Monthly News Review: November 2015


Following on from the Russian passenger jet plane crash in the Sinai desert in Egypt on the 31st October where all 224 people on board lost their lives there have been several other major terrorist attacks around the world carried out by terrorists who claim to be Islamic State militants or affiliates.


It was announced in early November that the Russian authorities had finished their initial investigations and concluded that an explosive device had caused the passenger jet to crash and it was being treated as a terrorist incident, Islamic State or Daesh as now seems to be the trend in Western media had already claimed responsibility. I didn’t see flags of the Russian Nation spread across Facebook in the immediate aftermath of this event. Its often the case that some tragedies seem more tragic than others. Its likely perhaps that many quietly felt as if Russia got whats coming to them. After all, Russia is blamed by millions to have brought down the Malaysian MH17 airline over the Ukraine which also killed all 298 people on board. Although the report by the Dutch authorities on the crash, which was released in October, stated a BUK missile took down the jet, the way in which the media reported the conclusions left it very easy for the casual reader to feel Russia had shot the plane down when the report made no such assertion, it stated that a BUK missile shot the plane down from rebel held territory. This assertion from the report is also under dispute from the BUK manufacturers, in addition many people are left wondering why many simple facts that could have been discovered have been omitted from the report, such as where is the comms log between the pilot and air traffic control, why was the plane flying over a war zone where military planes had already been fired upon. Oh and one more thing, where are the black boxes and their results, still with the specialists in Farnham in the UK? Strange how in every other plane crash the data is extracted within days or weeks at the most but on this occasion we haven’t heard anything months later and for some reason the UK has them. With regard to how the media word their headlines to leave a misleading impression to manufacture a false emotion, here is a page from the excruciating daily mail in the UK. Every time BUK missile is mentioned they put the words “Russian made” before it because….a Russia company made it, but many countries including the Ukraine have this weapons system. By putting “Russian made” first they are continuously reinforcing the association between Russia and the BUK which leaves the reader subconsciously blaming Russia even though that hasn’t been verified. Its all part of the word games they play to manipulate their readers into a mindset that is favorable to an agenda they are subservient to.


In response to the downing of its civilian passenger jet Russia ramped up its air campaign in Syria. Further jets were deployed to its air base in Latakia, all bombers would now receive the air support of fighter jets in case anybody should have another crack at shooting one of its bombers down again. Additionally Russia wheeled out some big guns in the form of its strategic long range bombers that can launch cruise missiles from miles above the earths surface and the s400 anti air defense system, an extremely capable and advanced air defence system with a 400km radius.


On the 12th November, as well as not seeing the Russian flag on Facebook after the terrorist attack on the plane,  I also didn’t see the Lebanese flag on Facebook after a double suicide bomb attack on the residential neighborhood of Bourj al-Barajneh, in Beirut. It killed over 40 people and more than 200 were injured. A third bomber was discovered afterwards who had died before his explosives went off, perhaps he got caught up in the blast of the second or first bomber. The suicide bombers attack in multiples because they have quite a nasty strategy, they set the first bomb off, give it a minute or two, just enough time for people to begin rushing to the aid of those that have been injured in the first blast then the second bomber detonates his explosives in an attempt to kill all those rushing to the scene of the first explosion. In this instance perhaps there was a round 3 planned that never materialised thankfully. They also like to target areas where there are lots of innocent civilians, in this instance it was the commercial centre of the district at rush hour. The reason for the attack is that Lebanon has two military forces, one is the state army and the other is Hezbollah. Hezbollah, founded in resistance to Israel by Iran is fighting terrorism in Syria and Iraq alongside the Syrian and Iraqi governments. Hezbollah has carried out a very successful military operation in conjunction with the Syrian government helping to secure the border region between Lebanon and Syria. Bourj al-Barajneh is a predominantly a Hezbollah stronghold, hence it was targeted by the terrorists who wish to see the whole region subjugated to Saudi Wahhabi style ideology. The western media like to continuously push this idea that it’s Sunni vs Shia in the middle east and in many respects this is true. For instance the two major powers who oppose each other, Iran are Shia and Saudi Arabia is Sunni. However, in many respects this is also a massive over simplification which only serves to foster false division. The media consistently refer to Assad as an Alawite implying that his little sect in Syria dominates and subjugates all the Sunnis in Syria. What they don’t tell you is that most of the Syrian Arab Army is in fact Sunni, in addition, Assad’s wife is a Sunni. Thousands of Sunnis have died at the hands of Islamic Sate in Syria and Iraq. The fact remains that Syria is and was a secular society that allowed different religions to flourish, the terrorists and their main sponsor Saudi Arabia isn’t secular and follows a barbaric interpretation of Islam that beheads, and crucifies its citizens whilst oppressing women and disallowing any kind freedom of religion for anybody. Any criticism of the state is also extremely harshly dealt with. Syria may have not taken to kindly to criticism and attacks on the state but how is that any different to many western nations and other states in the world.  So why does the West attack the Syria government but is allied to Saudi Arabia I hear you you cry……….the unfortunate reality of that answer reveals the true nature of the west.



