bank,  committed an act of arson on two Palestinian homes. In one of the homes there was a family of four, Father, Mother, and two sons, a four year old and 18 month year old. The 18 month old was burned to death and died in the house, the father died a week a later from his injuries.  Why is it so many people don’t give a damn about fellow humans in far away places being slaughtered by organisations that more  often than not their own governments support or are affiliated with, yet the death of Cecil the Lion, also in a far away place, captivates them so much? This is a symptom of a sickness that afflicts much of the western human race, a complete and utter disconnect between reality and themselves which distorts priorities and extinguishes true empathy. Empathy is replaced with apathy and what empathy is left is funneled into political correctness movements that seek to destroy what real bonds humanity still has. As a consequence, when a rich man is in the limelight for breaking a politically incorrect taboo of hunting game for pleasure, the knee jerk outrage is much greater than when hundreds of thousands of people are facing death. People have been de-sensitised to true horror as long as its in a far away place and over sensitised to relatively trivial matters. In turn the trivial matter  becomes something which has much greater weight than it should.