Monthly News Review: March 2016


On Tuesday 14th of March, Putin declared to the world that the Russian Aerospace forces would be beginning their withdrawal from Syria having completed their objectives in Syria. Sure enough, the media of the world were able to confirm that there were Russian combat planes leaving the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia in Syria and returning to Russia. So ensued the scramble to understand the decision and explain why this had happened. The reason for this, as one thing seemed certain, the job of defeating terrorism wasn’t actually completed yet in Syria. Yes the Syrian Arab Army had turned the tide of war and were now on the front foot retaking land everyday from the Western backed terrorist forces but the job was far from complete.


We instantly began to hear rumbles from politicians in the West as to how they planned to reinforce the rebels and take advantage of this seemingly weak strategic manouvre, the Jewish controlled Western media establishments would generally discuss several main points in their articles immediately following the announcement. Putin had…. propped up the regime, didn’t want to get bogged down like in Afghanistan, discovered if the US couldn’t do it then what could Russia do, decided to abandon Assad, and it goes on. No real credit is given to the Russians of course for combating terrorism and acheiving considerably more in a few months that the Western US coalition achived in its two years of operations. That of course is to be expected as the agenda driven media establishments continue to walk the tightrop that enables them to both be simultanously be the rightous defender and the pillager. The Western media continued with their assertions that the Russians were merely targeting the family friendly rebels and ignoring the Islamist terrorists. They even drew their maps to suit their fantasies:



Map showing territorial control in the Syrian conflict (23 February 2016)



This map off a BBC article illustrates the Syrian territorial map. According to this map, the Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra Front is not actually even on the front lines. They are just nestled cosily right in the middle of the so called rebels having cake and tea and relaxing. This of course supports their argument that it’s the rebels doing all the fighting against the the Syrian government and Russia, yet for some reason it doesn’t seem to matter to them that this map also makes the rebels, whom the West supports, allied to Al Qaeda, the Islamist terrorist group that if one recalls, started this whole war on terror by bombing the twin towers in New York. We also notice that according to their map Al Nusra Front is happily sitting on the border with Turkey. Thats Turkey the NATO member who are obviously quite happy to have a large contigent of Al Qaeda on their doorstep as there is no offensive against them or closing of the border in that region. Not only is this map inaccurate in how it portrays the the opposition forces, it also betrays the West’s stance on the rebels as its impossible for the Western media to pull off its little magic trick of supporting terrorism whilst simultanously pretending to combat it. Then again, contradiction seems to be just a minor issue these days for policy makers and media organisations.


The other key aspect that seemed to be relevant to the timing of this announcement is the ongoing so called peace talks in Geneva, by announcing the drawdown of forces it helped pressure the rebels at the negotiating table and gives the Syrian government and the Russians some extra leverage, perhaps by making a concession you pressure a concession from the other side? Its important to note that although the vast majority of opposition forces in Syria appear to be radical Islamist terrorist groups, there are of course legitimate opposition figures to the Assad government who need to be recognised and given the opportunity to represent the people they represent. It is these groups who are welcomed at the negotiating table by Syria and Russia. Its also important to recognise that in this world, most factions are forced to the negoiating table through being in a vulnerable position, nobody in a position of strength goes to the opposition and says yes im ready to make concessions, if your in a position of strength you take what you came for. This has been one of the main achievements of the Russian intervention. Essentially, the military gains by the Syrian Arab Army under the support of the Russians have forced the terrorist groups to come to the negotiating table now that they see they cannot win militarily, all that is left for them to do is negotiate the most advantagous deal they can. However, the Islamist terrorists such as Al Nusra Front and Islamic State are not welcome at the negotiating table and will have to continue the fight on the battle field until their final defeat. It would appear that despite the omission of IS and Al Nusra Front much of the opposition groups that remain at the negotiating table are still Wahhabi Islamist terrorists whom enjoy direct support from Saudi Arabia and their Western masters whilst the Kurds have had no representation bizzarely. Russia has since demanded that the Kurds be represented. 



