Monthly News Review: May 2016


Despite the huge effort in the US media by various groups from within and outside the Republican (GOP) Party, Donald Trump managed to secure enough delegates to ensure victory at the GOP convention in July when the delegates cast their votes for a new GOP leader. Trump will then run for President against the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton. The delegates are bound in the first round of voting by the the votes that were cast by the party members and public in the primaries and caucuses which were held in each state during the election race. There should only be one round of voting as there is only one contestant in the race left. Trump was tipped over the 1237 number of delegates required by the unbound delegates of which there are 3 for each state for the GOP. He eventually finished the race in June with 1542 delegates, second place Ted Cruz finished with 559 delegates and third place Kasich won 161 delegates. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Trump trounced the competition, there is clearly huge support for Trump at a grass roots level.


In addition to claiming the required number of candidates to secure the nomination, he is also the last remaining candidate in the race as all the others have withdrawn or suspended their campaigns. So Trump is last man standing and according to the rules of the GOP has acheived through democratic process the required support to confirm his position as GOP leader and run for the President of the United States. However… discontent stirs. There are groups within the GOP that don’t want Trump, and outside of Republican support the mere mention of Trumps name is probably enough to invoke bouts of vomiting and uncontolled hisssy fits amongst the more liberal orientated voters in the US, particularly the youth. Naturally we would expect liberal opposition to a conservative politician, its just this seems to be the most extreme we have witnessed to date. What is of much more interest politically is the resentment towards Trump within his own party despite the clear ground swell of support amongst grass roots voters. Peculiarly enough we can draw paralleles to a very similar situation that happened in the UK with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last year. Its almost identical cirumstances, the establishment opposed it but the grass roots wanted him, in the end Jeremy became leader of the Labour party and has endured negatively biased media coverage during his campaign and ever since.


Will Trump actually become the leader of the GOP or will the snakes in grass reveal themselves at a later date with some dirty plan to ruin his legitimate claim. Whether you like Trump or not he has won fair and square. Whats most disgusting is how the so called torch bearers of democracy reveal their contempt for democracy when the process doesn’t work in their favour. Whether it be Trump, elections or referendums anywhere in the world , it often happens that democracy is subverted by the very people who claim to champion it. Surely we have had more than enough evidence of this to convince us that the democracy we believe in in the West is merely an illusion to placate us and give us the illusion of choice and control. They sell us an idea of choice and freedom when in reality they choose and the only freedom we have is that which is afforded to us as deemed fit. Thats why whenever something happens that seems to go against what the elites apparently want, can perhaps only be a good thing? That said, Trump is surely close to the establishment, even if he isn’t their prefered choice, if he wins the presidency, only then will we find out out what he really is about.


In July at the convention all will be revealed, Trump may not be your cup of tea, and by no means would he be this observer’s President of choice from 300 million US citizens, but if he makes the nomination despite everything against him you have to give him some credit, he has proved he is a fighter. Will it be a victory for genuine democracy? Perhaps it’s good for all of us to shake things up a little bit once in a while? When choosing between Trump and the Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton, Trump maybe somewhat of an unknown, but with Hilary we know exactly whats coming, the former lawyer, Wall Mart executive, New York Mayor and Secratary of State has a history of war, destruction and big business favouritism, and thats exactly what your going to get again, but hey, thats ok, shes the first woman president and thats whats important right?









On May 12th the President of Brazil, Dilma Rouseff, was suspended from the presidency when the senate voted 55-22, to try her on impeachment charges after being accused of manipulating budget data. The acting president that was put in place was a one Michael Temer. Michael Temer was Rouseffs Vice President although from the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party which had formed a coalition with the Workers Party. Rouseff is the leader of the Workers Party in Brazil and it has been in power since 2003, it is seen as generally aligned with the Bolivian revolution that was spear headed by Chavez in Venuezala and the ideals of power to the people has found strength in many parts of South America in the last decade or so. The kind of movement that the United States would see as a direct threat to its influence over its neighbours. Brazil is also a member of BRICS, a group consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa that is starting to compete with the United States and its puppet financial institutions like the IMF and World Bank. A politcal change in Brazil whereby the left leaning government is replaced by right wing big business US friendly government would be a welcome change for the hawks in the US that would want to maintain their domination over the world affairs.


