Monthly News Review: September 2015


September in Europe saw the beginning of mass migration by refugees hitting the news. In 2015 over 500 000 refugees have made the journey into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa. Most are fleeing the conflict zones of Syria, Lybia, Iraq and Afghanistan. All these countries have been the victims of western military intervention and look what has happened. The smartly dressed politicians will stand up and deliver their well rehearsed manicured lines to you, giving their ever so convincing reasons for wanting to help a country by sending their armed forces to wage war there or support another armed group fighting a war. However, the results are always the same it seems, misery and suffering for millions of people who were otherwise much better off than they are now. How do these people even sleep at night, I know the refugees cant sleep at night but I’m referring to the politicians, are they even human by any normal humans definition?


As previously stated over half a million refugees are fleeing towards Europe, that’s three times more than in 2014 and there are still several months of the year to go so who knows how many more may still come. The European countries who have backed the terrorist groups in Syria and Libya to oust the leaders they don’t like now have a serious problem to deal with. Germany has committed to taking a large quantity as well as several other countries but on the whole many of the countries in the east of Europe that are having to manage these migrants are unable or unwilling to cope. The UK it should be noted has made the magnanimous offer of taking 20 000 refugees over the next five years. For a country that has played a primary role in creating the refugee crisis its perhaps unsurprising that an institution like the British government is now leaving them to rot in the gutter. What was it you said when you went to Benghazi after you murdered Colonel Qaddafi Mr Cameron, oh yes, something like “your friends in Britain and France will stand with you”.



It should also be noted that we don’t get to see any pictures of the crowd that are apparently applauding and loving Mr Cameron, rather suspicious wouldn’t you say, no politician would miss a chance to show everyone how popular they are if they have a huge crowd of cheering people in front of them. Its much more likely the crowd was small and paid to cheer and make a lot of noise, much like when the US Presidential candidates go visiting various towns to drum up support, they always fill their arenas with brain dead loyalist party lunatics who cheer and scream at just about anything that comes out of the candidates mouth. The presidential hopeful could probably say I want to kill you all and they would still scream like adolescent girls waving their knickers at boy bands.


The real turning point in the refugee crisis as far as the general response by western media and their populations goes, seemed to come when a limp bodied 3 year old Kurdish boy was plucked off a sandy beach in Turkey having drowned after the boat he was in capsized attempting to make the journey to Greece. Greece are now receiving up to 7000 refugees a day, for a country that’s already at rock bottom God only knows how they are going to cope with that. Images of this poor little boys dead body flashed around the world in all the mainstream media and all of a sudden the general populations of the European and Western countries seemed to be appalled. It really is incredible how an average individual hears about thousands of people including women and children fleeing war zones that their own government have created and in the process of fleeing they are drowning in boats, and that individual doesn’t really give a damn, but show them a picture that tugs at the heart strings and all of a sudden they care and there is an uproar. All it does is demonstrate the superficiality of the level of empathy and genuine care towards their fellow man, and like their superficial pretense of caring so is their superficial effort at actually analysing what the reasons for this problem are in the first place. As such they just listen to what the news channels like the BBC tell them and they just suck it up with out a second thought. The world is a fertile ground for manipulation these days. Of course its not long before their focus returns to stupid television programs to numb their brains. In the mean time however there is huge public pressure to help the refugees which is no bad thing perhaps, these are desperate people and they definitely need assistance.


That said its not all rosy, many eastern European countries aren’t the biggest fans of Arabs you might say and it wouldn’t be the most welcoming place to be. Not to mention not all of these people are genuine refugees, in the mix are economic migrants and much more importantly terrorists from groups such as Islamic State Al Nusra Front. There have been reports of IS flags being seen amongst refugees. It all sets the scene for a particularly nasty situation and as you might expect there are numerous reports of attacks on migrants as well as attacks by migrants on residents.


One peculiar element to all of this is the timing, why is there this huge influx now? In any of the the countries of origin and in Syria in particular there hasn’t been a big change recently in who governs who, that is to say that these people aren’t running from Islamic State all of a sudden as there hasn’t been much change in the political geography for a while. It would make more sense if we could say yes, prior to this huge influx, Islamic State over ran a large city then we would understand that many of these refugees are from this city but this isn’t the case. If anything its the reverse, the Syrian government have slowly been turning the tide and are regaining ground, and despite the lies about barrel bombs and killing his people the vast majority of Syrians support Assad and wouldn’t be running from his government. Assad’s government represents to most Syrians their only hope of security.