The Geneva peace talks are co chaired by the US and Russia, UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura invited a coalition of 34 Saudi Backed opposition groups who form the main opposition to the Syrian government at the talks and are known as the HNC. Perhaps the Western media would be good enough to explain to the world why Saudi supported opposition groups form the main opposition to the Syrian government at the peace talks in whats supposed to be a “civil” war, and perhaps the Western Media would also be good enough to explain why the HNC is led by the wahhabi terrorist group Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) which is headed up by Mohammed Aloush whose ideology is no different to that of Islamic State or Al Qaeda. For some reason, Mr Mistura didn’t see fit to invite the Kurds in Syria who make up a significant portion of the population in the north of Syria and are fighting Islamic State, instead it’s more important to have Saudi backed foreign terrorist fighters represented in the future of Syria, and we all know the United States pulls the strings in Saudi Arabia. In addition, all you need to know about who is in control of who is who co chairs the meeting, on the one side you have the US and the other side Russia, we know Russia is supporting the Syrian government so that means the US is supporting the other side, which would of course mean that the US is supporting the Wahhabi Islamist terrorist groups. Does it get any more clear cut than this?


So Russian forces begin withdrawing, the Zionist Jewish establishment and their puppets start licking their lips at the thought of taking out Assad and capturing Syria, vulnerable again with no Putin to get in their way and the Western media scramble to inform their liberty loving, intellectually lazy civilians the reasoning behind the turn of events that fits in with the story so far.


What very few observers anticipated was that this Russian drawdown was never a full withdrawal, it was simply a scaling back now that the Syrian Arab Army had been pushed to a position of strength from which they could build on themselves. All those who got excited at the thought of Assad huddled in a corner naked and vulnerable with no Putin watching his back were to be sorely disapointed. It transpired that this draw down did not mean that Russian Aerospace forces had dissappeared from Syria, on the contrary, the air support continued on a daily basis, in addition the Russians had left in place their S400 air defences and their electronic warfare equipment. In short, all that had happened was that some of the aircraft were withdrawn, Putin got to look like he had won, extra leverage was placed on the rebels/terrorists at the negoiating table and all the western media got their knickers in a twist over not much. Meanwhile the Syrian Arab Army continued to kick ass and take names on the battlefield. In the off chance that the SAA do suffer some setbacks then the Russians can be back in the game with the same levels of military equipment as previously in just a few hours. On top of all this, the Russian miliatry got to test their military equipment under battlefield conditions, how often does that opportunity present itself for a country like Russia?


Sure enough, evidence that Russia’s drawdown had absaloutly no impact on the ability of the Syrian Arab Army’s ability to move forward came two weeks later when they the SAA recaptured Palmyra from Islamic State on the 27th. Palmyra had been under Islamic State rule since May 2015, it was taken from the SAA after they made a tactical withdrawal from the city. They did this when Islamic State terror cells became active in the city as an assault from the outside of the city occurred. Classic IS tactics would be to send in several suicide bombers with massive amounts of explosives and then in the chaos of the aftermath of the explosions the assault would begin. The Army was in no state to defend the city and withdrew. Of course, the US was engaged in its aerial campaign against Islamic State at that time yet somehow the US negelected to strike Islamic State as they moved their fighters accross the desert to capture Palmyra. As far as we know, at no stage did the US strike IS forces in any attempt to prevent the capture of Palmyra. This is no different from many other siuations around Syria including Kuwaires Airbase for example, where Syrian forces were trapped for two years under an Islamic State seige, The US clearly preffered IS to gain an airbase and strengthen itself rather than the Syrian government survive. The US made no attempt to restrict the expansion or strengthening of Islamic State, it just cant be more obvious as to who really supports who in Syria and what the real objectives are here.



Palmyra was recaptured with relative ease, the city was taken within a few days of the SAA and Russian Aeropsace forces having begun assaults on the outskirts of the city. The ancient city of Palmyra was a city that had historical monuments from several civilisations and is a global heritage site. Islamic State savagry destoyed much of the ruins that remain and many of the artifects where destroyed or sold on the black market. They almost certainly were transported to Turkey where they they would have then found their way to prospective buyers, most likely in Western countries. After the capture of Palmyra and the withdrawal of the remaining Islamic State forces, the SAA discovered that hundreds of booby trap explosives had been left all over the city, this is normal behaviour for the Islamist terrorists groups and would not have been unexpected. Even so, the disarming and discovery of such devices usually cost lives, consequently the Russian have sent their expert demining units to assist with the demining of Palmyra.