On Friday the 13th of November, on Facebook there were images of the French flag….everywhere. This was because another terrible terrorist attack happened, this time in Paris. It claimed the lives of over 120 people and injured over 300. Over 80 of those killed were inside the Bataclan music venue which was hosting the American Band Eagles of Death Metal at the time. Gunmen stormed the building and opened fire on the crowd, they then took hostages. When security services entered the building two of the three gunmen detonated their explosive vests and the third was shot dead before he managed to do the same. In the streets nearby gunmen had opened fire on civilians in cafes and restaurants. Outside the Stade de France explosions were heard whilst an international football match took place between France and Germany. There were three suicide bombers the first had intended to enter the stadium and detonate the explosives once inside. However, a security guard at the entrance discovered the explosives after doing a frisk on the first suicide bomber at the gate of the stadium.  Naturally he was turned away instantly and then he detonated his explosives killing a civilian close by. One theory regarding the second and third bombers who also detonated their vests outside the stadium shortly after the first explosion, is that they intended to use their explosives on the large crowd that would have gathered outside the stadium after the first bomb had detonated had it gone off inside the stadium as intended. The second and third explosions were set off outside the stadium and near a McDonalds and didn’t cause any casualties.



News broke of a Muslim guard by the name of Zouheir who had discovered the suicide bomber and had been the one to turn him away from the turnstiles before he blew himself up. Initially he was a hailed as a Muslim hero although there was no confirmation of his religion in the initial report from the Wall Street Journal, additionally it later transpires that he wasn’t the one to have discovered the suicide bomber, instead he was located elsewhere apparently and had overheard the events on his walkie talkie. This is apparently confirmed by his own account where he describes how he thought the first blast was a fire cracker until he saw the President being evacuated, well he cant have been at the location of the first explosion if he thought it was a fire cracker?


There were 9 attackers in total in three groups of three. All nine are now believed to be dead, the alleged ring leader Abdelhamid Abaaoud, died in a police raid on a flat several days later having been the only one to escape the scene of the crime.


There are some curious elements to this tragedy. First there is the date of the event, Friday the 13th…very symbolic, we know how certain groups in high places very much like their symbolism. The same evening of the tragedy, there were buildings in the USA that had been lit in the Le Tricolor (the French flag), many landmark buildings around the world followed this mark of respect, on Facebook within hours there were thousands of people who put the French flag as the profile picture. Of course there’s nothing wrong with this, it just seemed like there was a PR machine kicking into action as the the responses were in such a short space of time. From inside the Bataclan there was a report from perhaps a single witness that they heard one of the gunmen shout “this is for Syria” or words to that effect. However, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the “Syria” connection was all across every media channel, every few minutes they would reinforce our association of this attack and Syria, not Islamic State necessarily, just Syria. Bearing in mind there was very loud music playing and the attackers came in and immediately started firing , that’s three automatic weapons and loud music, the music would have been going for a short time at least. They would have had to shout Syria very loud in deed, perhaps they said it when reloading when there was a break in fire? In any case one thing was obvious, the media wanted everyone to associate this attack with Syria. The next strange incident was the discovery of a Syrian passport which belonged to one of the attackers. Much like when they discovered undamaged passports in the ruins of the twin towers in 2001, yet again a passport is found at the scene. Terrorist checklist prior to suicide mission; gun – check, explosives – check, passport – check.  Of course this just reinforced the Syria narrative, for those of us that believe that terrorist organisations are the long militant arm of certain states and their intelligence agencies, these events are orchestrated at higher levels most of the time as false flags to enable an aggressive action elsewhere, aside from despair at another tragedy, the first question was, what are they going to do next in Syria. Now they have all the public relations goodwill they need and nobody questions a victim these days. Bearing in mind it was Assad’s grandfather who expelled the French from Syria, you can only wonder what bearing it has on the whole France/Syria issue?