What is certain is the appalling situation where hundreds of thousand of people are fleeing their homelands, the vast majority looking for a better life and security, for a place where they wont get their heads chopped off. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Western military intervention and support for terrorist groups doing their dirty work, if you disagree with that then I suggest you look at the migrant figures before the intervention in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan and compare them to now. To clarify one point further, neither the Libyan or Syrian situations are civil war, most of the fighters that were or are engaged with the governments are foreign to those nations and receive weapons and logistical support from other nation states. Therefore it is classified as intervention.



The Saudi led coalition continues its air strikes on the population in Yemen having killed over 5000 people and this continues to be neglected by main stream media for some reason. Oh that’s right, its neglected because they don’t want you to know too much about it. When they want you to think about something they will find a picture that will stimulate you emotionally and force feed it to you day and night for a few days. Suffice to say that the Houthi’s in conjunction with the Yemeni military are fighting Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other coalition members as well as Islamic State and the members of their own country loyal to the Saudi’s. The West and its allies support the Saudi led coalition in their attempts to reinstate their puppet Hadi. Hadi, they might tell you is the democratically elected president and should be re installed, the bit they wont tell you is that Hadi won that election as he was the only candidate. Unlike the Ukrainian President who did win legitimately against opposition and the West said he had to go. In addition, what they wont tell you is that Hadi was the number two for the previous president who ruled for thirty years and whose leadership was officially recognised as a kleptocracy which means that the people are as good as slaves and the elite take everything, much like it is every where else in the world but much more obvious. So when the Yemeni people finally manged to rid themselves of Salah, in steps his number two Hadi, who wins a one horse race of an election so they can call it democratic and continue the raping of Yemen on behalf of the Saudi’s and the West. This is why the Houthis have had enough and led an uprising, not surprising really. One could also add the ideology issue, whereby the Houthi are vehemently opposed to Wahhabism  spreading through Yemen,  Wahhabism, which is the ideology of Saudi Arabia and the ideology of the Saudi sponsored jihadist terrorist groups that reside in the east of Yemen.


The Houthis, despite being under bombardment of high tech US and UK weaponry have inflicted many losses on the Saudi coalition with toshka missiles and incursions into Saudi territory. They seem to be well organised and very resilient, unlike the Saudis and their partners who seem to be like the rich kid who can afford all the expensive toys but is a bit thick and doesn’t know how to use them properly, money cant buy you brains it seems. Saudi Arabia, as well as being a puppet state of the West has a lot of money to spend, in particular a lot of money to spend on arms. The UK sells over 1 billion pounds worth of arms to Saudi Arabia every year and represents one of their biggest arms customers. Saudi Arabia is the most undemocratic, backward disgusting state on this earth. Some quick points to consider, there are no elections except for rare local government elections, or in other words a “dictatorship”, it is ruled by the House of Saud and there are thousands of family members. They crucify people and cut heads off as capital punishment, they chop hands and arms off and whip as punishments for crime, women aren’t allowed to drive, walk in the street without a male chaperone, they cant swim, reveal themselves in any way that shows beauty and they have only just won the right to vote.  A teenager currently faces crucifixion for engaging in anti government sentiment on the internet

Assad never engaged in this level of barbarism towards his people, of course things might not have been all roses but we can see many of the accusations leveled against him are fabricated by western funded NGO’s such as the George Soros funded “white helmets”. Assad ran a secular state that embraced many religions, Christians lived side by side with Muslims in peace, how many churches do you think there are in Saudi Arabia? Yet here we are supporting Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud and trying to destroy Assad. The west has no morality, all it cares about is power. Saudi Arabia are already a vassal so no need for regime change, Syria is independent so its time to kick Assad out for a willing puppet, this is the game and it has nothing to do with whats best for the people, the one thing the western governments absolutely don’t care about, is the people. In short, Saudi Arabia is a primitive barbaric state run by a gang of criminals that butcher and oppress anyone that opposes them. One wonders why the West doesn’t call for “regime” change here but then we already know the answer to that. As if to make a complete and utter joke of themselves, the UN has recently appointed as head of their council on human rights, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia.



There has been a very interesting run of events in UK politics in the last several months that has culminated in the leadership election of the labour party after Ed Milliband stepped down after losing the general election. The leadership contest came to its conclusion in September and the man that won it and now leads the labour party, the party that was once led Tony Blair, is a man by the name of Jeremy Corbyn.


