Interview with a Texan in East Ukraine

Interview with a Texan in East Ukraine: Russell Bentley, A US citizen from Texas, gives an interview explaining why he left the US to go and fight with the Novorossiya Forces in Donbass East Ukraine against the US controlled coup government of the Ukraine.

Stunning Reversals for Terrorist Rodents in Aleppo


South Front: Syria War Report 28th July

President Bashar al-Assad interview. July 1st 2016.

Syria, President Bashar al-Assad interview with Australian TV channel.

Belgium: Farage Speech after Brexit

Nigel Farage’s first speech post-Brexit vote.

Why the British said no to Europe

Brexit could break up EU, prevent WWIII

Aleppo: Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Command of Al Qaeda

Exclusive: Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Aleppo, Commanding al Qaeda

Vaxxed. Robert De Niro and Autism – a Tragic Drama of Intimidation

Vaxxed. Robert De Niro and Autism – a Tragic Drama of Intimidation: Vaxxed is the documentery that was due to be aired at the Tribeca film festival run by Robert De Niro but then pulled at the last minute due to corporate pressure. In due course it will undoubtedly come to light in the public Continue Reading ›

South Front Review

South Front: The latest military review from South Front and the previous one below.    

Weaponizing refugees

‘Weaponizing refugees’: NATO projects its own darkness onto Russia

Syria: Mission Accomplished

Syria: Mission Accomplished. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that the air campaign prevented terrorist plans to expand into Russia and other countries, as well as undermined their administrative system and economic potential. Earlier on March 15, two air groups involved in the Syrian mission left Hmeimim on Putin’s late Monday orders to begin the Continue Reading ›

Brother Nathanael: Why Israel Gets Away With Murder

Brother Nathanael. The latest no holds barred installment from our favourite Jewish born Orthordox Christian political activist.

Reports From Underground: Protecting al-Qaeda

Protecting al-Qaeda

U.S. Army helicopter transfers “DAESH” commanders from Fallujah

U.S. Army helicopter transfers “DAESH” commanders from Fallujah    

Russian Air Force Briefing. Feb 16th

Russian Air Force Briefing

South Front: International Military Review

International Military Review – Syria & Iraq, Feb. 10, 2016

Anna News: Deir ez-Zor – Unconquered City.

A report from inside Deir ez-Zor from the excellent Anna News.

Israel prefers Islamic State

Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria   It’s not just fanatical Islamists in the middle east that beleive they hold the right of life and death over those that don’t subscribe to their way of life as set out by their interpretations of their religous scripts. There are interpretations of Judaism Continue Reading ›

Palestine: West Bank Occupation

West Bank Occupation:  A third generation of Palestinians are now enduring the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank. As their land is slowly absorbed into Israel through the construction of settlments in the West Bank, the mass imprisonment of citizens, wars on the blockaded Gaza Strip where no one can escape or get supplies, Continue Reading ›

Media Lens: The New McCarthyism – Keep The War Versus Stop The War

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Dec. 11, 2015

International Military Review Published on Dec 11, 2015 Syrian Arab Army (SAA), National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah are successfully advancing the in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province. The pro-government forces are now closing in on the terrorists’ positions in the town of Deir Hafer, approaching the town from several directions.Meanwhile, the Russian strikers Continue Reading ›