France was already involved in bombing Syria in conjunction with the US, so curiously their next step was to form an alliance with Russia and co ordinate their bombing efforts, one can only assume because without Russia’s permission they couldn’t expand upon what they were doing in Syria, Russia can exert control on much of the skies there now if it so desired. Otherwise not a great deal has changed since the attack in France, Francoise Hollande blew a lot of hot air out of his backside about how there will be no mercy and no place to hide, all the usual post terror attack soundbites, but other than joining forces with Russia, albeit seemingly very superficially, its business as usual in Syria. One can only imagine what the public demand around the world would have been if the bombers had successfully entered the Stade De France and detonated their bombs. A ground invasion of Syria would have surely been inevitable and a ground invasion of Syria is now what the West needs to derail the Russian, Syrian Iran alliance. The west’s main priority is and has always been since the start of this war to remove Assad from power, even now after all these terror attacks they cant let that go and join forces with the one army that is engaging IS and the other terror groups on the ground. They cant do it because they would essentially be fighting themselves. In some insane twist to reality, the mainstream media continuously try to present Assad and the Islamic State as part of the same problem, with phrases like, “two sides of the same coin” and Assad being in power is a recruitment tool for Islamic State, if Assad were to fall there is only one outcome. One can only wonder in what reality this makes sense when its Assad and his forces that have been engaged in fighting Islamic State and all other associated terrorist groups for 4 years, it has cost the Syrian people hundreds of thousands of military and civilian casualties, it has destroyed their nation and forced millions to become refugees. It’s all part of their little game though, they want to shoe horn themselves into Syria militarily using IS as an excuse and then as soon as they are able they will move their cross hairs across the battle field to bring Assad and his forces into focus.


On the 20th November, one week after the Paris attacks there was another major terrorist attack and there was another French connection. This time it was in the former French colony of Mali at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako. This hotel was used a lot by westerners and more high profile visitors as well as being frequently used by the cabin crew of airlines. At around 7am in the morning 2 terrorists drove into the hotel compound in a vehicle with diplomatic license plates. Once inside they opened fire and took hostages and were reported shouting Islamic slogans such as Allah Akbar. The hotel chain reported that there were 125 guests and 13 employees in the hotel at the time of the attack, yet somehow there are reports of 170 hostages. The general of the Malian Army has claimed there were about 100 hostages.


Hostages that escaped reported that the gunmen asked hostages to recite verses from the Koran as evidence of their faith and would be released if they passed the Islamic test. Interestingly hostages also reported that the gunmen spoke in English. Of the 100 that were taken hostage 20 were killed when the terrorists realised that the armed forces of Mali were entering the building. The armed forces killed the terrorists and released the remaining hostages. The were many nationalities among the dead and surviving hostages. Al-Mourabitoun, a militant Islamic group claimed responsibility for the attack and also claimed it was in conjunction with Al Qaeda. Although only two gunmen were killed at the scene, several accomplice have since been arrested.



On the 24th a major military international incident took place. An F16 fighter jet belonging to the Turkish air force shot down a Russian SU-24 bomber that was on a bombing mission in Syria. The jet crash inside Syrian Territory, the pilot and co pilot ejected in good time. There were several cameras on the ground that took footage of this incident, one of them a Turkish news film crew. The pilot and co- pilot descended in their parachutes in presumably different locations as they had two different fates. The pilot was shot and killed during descent by militants on the ground. These militants with strong Turkish links would appear on news camera shortly after declaring what they had done, the leader of this group it transpires is the son of a former Turkish mayor and he speaks with a pronounced Turkish accent. The co – pilot landed in enemy territory but was guided by comms with his HQ to get to safer areas. Russian and Syrian Special forces then launched a rescue mission to go and collect him. Although the rescue mission was successful in its goal, a Russian marine died in the rescued effort as a result of militant fire. It sounds like quite a daring mission that ended with the Russians making a getaway under enemy fire.