The labour party as the name suggests is supposed to represent labour, or the workforce of the country. However it has been a long time since this was actually true. Instead the reality was more like they had the labour t shirt but in their hearts was business and money and never was this more the case than when Tony Blair was labour Leader and Prime Minister of the UK. Their opponents, the conservative party proudly wear the “I love billionaires t shirt” and there is no doubting that profit, greed and self serving is what lies in the all corners of their black hearts. After all, the UN is currently investigating the death of over 2000 disabled people who died within six months of having their benefits cut by the conservative government. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to the conservatives I’m sure.


On the 15th of June the final shortlist of candidates to run for the labour leadership was announced, Jeremy Corbyn, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendal.


Jeremy, bottom right, unusually for a politician actually looks like a normal human being, even though the newspaper that I took this picture from decided to use a picture of him with a strange expression, the other three have the look of the kind of person you would expect to be confronted by if you went into you local furniture store to buy a sofa. The candidates had to be put forward by other members of parliament of the labour party. According to reports the MP’s were encouraged to select a broad base  of candidates so as to be representative, a perfectly reasonable and fair way of approaching things. Jeremy, much like the lone black actor in an old Hollywood film that was there to make Hollywood appear racially inclusive, Jeremy was there to make the labour party appear socialist. However, they were so out of touch with their own party and the public in general, they didn’t realise that Jeremy would prove to incredibly popular instantly. He is a no nonsense socialist that takes no crap from anybody and is a fighter for the people and whats more he always had been. In an age of austerity and perpetual spin and bullshit from low life salesman politicians Jeremy Corbyn is just the tonic so many people are looking for.


You would think that the labour party as a whole would be delighted that they had stumbled upon someone who was generating so much support and enthusiasm from not just their own party members but members of the public, well, you would be wrong. You see, the establishment doesn’t want the possibility of a party that represents the worker getting into power, it wants to maintain the illusion of choice but not actually offer you a choice, the only path the establishment wants is the one that serves it’s business and power interests, and those interests rarely coincide with those of the working Joe. So what happens next once it becomes clear that Jeremy may actually win the leadership contest and possibly become Prime Minister of the UK, is the establishment and all its minions go into over drive to character assassinate Jeremy Corbyn. Margaret Becket, who served in the Blair government and amazingly voted for Corby to be selected as candidate declared herself a Moron for doing so. The establishment minions were now even falling on their sword in an effort to prevent Corbyn from becoming leader.


The media frenzy went into overdrive trying to smear Jeremy in the most appalling way, Jeremy Vine the host of the lunch time news show on BBC radio 2 would consistently refer to him as “the fanatic Jeremy Corbyn”. He was regularly refereed to as a communist,  a terrorist sympathizer, and an anti semite. The anti semite card is the ace up the sleeve usually reserved for particularly hard nuts to crack. The conservative party members were so confident that Corbyn spelled disaster for the labour party with his socialist ways that they openly admitted to fraudulently registering as labour supporters and voting for him to win the leadership contest. This simultaneously did two things, tried to undermine Corbyn as a potential success by showing his opponents want him as their opposition and undermine the legitimacy of the leadership election process by their fraudulent actions. The truth was they were all scared stiff of a genuine socialist who eats spin doctors for breakfast actually getting in to power. This man is not cut from the same cloth as these elitist public school establishment lackeys, he is a real human being with real empathy and fight for what is right. Despite the media and all their efforts to destroy the Corbyn campaign he won a landslide victory. Its almost as if the more the media tried to smear him the more reassured his supporters were that he was the man for the job. Here he is being interviewed by Rupert Murdochs Sky news the day after the labour annual conference just a few weeks after he won the leadership contest and the pathertic attempts to ridicule Jeremy are still going strong.



Eamonn Holmes, the interviewer is so desperate to try and drag Corbyn down in some fashion he makes an absolute arse of himself. All media lackeys have been charged with this mission and Jeremy has to endure this complete nonsense every time he is interviewed. Fortunately these media morons are so out of touch with reality they don’t realise that there are many people who are sick of the status quo and cant wait for a refreshing change like Jeremy to come to power. If Jeremy Corbyn gets into 10 Downing Street at the next general election it will shake the establishment to its foundations and change world politics. They will either assassinate him, clone him and replace him with the compliant version or he will get cancer before then I suspect.



On the 30th of September a potential major change in the course of human history occurred, Russia allied itself to the Syrian Government militarily at the request of President Assad and begun a campaign of airstrikes against the enemies of the Syrian State. A coalition was formed between Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran which at this stage is purely intelligence sharing with the HQ in Baghdad Iraq. Russia has set up a base in the province of Latakia from which its operations are being launched. This could potentially be the catalyst for a third world war or it will force the Imperialist Zionist West and their proxy terrorist armed gangs to back down and be defeated restoring the security and borders of the Syrian State.