Monthly News Review: March 2015


On the 26th March, Saudi Arabia, as part of a coalition led by the Saudi’s, began air strikes on Yemen. The aggressive violation of their neighbors territory had no UN resolution backing it and no opposition from the western global community, countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France and Israel… the usual suspects. How very odd, in Ukraine, Russia has been accused of violating a neighbors territory, and the western community went absolutely ballistic. Sanctions, military exercises near Russia’s border, and anti-Russian propaganda in the western media goes into overdrive. Yet there is no such reaction to Saudi Arabia launching airstrikes on a sovereign nation. What would have happened if Russia had launched air strikes on the far right groups in Maidan in Kiev, no doubt half the world would be destroyed by nuclear war by now.


Bear in mind that all the evidence of direct Russian military intervention in the Ukraine has been proved falsified so far, in that they are photos taken from a different time in a different country (more deception from the West), the half dozen passports Poreshenko waved to the world at a recent summit mean absolutely nothing. In any case, why isn’t Russia entitled to support people who are ethnically Russian who live on their border? Why isn’t Russia allowed to support a people outside of its border’s? The West supports groups outside of its own territory all the time, in fact on the other side of the planet most of the time. Personally, I have no doubt that Russia is helping its people and so they should, however the help definitely hasn’t come in the form of a Russian invasion on Ukrainian territory.


So what’s happening in Yemen to cause an Arab coalition led by the Saudi’s, with open support from the USA and its Western allies, to bomb Yemen? A group called the Houthis have violently ousted the now former President Mr Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi (who has run away to… you guessed it, Saudi Arabia). Mr Hadi came to power himself on the back of his predecessor, Ali Abdullah Saleh, being pressured out of office following an uprising and attack on the presidential palace in 2011. Saleh had been president for 33 years and Yemen was classified as a kleptocracy during that time by the 2009 international corruption Perception Index by Transparency International. In 2011, following the uprising and attack on the presidential palace, Saleh agreed to step down in exchange for immunity from prosecution on corruption charges. Hadi was Saleh’s vice president, so in steps Hadi to fill the shoes of Saleh and runs in an election campaign where he is the only candidate. He wins 99.8% of the vote (who did the other 0.2% vote for) and becomes the new president of Yemen. The people of Yemen must have been thrilled to have removed Saleh the kleptorat who had sucked them dry for 33 years, and then replaced him with Saleh’s vice president. Clearly this is an excellent example of democracy in action because if it hadn’t been then we know that the US and its allies would have intervened militarily. We all know how upset the West gets if a country isn’t democratic.


The Houthis take their name from their founder Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, and are also known as Ansar Allah (supporters of God). One of their primary goals is to prevent the spread of Salafism or Wahhabism in Yemen. The Salafi movement also known as Wahhabi has its roots in Saudi Arabia. The Salafi Saudi Ideology is the same ideology of the Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Islamic State. There have been numerous accusations from the Syrian government, that Saudi Arabia (amongst other countries) has been financing and supporting these terrorist groups. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi, 15 of the 19 alleged perpetrators of the 911 attack were Saudi, not to mention that many of the dead terrorists in Iraq and Syria are of Saudi nationality.


Al Qaeda has a large presence in Yemen which is hardly a surprise considering the hand that feeds it is next door and if Saudi Arabia is the primary sponsor of these terrorist groups then it could hardly house them in Saudi Arabia has it’s a probably a bit too incriminating, much better for them to live down the road and direct them from there. Let’s not forget at this stage that Saudi Arabia is also a puppet, and who pulls their strings…the West. Alongside any government forces, Al Qaeda is now under attack from the Houthi’s, so surely the West would be pleased that the Houthis are attacking Al Qaeda, the organisation that the US has been fighting a war against for the last 15 years and millions of people have died and suffered for, guess not!


Instead they will support an illegal military assault on a sovereign nation, seeking to re install a puppet leader and re-establish control once more of Yemen. It can then continue to serve as a base for terrorist groups that can then attack targets which serve the agenda such as the removal of undesirables like Assad of Syria and additionally when Yemen is under control it won’t threaten the stability of Saudi Arabia who as a major supplier of oil to the west is crucial to have on side and stable.