The world held its breath as to what might happen next and what the Russian reaction might be. Russia is the worlds second most powerful military, Turkey is a member of NATO, was this the prelude to a worldwide conflict. The first thing to happen was the immediate media response, the Turks claimed the Russian jet entered its territory and warned the Russian Pilot ten times.



Map of Syria showing approximate location of Russian Su-24 crash site





The Russians claimed that their SU-24 never even entered Turkish airspace and in addition it was in fact the Turkish F16 that had entered Syrian airspace to shoot down the SU-24. In addition the Russian claimed it was a premeditated attack, the Turks were aware of the SU-24 flight path because they had that data from the US with whom the Russians had shared that information under the deal for flight co ordination and safety. The fact that at least four different filmings of the incident took place including a Turkish television news crew would also suggest it was premeditated.





With regards to the Turkish position, in that they felt obliged to shoot down an allies aircraft that had at worst momentarily flown into their territory seems an extremely unjust position. One might question whether they were allies but they were at that time, although both had very different agendas in Syria. They were significant trade partners, Russia bought its fruit and Russians went to Turkey for their holidays. Its even more of an unjust position when you know that these brief incidents happen fairly regularly all over the world. Turkey for instance violates Greek airspace several thousand times a year according to Greece. In any case Turkey knew full well that this jet posed no threat to Turkey and was exiting Turkish territory almost as soon as it had entered according the flight path map from the Turkish authorities. The Body of the Russian Pilot was returned to Russia by the Turkish authorities.


The Russian response to the incident has been measured. There has been no military response except for an immediate annihilation of the area in which the plane crashed with subsequent capture by the Syrian ground forces. Instead the Russians have targeted the Turkish economy enforcing immediate trade embargoes preventing Turkish sales to Turkey and publicly requesting Russians to not holiday in Turkey. This amounts to a fairly hefty chunk of income for the Turks, $10- 20bn annually. In addition the global Russian news agency’s have put Turkey firmly in their targets airing many reports on Turkey and trying to expose their position. Putin’s initial statement on the incident said it was a “stab in the back from the accomplices of terrorists”. Very damning language full of serious implications. Then the Russian government released a report directly implicating the Turkish authorities, including Erdogan, his family and his associates with directly supporting Islamic State. The main body of evidence is the aerial photographs that show miles upon miles of oil tankers transporting oil from Islamic State and taking it into Turkey. It would be impossible for the Turkish authorities to be unaware of this so therefore must be state approved. Erdogan’s son is the head of an oil company in Turkey and his son in law is the energy minister. The mainstream media could have descended on this like vultures to the carcass but it was given minimal attention and almost equal attention was given to Erdogan’s response that it was in fact Russia who were supporting Islamic State, the evidence of which is that he can identify a man of Russian and Syrian dual nationality who is involved in this criminal business. There are three main oil routes into Turkey, one of which goes goes within a few hours drive of the US Incirlik air base. As many in the alternative press and not to mention the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian government have been saying for some time, The Turkish state, a NATO member is providing at the very least massive financial support to a terrorist organisation that the west is supposed to be fighting. It is however just one part of the greater picture, as it only seems to reaffirm the further accusations that Islamic State receives foreign state backing, not just Turkey but many states all of whom would be considered to be part of the Western alliance headed by the US.




The Syrian Soldiers in Kuweires Military Airbase were surrounded by Islamic State terrorists for two years, in November, thanks to the advance of the Syrian Arab Army with Russian air support there were able to break the siege as reinforcements from the ground finally arrived. They endured hundreds of attacks attempting to capture the base. In that time they were forced to grow their own food and often didn’t eat for days. Air was the only way in or out and because they were surrounded it was extremely dangerous to bring aircraft in or out with out being fired upon. During the two year seige not once did the US alliance strike the Islamic State terrorists around the air base. The US would rather the Islamic State capture a major airbase and become more powerful than assist Assad. Its clear to see from this example alone where the West’s priority lay. Assad the so called butcher is worse than religious terrorist fanatics who have committed thousands of extremely brutal acts and laid waste to civiliastion in Iraq and Syria. This narrative just doesn’t add up.