Monthly News Review: July 2016



Barely a day went by in July when a significant and usually tragic event didn’t take place. Human society, more than ever, seems like it is getting flushed down the toilet, or perhaps there was just something in air? Although there were several significant events in terms of international politics, possibly the most important event or non event as the case may be, is the failed coup attempt in Turkey.



It was well into the evening in Turkey on Friday 15th July when news broke across the world that a military coup was underway in Turkey. There had been reports of gunfire in Ankara and in Istanbul. There were tanks in the streets, fighter jets and helicopter gunships in the air controlled by an unknown force at this time, outside the chain of command. The early indications were that President Erdogans location was unknown and the coup members had successfully taken control of various government buildings, bridges, roads and media stations in addition to closing down the internet (for a short time).



When this observer first heard the news it was with hope that this coup was being undertaken by the secularists who would take Turkey away from the path that it has been on for some time and return Turkey to its true position as defined by its founder Mustafa Kemal. President Erdogan had been systematically removing the secularist powers from the Turkish military for some time so it also would have been a suprise if this had been the case. The two main characteristics of Turkeys current path is that it is subservient to the United States and perhaps more worryngly is slowly transitioning into religious state rather than a secular one. The word on the street in Turkey though, even during the relatively early stages of the coup is that this was not a secularist intervention. Instead , it was widely believed, that it was a coup attempt being driven by the United States through its CIA asset Fethulla Gulen.



To explain this further one has to become familiar with Fethulla Gulen.  Gulen is an Imam and leader of what can only be described as a religuos cult or sect. Obviously, as an Imam the teachings are those of Islam, or at least the Gulen interpretations. Gulen has over a 1000 schools all over the world, 300 of which are in Turkey, and the largest charter school chain in the United States, with an estimated 2 million students/followers globally. It is well known in Turkey that the Gulen followers receive financial aid from the Gulen foundation and support from fellow Gulen followers which ensures that they can climb the career ladder at an accelerated rate so that Gulen followers are manipulated into positions of influence throughout the state in a wide variety of institutions, state or private. It is also well known that many of the international jihadists that have gone to fight in Syria have been indoctrinated and encouraged to go and fight there by the Mosques that are aligned with the Wahhabi Saudi doctrine of Islam. Therefore, we must question, has the Gulen movement, whilst helping its more educated followers climb their respective career ladders for influential positions, been encouraging and supporting the less educated followers from a more poverty stricken background to go and fight the western proxy wars in Syria and Libya for example? If this were true, and it certainly seems likely, it would fit rather well with what we already know about the United States and the Wests duplicitous role in Islamic Terrorism and how with the one hand publicly declaring the terrorists an enemy, whilst with the other hand supporting them to carry out their political ambitions.







So what has Gulen got to do with the United States? Gulen and President Erdogan used to be close political allies, then there was an apparent falling out some years ago and Gulen left to live in the United States under what is apparently called self imposed exile, sounds like real hardship doesnt it? He resides in Pennsylvania in what can only be described as a large estate in Pennsylvania.


Gulen estate.



It is alleged that Gulen and his movement is a CIA asset. After all, is it really feasible that Gulen can reside in the United States whilst wielding the authority over a huge international cult that is undermining other States and allegedly supporting Islamic terrorism and not have at the very least, the approval of the US government? So when the people of Turkey say this is a coup by the United States, they know that it is being carried out directly by Fethulla Gulen and his followers but also believe that he takes orders from the US government.




Strangely enough, the belief that Gulen was behind the coup actually united Turkey’s citizens into one group that was united against the coup. “Strangely enough” because Turkey, is very much a country with two faces, the secular face who lean away from religion and the more religious types who lean towards the fusing of religion into all aspects of life. The secularists were firmly against a Gulen takeover as not only was it a foreign intervention in their eyes but would mean almost certainly the implementation of sharia law into Turkish culture as Gulen was an Imam, the final step in destroying all secularism from Turkey. The more religious citizens are loyal to Erdogan and the AKP natural as well as being against the coup because they also saw it as a foreign intervention. One certain characteristic about Turks, they tend to be fierce nationalists. This meant that the coup actually had no support from the general public at all except for the Gulenists. From a country that is divided in many aspects, in a satisfying twist, the people united, if only for a brief moment in time.



The big question during the early stages of the coup was, where was Erdogan? It was reported that he was in Antalya in a hotel but his whereabouts was uncertain. Then a peculiar thing happened, Erdogan appeared, he appeard on the screen of an  iphone on Skype being held by a news reporter in a news studio being broadcast on TV. He was apparently in a plane flying from Antalya to Istanbul, it was from this abstract platform that he urged the citizens of Turkey to flood the streets and prevent the coup.