Prior to Rouseffs ousting there was a corruption investigation into many members of the politcal class in Brazil including the leader of the oppostion party that she had defeated in elections around eighteen months earlier. This was know as the Car Wash Investigation. The day after Rouseff was suspended by the senate, a judge ordered the suspension of the Car Wash Investigation into her fellow political colleagues. The charges that Rouseff herself faced were relatively minor by all acounts and according to her were not illegeal and perfectly normal practice that had always been carried out by previous Presidents. She had been brought to book on what seemed like a minor technicality. In essence it appears as if Rouseff has been ousted as President as part of coup and not for a legitimate reason.








So they managed to oust Rouseff and change the left wing workers party government, supported of course by the Brazilian media which as you have probably already guessed is controlled by an elite few who push the elitist capitalist establishment agenda (no different to most countries of the world these days). Who did they find to conveniently step into the shoes of power… Michael Temer, just looking at him you can see this guy is probably a low balling scumbag. He’s got that slick monied look that is indicative of the kind of man that would sell you out in a heart beat if only for a few dollars. Setting aside this observers prejudices based on looks, what do we actually know about him? He is 75 years old and a lawyer by trade but has been actively involved in politics since 1987. He has been married twice with five children, his second wife he started dating when he was 60 years old and she was just 17… disgusting. He is currently implicated in corruption scandals, recently fined for election law violations and faces an 8 year ban on running for any office. His new government comprises of 23 white males in a country whose indiginous ethnicity is Native American which if your not sure, isn’t white. Polls in Brazil indicate less than 5% of the population support him with well over 50% wanting him impeached already. Oh, and one more thing, surprisingly…he is a spy for the United States government. Wikileaks released documents that show Temer has been in contact with US government agencies providing political intelligence to them. So as is often the case, you can judge a book by its cover, he looks like a scumbag and guess what, he is a scumbag.



BRASILIA, BRAZIL - MAY 12: Brazil's interim President Michel Temer (R) waves with Senator Aecio Neves (L) at a signing ceremony for new government ministers at the Planalto presidential palace after the Senate voted to accept impeachment charges against suspended President Dilma Rousseff on May 12, 2016 in Brasilia, Brazil. Rousseff has been suspended from her presidential duties and will face a Senate trial for alleged manipulation of government accounts. (Photo by Igo Estrela/Getty Images)




Rouseff will fight the senate trial in August this year and she has already stated that if she survives and is reinstated as president then she will call early elections in a bid to finally resolve issues and once again clarify the will of the people. In the meantime Brazil is witnessing protests and unrest because of the situation at hand. Its clear to anyone with a modest amount of inteligence that this is an illegal coup orchestrated by outside forces and enemies of the Brazilain people within Brazil. This is just the most recent event in a long history of US and Western interventions in the politics of South America, the movements to the left in the last twenty years are resistance against this control by external forces and we are still in the midddle of that struggle.



The war in Syria continues on, even on days when it doesn’t appear in the mainstream media astonishingly. Yet the brainwashed western citizens, in particular the liberals, only pretend to care about it when its shoved in their faces by the propoganda machine. The Syrian government, although is still on the front foot, appears to be making slower progress in recent weeks. Having captured Palmyra, there are three cities left that they need to wrestle back from the terroists to win back their sovereignty and independance and rid themselves of the Western sponsored terrorist filth in their country.