On the 22nd March Europe suffered another major terrorist attack carried out by Islamist Terrorists affiliated to Islamic State. This time it was in Belgium. The first attack occured at Zaventem airport at around 8.00am and then a second occurred in a nearby Metro station about an hour later. There were two explosions at the airport believed to be carried out by Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui who are, or were, should we say, brothers. There were other suspects identified, Najim Laachraoui, who is beleived to be one of the suicide bombers at the airport and a fourth man who remains unidentified. Najim Laachraoui is beleived to have been associated with the Paris Terror attacks in November and an associate of Salah Abdeslam who was the last remaining survivor of the Paris attacks. Curiously Salah was arrested just days before the attacks on the airport and the metro station. Over 30 people lost their lives in total, 10 at the airport and over 20 at the Metro, there were more than 300 injuries at both sites, many critical.


Below is an episode of the Crane report hosted by Ian Crane which looks at the Belgium Terror attack and finds common ground with prior events to Belgium and other previous incidents.






March was another busy month for international terrorism against innocent civilians, in addition to the attacks in Brussels, there were attacks in Turkey, Pakistan and two attacks in the Sinai penninsula in Egypt that killed 5 then 13 security perssonal on two seperate occasions.



On the 13th March at a public transport hub, a car laden with explosives was detonated killing over 35 people and injuring over 120. The area is in central Ankara and a ver busy location with several busy bus routes converging at this point. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons have claimed responsibility for the attack for this terror attack on civilian targets.

Turkey: Ankara Guven Park Terror Attack


On the 19th March at around 11.00am, a suicide bomber detonated the hidden explosives in his vest in a street in Istanbul. He killed 4 other people and injured over 35. The commentators in the video are talking about the woman that walks in front of the bomber and discussing if she had any involvement. Both the German and US embassies had issued warnings to its citizens in the days before the bombing with respect to a terror attack in Turkey. The Turkish government have claimed that the bomb was carried out by Islamic State although there has been no official statement from IS.

Turkey: Istanbul Suicide Bomb


Another sickening episode of extremist Islamic terror on innocent people. On 27 March 2016, at least 69 people were killed and over 300 injured in a suicide bombing that hit the main entrance of Gulshan -e-Iqbal Park, one of the largest parks in Lahore The bombing appeared to be targeting Christians celebrating Easter, most of the victims were women and children. A group affilliated to the Pakistan Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the attack

Pakistan: Suicide Bomb in Lahore






On the 19th March in the early hours of the morning, having left Dubai to arrive in Rostov-On-Don in Russia, Fly Dubai 981 crashed in Russia killing all 55 passengers on board. The plane had already attempted two landings at Rostov-On-Don airport and aborted both attempts, it then climbed to a height of round 4000 feet, then it descended rapidly and crashed. Weather conditions were unfavourable which is presumably the reason for the aborted landings. The Pilot, Aristos Sokratous was Greek and his family lived in Cyprus. He was only 38 years old with a  young family. He had already found work with Ryanair and was going to leave Fly Dubai due to to dissatisfaction with the work environment and fatigue it is reported. Examination of the black boxes found no mechanical fault so all thats left to say is that it must have been pilot error in conjuction with the poor weather conditions.


Dubai Air, like Emirates, is wholly owned and run by the UAE government, the key man in charge is Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Since the plane crash in Russia, many pilots of both organisations have come forward saying that the UAE government excercises a dangerous policy with regard to the schedule of its pilots asking way too much of them and endangering passenger lives by creating a situation where fatigued pilots are flying planes. They also complain of an environment of intimidation which refuses to acknowledge the complaints of pilots. This would fall in line with the situation regarding the Greek pilot of  of Fly Dubai 981. Its also worth remembering that United Arab Emirates is closely affiliated to Saudi Arabia in its religuos ideology and is involved in the war on Yemen with Saudi Arabia as well as helping Saudi Arabia in supporting the terrorist groups in Syria.