The Houthis are continuing the push through Yemen having captured the port of Aden just today despite the air strikes against them. The Houthis probably also receive support from Iran, this is conjecture as with many things but is quite likely to be true. Will we see a ground invasion from Saudi Arabia and its allies to preserve its vassal, we can only wait and see. One thing is for certain, double standards and hypocrisy are now the norm for the West in this strange game that is so costly for so many people.



24 March 2015, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps killing all 144 passengers on board. Following the discovery of the first black box which contained the cockpit flight recorder, within 24 hours the French authorities released news to the world that they can confirm from data in the black box that the co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane after locking the pilot out of the cockpit when he went to the toilet.


17 July 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, crashed in the Ukraine killing all 298 (mostly Dutch) people on board, both black boxes were recovered by the separatists and handed over to representatives of the Malaysian delegation on the 21st July 2014


They were then handed over to the Dutch who then apparently made a request for them to be handed over to experts in the UK to be analysed, presumably because no one in Holland or anywhere else nearby has the capability to analyse the data. When will hear the results? Oh, in about two years. Perhaps they should have asked the French to analyse the black boxes, they seem to have the hang of it.


The West wasted no time in accusing the separatists and Russia of shooting the plane down with a Buk anti air missile, despite no evidence to support this other than photos that have proved to been falsified or not the correct location. Eye witnesses said they saw a military jet in close proximity, this was even on the BBC Russian news website immediately after the event but quickly retracted never to be mentioned again, by the BBC at least.


 Some points to consider:


• A buk missile requires about 50 mega tons of force to leave the ground, when in the air it leaves a thick trail of smoke across the sky that would be clearly visible, there has been at least one witness account of a missile reported by Reuters but that witness has later stated that the Reuters journalists falsified his account of the missile, It should also be noted that there has been no confirmation as yet of the recovery of any missile fragments from the site.
• Numerous witness accounts of a military jet in the sky, which is corroborated by satellite imagery the Russians provided.
• Training period for operators to use a buk missile system is 1 -2 years.
• Flight MH17 was 200km north of its usual flight path in Ukrainian airspace taking it directly over the conflict zone.
• What possible motive could the separatists or Russia have for shooting down a high altitude passenger airliner, have Russia or the separatists benefited in any way from this event?
• NATO naval training exercises were going on in the Black Sea at that time and taking into account the standard satellite capabilities there probably wasn’t a square inch of land in Ukraine that wasn’t under radar or satellite surveillance.



If the West had solid evidence that separatists or Russia had shot down that plane it would have been splashed over every newspaper from pole to pole. Instead it was a couple of dodgy photos and plenty of conjecture. Why the delay on those black boxes, there can only one reason, the data will not corroborate the west’s narrative, if it did you can guarantee that we would have had the results of the data from the black boxes in the same time it took the French to get the date for the Germanwings crashed flight. In which case the West will play for time, and in that time it will be one of two things. The data will be falsified or destroyed, or they will rely on public apathy and no one will care particularly after two years and it will be a small story quietly released and tuck away for minimal impact. There is no way of knowing until we hear the results of the data what story if any it will confirm or deny, but let’s hear the results and then we can know one way or the other. If there is a valid reason for the delay, then lets hear that too.



Tunisia, the country that sparked the so called Arab Spring when a citizen set himself on fire in protest, suffered a major terrorist attack on March 18th. Two gunmen from Islamic State opened fire on tourists outside the National Bardo museum, the two men then went into the museum to take hostages. The Tunisian authorities then entered the building and killed the two terrorists. One policeman died in the process, 18 tourists and 2 Tunisians died in the attack. This is clearly an attack on the Tunisians tourist industry as well as non-muslim westerners. As if dancing to the terrorist tune the next day on a national BBC news program, a long section is dedicated to whether future holiday makers will be cancelling their holidays in fear of future terrorist attacks. Was the same question being asked by news programs when the USA suffered 911 or the Boston marathon bombing, or how about Israel and the on-going, albeit one sided, conflict with Palestine. Of course the BBC would never dream of harming their tourist industries but has no problem in whipping up hysteria when it comes to Tunisia.