There is now a race on to capture Raqqa, the Islamic State capital in Syria. The US and its Kurdish puppets in the north are attempting now, if the media are to be beleived, to be making a push towards Raqqa. Trying to make sense of this den of lies is near on impossible, we know the US and West is sponsoring Islamic State through its regional allies and directly in some instances, we also know that that the US supports the Kurds in the north who are fighting Islamic State. It seems the US is supporting all sides in the war except the Syrian government in an attempt to  mould the geopolitical landscape to its will.  The public relations value of the US capturing Raqqa with the Kurds is massive, they will present themselves as the victors against terrorism in Syria and then they will use it to form Kurdistan and try to break up Syria. The Syrian government have also set off on a mission to get to Raqqa first with their armed forces making good progress but have recently withdrawn and lost some ground. We will see who gets there first and how the US manages to play both sides that it apparently supports against each other.


Then there is Deir Ezzor, the city for the most part is controlled by the government but they have been under seige since the war began, the Syrian army need to get there to free their brothers and sisters, yet all does not seem as bad as it might appear, but tht isnt to say the situation isn’t dire, especially for the civilians. The military there have performed incredibly and have resisted attack after attack. If there was ever to be a movie made about the Syrian army’s exploits then surely this would be a contender.


Finally there is Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and trade centre. The city has been split into terrorist and government controlled territories since the start of the war but rather than Islamic State, who are in the country side of Aleppo, there is Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda) as the main fighting force. Aleppo is currently the main focus point of the war, not too far from the Turkish boder, it has been receiving supplies and reinforcements from Turkey in a bid to prevent the government from recapturing the city entirely. In conjunction with this we get stories in the media about how the Russians or Syrians have bombed a refugee camp or bombed a hospital, when looking at the counter response, usually from the Russians,  it usually transpires that these claims are probably false in that either they have been fabricated entirely or the culprit is the terrorists and not the government or Russian forces. Of course the government isn’t a holy organisation, but the point remains that many of the atrocities the West accuses the Syrian government of are probably untrue. Instead we have atrocities carried out by their terrorist puppets but that never makes the news for some strange reason.


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The Iraqi government has been fighting Islamic State since it swept across their country last year and has been making good progress in recent months, most recently they have begun their seige on Fallujah. At the time of writing this article the Iraqi government forces and aligned militias have captured large parts of the city. It has been very difficult for them as there are many civilians in the city that have been held as human shields. Not to mention the usual tactic of the terrorists to leave thousands of hidden explosives in buildings across the city making advancing very dangerous and slow. The Iraqi forces created safe corridors for the civilians to try and escape through but Islamic State would shoot them as they did so. Despite that several thousand managed to escape the city according to some reports.


Its important to remember that Fallujah has been through hell in the last 20 years, there has been the US led invasion of Iraq twice, on the second occasion the Western forces used depleted uranium shells when attacking Fallujah against Saddams army. We know this because of the thousands of birth defects in the civilian population after the war. The deformities are terrible. Then they have been captured by Islamic State, although some of the population may have welcomed them as they are of Sunni orientation so its possible they may have supported Islamic State. However, many Sunnis have been murdered by Islamic State so its too simplistic to assume just because they are Sunni they will be aligned to the Sunni Wahhibis that are IS. In any case, Fallujah will be recaptured by the Iraqi government of that there is no doubt now.


Once Fallujah is captured perhaps the army will move onto Mosul next, with Mosul back in the Iraqi governments hands the days of Islamic State in Iraq will surely be coming to an end.




On the 19th of May there was another air crash incident, the second in Eygptian air space in six months.  Flight MS804 was en route to Cairo having departed from Paris, there were 66 passengers on board all of whom sadly died.


The wreckage has since been found at the bottom of the sea and the investigation is under way, however the flight recorders are damaged and they are having difficulty retrieving the data. We do know that the flight systems had detected smoke in two locations, in one of the toilets and beneath the cockpit, this data was automatically transmitted to the tower. The plane, according to radar data made a sharp left turn followed by a sharp right turn and then lost altidude rapidly. There was no call for help from the cockpit. At 10000 feet radar contact was lost. It is currently unknown if the plane was a victim of a terrorist attack and no organisation has claimed responsibility for it.