If you don’t speak Turkish, some of the remarks Erdogan made:


“Parallel state thinks it will take over the country”


“They will pay a heavy price for this”


“I urge the Turkish people to convene at public squares and airports. I never believed in a power higher than the power of the people.”



Following the speech from Erdogan which bizarrely was aired by none other than CNN Turk, CNN being a US owned media channel of course, the citizens of Turkey did exactly what was requested, they came out onto the streets. This was perhaps the key turning pointed that ensured the coup could not be successful. Another very significant turning point only came to light in the days after the coup. One of the biggest failures of the coup plotters was their inability to capture Erdogan which at the time seemed an amazing failure on their part.  According to later reports it wasn’t from a lack of trying though. There was an attempt to capture him in his hotel in Antalya but apparently, he had forewarning and was able to escape with minutes to spare. Who warned him….the Russians. If this is true, this is a remarkable turn of events. Russia and Turkey have long been traditional allies, however since the downing of the Russian Jet and the support for terrorists in Syria, Russian/Turkish relations have been at an all time low.



With the people in the streets en masse, the mobilisation of the Turkish armed forces against the coup plotters due to the command structure remaining in tact thanks to Erdogans survival, the coup ended in failure in less than 24 hours after it began.


Erdogan wasted no time in striking back at the Gulen movement. In the following weeks the authorities arrested approximately 80 000 people throughout Turkey who are all accused of being members of the Gulen Sect. This is a massive number of people, consequently the Turkish authorities have had to pardon many minor criminals and give them early release to make space in jail for the traitors. Turkey has made an official extradition request to the US for Fethulla Gulen, to which the US has only responded by asking for evidence. It has also transpired that three of the five regiments that were part of the coup attempt were part of the NATO rapid deployment force. This only serves to reinforce the accusations that Gulen is part of a wider US plot to remove Erdogan.



Erdogan made an official visit to Russia in August where the tone of the relationship has completely changed from hositle to what you could easily describe as friendly. The failed coup attempt has apparently changed the political landscape completely in the region. It appears that Erdogan and Turkey are moving away from the West and now looking Eastward. There is talk of co operation in Syria with Russia and there is now anticipated to be an alliance between Iran, Turkey and Russia. Incredibly, there has also been mention of Russia utilising the Incerlik Airbase which the US and NATO currently use and keep tactical nuclear warheads there. If that change comes to fruition then there can be no doubt that this coup attempt was genuine and that Turkey has switched sides. Should this be a genuine change of political position and Turkey becomes part of the China, Russia, Iran and Syria alliance it will completely change the geopolitical map in favour of Russia and their alliance. Mind you, Russia was doing quite well without Turkey but with Turkey, the US, Israel and the West will find themselves in some difficulties with respect to their ambitions in the Middle East.


Despite all these changes there still seems to be some very important questions. If the West and Gulen were behind this coup attempt, should we not ask why? Why was there a need for them to do this, from most analysts perspective, Erdogan for the most part was very compliant and carried out the wishes of his Western colleagues, supporting the terrorists (sorry, rebels) in Syria and giving them use of the airbases in Turkey. There was very little if any anti Erdogan rhetoric in the main stream media to suggest they were unhappy with him. However, following the coup there was certainly some anti Erdogan talk which again would fall in line with the theory this was a Western sponsored coup. We don’t have any idea why they would want him removed at this point in time, there was talk in the aftermath of the coup that Erdogan was intending to arrest many Gulenists anyway. This prompted the idea the the coup plotters acted before they were ready in an attempt to counter the arrests and as such the execution of the coup wasn’t very good. This idea is also reinforced by the fact that the government were able to identify so many Gulenists within such a short space of time after the coup, they must have already have had a list of who to target?



What if due to the apparent poor execution of the coup, we make the assumption that this was meant to give the appearance of a coup only and is in fact a deception to achieve other goals which has been suggested in some quarters? What if Gulen and Erdogan are still in fact partners and this is a good guy bad guy operation that ensures Erdogan’s and by extension the US’s complete control of Turkey. They could achieve this by using the coup as an excuse to rid Turkey of all political opponents of the government.  So far this doesn’t appear to be the case and it’s just the Gulenists that are apparently in the cross hairs of the government. However, the army is apparently going under a major restructuring which would have to be looked at closely.  In any case, if it is true the Russians saved Erdogan at the last minute,  it’s difficult to reconcile this theory with that piece of information. It’s possible that this is a deception but it does seem a stretch at this moment in time.