Despite polls indicating Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party would lose out to the Zionist party on election day in Israel, the Likud Party went on to win the vote and Bibi as he is affectionately known, goes onto his fourth term in office as the president of Israel. Many observers credit his last minute turn around due to his stance on Palestine and his late promise that as long as he was in office there would be no Palestinian state. If true this is quite revealing of the Israeli persona and their position on the two state solution. It clearly shows that the majority of Israelis are in favor of a single state and that single state is Israel. The desperation the Palestinians must feel is unthinkable. We often hear in the Western media how Hamas denies the Israelis right to exist even though there is very little rhetoric to support this even if it is true. Yet here we have the leader of Israel, promising in an election campaign to continue to deny a whole people a basic right of statehood and the people of Israel endorsing that with a vote. The injustice is beyond belief when you consider that the state of Israel was created on what was the state of Palestine in 1948. In the Western media do I hear cries of racism, bigotry and hatred towards Palestinians by Israelis, of course not.




Nigeria also had elections in March, the first time in Nigeria’s history that an opposition party has won an election and also considered the first actually valid election result in its history after the introduction of biometric voting. More than 28 million Nigerians turned out to vote in the elections and General Buhari beat GoodLuck Jonathan by 15.4 million votes to 12.9 million. Surely one of the biggest challenges facing President Buhari is Boko Haram. Following a recent military surge by Chad, Nigeria and Cameroon against Boko Harem, the Islamic militants have lost a lot of ground. However, Nigeria still has to complete the task of defeating Boko Harem who still have strongholds in the north of the country.




Police brutality is becoming an everyday occurrence in the land of the brave and free. In 2014, US police killed 1101 of its citizens which equates to 3 a day. Video footage of police killing unarmed citizens by gunshot, beating or suffocation are popping up on the internet frequently. A recent high profile case in Ferguson Missouri has led to protests following a report from the department of Justice on the police department there. During the protests there were gunshots fired and two police officers were hit. The reports main findings were as follows.


Racial bias


• At each juncture in the criminal process, the law is enforced more harshly against black people than others.
• Substantial evidence of intentional discrimination
• Explicit racial bias in communications between police and court
• While about two-thirds of Ferguson’s residents are African American, only four of Ferguson’s 54 police officers are
• Historical hostility to African Americans living in Ferguson lingers among some police officers


Emphasis on revenue


• Ferguson’s police practices are shaped by a focus on maximising revenue rather than improving public safety.
• City officials put pressure on police to issue fines to raise revenue
• Many officers appear to see some residents, especially those who live in Ferguson’s predominantly African American areas, less as constituents to be protected than as potential offenders and sources of revenue
• For example, police accused a black man sitting in his parked car cooling off after playing basketball of being a paedophile. He was eventually charged with eight violations, including “making a false declaration” because he had given his name as Mike instead of Michael.
• Unlawful court practices
• The court’s practices impose unnecessary harm, overwhelmingly on African Americans.
• Arrest warrants are issued if fines are not paid, instead on the basis of public safety
• Until recently, Ferguson added fines for missed court appearance and payment
• Minor offences such as parking or driving violations can generate crippling debts, resulting in jail time because of an inability to pay.


Excessive force


• Many officers are quick to escalate encounters with subjects they perceive to be disobeying their orders or resisting arrest.
• They have come to rely on weapons such as Tasers where less force – or no force at all – would do
• An officer used an electronic weapon against an African American woman in the Ferguson City Jail because she would not go to her cell
• Police dogs have been released on unarmed people before attempting to use force less likely to cause injury
• African-Americans accounted for 90% of officers’ use of force


It’s easy to forget that segregation of black and white in the US only officially ended in 1964, just over 50 years ago. Some might argue it never really ended at all. That said there is a black president and many black people have success in one form or another in the US, however there are huge numbers that are destitute in the projects with no hope of making a decent life for themselves.




Finally, there is some good news for Iraq and bad news for Islamic State. Tikrit is one of Iraq’s major cities and is en route to Mosul, Iraq’s second city. Tikrit has been recaptured by the Iraqi military following a siege that lasted several weeks. The Iraqi military backed by militias and supported by Iran and limited US air strikes is making good ground and pushing to take back the land it has lost. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks, will Iraq continue to advance and head on towards Mosul. Its also worth noting that when advancing towards Tikrit Iraqi forces captured several foreign military advisors to IS, their nationality… US and Israeli. According to reports in the Iranian press, after losing Tikrit IS held a motivational moral boosting military parade in Mosul, to the surprise of resident Iraqi’s, there were no air strikes on the parade despite US and allied fighter jets flying overhead.