It certainly appears as if this was a genuine attempt at a coup which was executed poorly in so much that it may have been rushed and Erdogan was saved by intelligence provided by the Russians at the last minute. We also can’t ignore the fact that sadly over 300 people lost their lives that night and over 2000 were injured.


Now we wait to see how the political landscape changes…if at all. If Turkey moves away from NATO and towards Russia, it would have massive political repercussions. The West’s whole middle East strategy will be in tatters and require a completely new direction. If we are to believe the rhetoric coming from the Turkish government then the US will have to hand Gulen over to the Turkish authorities if the US Turkish relationship of high level cooperation is to be maintained. If extradited, Gulen will no doubt be incarcerated of even put to death if the death penalty is reinstated which is a possibility. The Gulenists, of which there are some 2 million globally, see Gulen as the universal Imam, or in other words, God’s representative on earth. How will the Gulenists react towards the US if they hand him over and what will become of the United States’s very useful tool that is the Gulen movement that they use to create parallel power structures in other countries? These are all questions to which only time will reveal the answers.


Turkey has committed many criminal acts in Syria since the war there began. The government is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Syrians because of its support for terrorists. Unfortunately, when considering a strategic position, if Turkey would change its alliance then this must be welcomed and in doing so to a certain degree its transgressions of the past will be forgotten. This is a difficult moral dilemma and one that this observer is still wrestling with in terms of the correct course of action. What is right when considering the desire to hold the criminals to account versus the  ability to turn the tide of war completely by welcome a former enemy who wishes to become an ally and therefore forgiving their sins against you?




From July 25th – 28th, in the Wells Fargo centre in Philadelphia, The Democrat Party of the United States held their convention where they determine their nominee for the presidential race later this year.



The two candidates that were competing for the nomination were Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. As Democrats, they are supposed to be liberal leaning and favour the working class a little more than their big business donors who pay for their campaigns. As expected by almost everybody, except the Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton, establishment favourite and wife to former US President Bill Clinton secured her nomination to become the democratic nominee.



Hillary Clinton and her Husband Bill have a notorious record when you scratch beneath the service. You will quickly discover that along with numerous accusations of illegal and criminal behaviour in their past, you will also find a long list of people who have been murdered or died under strange circumstances that were either closely associated, employees or rivals in some form.  Even in the last few weeks, several people with strong links to, or who worked for the Democratic National Committee died in suspicious circumstances or were murdered.




This list hasnt been updated since 1999 but is long enough at that time already.



One of the recent deaths was of Shawn Lucas, a lead attorney who had served a lawsuit to the DNC for fraudulent behaviour. This was following the wikileaks release of information that showed evidence to suggest that the DNC was favouring Clinton over Sanders from the outset of the campaign. Shawn Lucas was later found dead on the floor of his bathroom by his girlfriend.





Setting aside the so called conspiracy theories, we know how comfortable the Clintons are at lieing to millions of people, we have the Monica Lewinsky debacle where Bill Clinton was caught lying and had to admit it. What’s really amusing is the way he tries so hard to be aggressively sincere:




So here we are, another Clinton wins the nomination to become the Democratic Presidential nominee, she always had the system working for her because she works for the establishment. Not only the DNC conspiring to make her win from the outset of the race, the vast majoirty of the 700 super delegates voted for her, in many cases defying the will of the voters in their respective states who voted for Bernie Sanders. It’s a rigged game and when you ask the establishment what democracy means in this world, it simply means the illusion of choice. They work very hard to create that illusion because they fear one thing if they don’t. That the people will rise up and take their power away from them. The illusion is there to placate you and pacify you.



So the Bernie Sanders dream that so many voters, (young liberals in particular) held close to their hearts, eventually evaporated. As sickening as it was for them to stomach, little did they realise that the man they put all their hope on was in fact just an establishment snake like the rest of them. He had played the “Im different to the rest of them” card to perfection during the campaign, but one only has to look at his track record to start to get suspicious. He has never voted against any of the US wars of aggression and has always supported Israels wars on Gaza, no man of the people would ever do this. In his state of Vermont of which he is senator, there is a large military industrial sector there, so the chances that this man is against big business and for peace and prosperity for all like he claims, is lets say…remote. In early July when the race result was certain, he showed his fans just how sincere he was when he gave Hillary his full backing and support as the Democratic presidential candidate. Of course, as a Democrat wanting to present a united front, you would expect him to admit defeat gracefuly, but given his political stance and appeal to his supporters, the way he came out and backed Hillary, who is undoubtedly a big business supporter, proven war monger/mass murderer and destroyer of states (Libya and Syria) is a shameless stab in the back.










The Syrian government and Russian Aerospace forces have cranked up the heat in Syria in recent months and the poor Western sponsored head chopping terrorists (moderate rebels) have been feeling it. In addition to recapturing Palmyra and making tarritory agains across the country on all fronts, the SAA have been putting the pressure on the terrorist filth that have control over Eastern Aleppo. They had one remaining supply line in the north of the city to that was the Castello road than ran through an area known as Al Mallah farms. Over several weeks the SAA managed to secure this road cut of the terrorists creating a seige to the Eastern part of the city.





The Castello road runs north of the Kurdish section when looking at the map above. The map above is accurate after the SAA had captured the the Al Mallah Farms area. There have been many developments in Aleppo since this occurred but they will have to come in Augusts review as that’s when they happened. Suffice to say that the Syrian Arab Army with the support of the Russian Aerospace forces are pushing hard and for the most part are doing well against the Islamist terrorists. However, the terrorists have the backing of the regional hard line Islamist powers like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in addition to Israel, US, UK and the other imperialist Western powers and are fighting back so all is not plain sailing for the SAA, Russia and their allies on the ground. This collaboration of filth that supports rapists, murderers and child killers whilst claiming the Assad government is responsible for the very acts they themselves commit is guilty of the worst crimes that humanity can commit as they attempt to reshape the Middle East according to their will with no thought or care for the suffering they inflict. The governments of these countries have exposed themselves as to where their true allegiance lies and to what moral standards they adhere to. If it wasn’t for alternative media and the internet, no one would be any the wiser as we would all get fed our daily dose of lies from mainstream media.


In any case, this is a major strategic development in the war for Syria which in fact is a much greater war in which Syria is the battlefield. It is the war between the Jewish international financiers who own the Western world and those that oppose their will. We can’t claim to be aware of all their objectives but the most reasonable analysis of the situation is that this war is designed in the long run to create Kurdistan and Greater Israel, stepping stones if you like in their quest for total domination of the human race and all the resources on the earth. If the Syrian Government should retake Aleppo completely it would almost certainly spell the end for the Western backed terrorist movement, the coming weeks and month are as crucial as ever in understanding the course of this war and on a greater scale the course that humanity might take.





The month of July saw 6 major terrorist attacks in France and Germany. There are questions as always about these terrorist attacks on Western soil and whether they are false flag attacks by intelligent services on their own populations to further their case for war or creating further restrictions on liberties in the name of security. It’s this observer’s opinion that many of them are false flag incidents with no greater example than the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre in New York. Whether false flags or not, the individuals that carry them out can only be considered the most desperate and depraved of human beings. One always wonders, if they are against a government and their actions, then why don’t they attack a government facility, it never made any sense to me. It’s cowardice and blood lust at it’s most extreme to attack innocent people.


On 14th July we witnessed what has to be one of the most sickening attacks on a civilian population we have seen to date. In Nice in France, during a fireworks demonstration on the the beach in which thousands of families gathered to see the display. Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, A french citizen of Tunisian descent, decided to drive his truck through the crowds of people watching the fireworks killing 84 people and injuring over 300. Islamic State claimed responsibility.


On 18 July, an Afghan refugee attacked passengers on a train in Wuerzburg, Germany with an axe and knife. Five were wounded. the attacker was shot dead by police. Islamic State linked.



On 22 July, a German teenager of Iranian descent shot dead nine people in Munich before shooting himself dead. Five of the dead were under 16 and it is reported that he might have been targeting foreigners. over 30 people were also injured by gunfire from the attacker.



On 24 July, a Syrian refugee in Reutlingen Germany killed a pregnant Polish woman with a machete, she was his co worker in a bar. He wounded five more. he was arrested by police.



On 24 July another Syrian refugee denoated explosives he was carrying outside a bar in Ansbach Germany. 15 were injured, the refugee died and was the only death. Attacker had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.


On 26 July In Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray France. Two attackers wielding knives entered a church taking five people hostage including a priest. the priest had his throat cut and died before police shot the attackers dead. attackers had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.






There were two major incidents in the United States in July where a civilian took up arms against the police force. This is in response to a series of incidents where black suspects have died whilst being arrested by police. The first video/link is one of the incidents in the build up to the shoot outs. The following two are of the shoot outs.



USA: Falcon Heights officer kills driver after broken light traffic stop




USA: Dallas Shooter Kills Five Police



USA: Baton Rouge Cop Killings