News Review: January 2020

Thoughts, speculations and opinions on current affairs.

It’s been some time since the last news review. This website is something of a side project for me and other events in my life have taken priority over the maintenance of the website. However, going forward, I hope to revamp the website in a number of ways and contributions will be more regular.

There is a great deal to digest over the last couple of years.

I have spent a great deal of energy analysing the Syrian war in the past and although I haven’t written anything recently, I have been keeping track of what has been happening. Certainly it is disapointing that the war is not over but it is pleasing that the war appears to be in its end game and has been for some time.

Having shoe horned thousands of terrorists into the Idlib province in exchange for territory, the Syrian authorities now have the problem of resolving the Idlib situation. In addition, the Kurds who to some extent have now been abandoned by the US will be forced to look to the Syrian government for help against the Turks. Islamic State is still active in the desert region of the country and causing a number of issues. Despite the unresolved issues, if comparing the outlook for the Syrians several years ago to now, the situation is improved beyond all hope. Without the help of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah, this would never have come to pass. The US coalition have only contributed to the security of the Kurdish held areas to the east of the Euphrates as far as I can tell.

What happens next… a military solution to Idlib is the only viable outcome, the Jihadis must be eliminated from existence. Without US assistance the Kurds have no choice but to align themselves with the Syrian government. This will probably remove the possibility of a seperate Kurdish state. Islamic State, active and hiding in the vast desert region in the east will be hunted down and destroyed. When this is complete, Syria will be restored and the war will be over.

In my probably ill informed opinion, the main interest group and beneficiary behind this war was most likely Israel. I wonder… was the plan to support terrorist forces to eliminate the Syrian State Army so that once complete the terrorists would have been directed to attack Israel in a significant way. Then Israel would have used that attack and the terror threat next door as justification for invading Syria and then they would be able to pursue the land grab that gives them Greater Israel, with international backing and the usual sound byte of “Israel must defend itself”. You have to wonder in what realm of bizarre fantasy, would a nation openly prefer to have violently psychotic religious fanatics as neighbours rather than a secure nation state with which there had been no open conflict for decades. Well this is/was the official position of Israel, it only seems to make sense if they knew of a longer game plan beyond the arrival of the neighbours they claimed to desire in place of Assad.

In addition, they would have created Kurdistan, a puppet state which would have been a convenient buffer between Greater Israel and Iran. If you look at the proposed maps of Greater Israel and Kurdistan, it is quite revealing to notice that the proposed borders align almost exaclty, as if perhaps they were drawn by the same hand? This plan has almost certainly failed as things stand.

Politically, the West has not been without its issues. Society has never been more divided. Although I have socialist leanings in many respects, it’s impossible not to find myself on the right side of the spectrum as the left is dominated by sexual deviants, criminals and intellectual fascists who can only accept their way of thinking as correct. The right isn’t without its extremists or issues but at least it adheres to family values, law and order and is more accommodating to hearing alternative viewpoints.

In the United States, President Trump has just had impeachment proceedings launched against him by the House of Representitives. In the vote to impeach it was completely bi partisan, in that, all Republicans voted against and all but 3 Democrats voted for. The 3 Dems voted against. If ever there was a clear indication that this was a partisan move and not a genuine impeachment this must be it.

The primary reason for impeachment against Trump is for a phone call where Trump asks the Ukrainian President to look into Vice President Bidens son Hunter, who was employed at a large utility firm in the Ukraine on a large salary despite having no expertise within the industry. There was an investigation into Hunter by the Ukrainian authorities for corruption as I understand it. Vice President Biden then threatened Ukraine that he would withhold funds unless the investigation into his son was terminated. You can find a video of Biden boasting about this publicly if memory serves. Sure enough the investigation was subsequently terminated. Trump had requested the newly elected Ukrainian president to look into this possible corruption committed by someone who is the son of a political opponent. The request by Trump is where the alleged crime is, for some reason there seems to be little focus in the US democratic leaning media on the other alleged crimes involving the Bidens.

Brexit appears to be happening after Boris Johnson of the Conservatives won the UK elections. Jeremy Corben, the main political opponent tried to appease his enemies within the Labour party by taking a neutral stance on Brexit rather than his original “respect the Brexit vote” position. Perhaps also he was averse to aligning with the US. In doing so he hung himself, the electorate did not forgive any politician who betrayed the Brexit vote and a number of them found them selves jobless after supporting pro European policies when their own constiuents had voted in favour of Brexit. It seems these Members of Parliament thought it more important to represent their own views rather than those who elected them into their position. Needless to say they were duly punished. I suspect Boris knew they were all lining themselves up to be slaughtered at the polls, which is why he kept pushing for a general election. He won with a clear majority and can now push through Brexit. Now we will see what Brexit actually means in the short term and in due course, the long term, for ultimately, depsite the tears and joy depending on your corner…nobody really knows. I think that if Jeremy Corben had pushed for Brexit, he may well have won the election. Lessons to be learned…don’t ever take the advice of your enemies and just because certain interest groups shout the loudest, it doesn’t make them right.

2020 is ahead of us now, we have the coronavirus spreading, pretty sure I saw something on Netflix recently about a flu virus killing everyone….curious. The supposed deal of the century which was formed by Trump in consultation with only one of the two recipients of the proposed deal. If ever you knew you were going to get a bum deal thrown in your face, for the Palestinians this must have been it. They have had the shitty end of the stick since 1948, I’m sure this was no surprise to them.

If I was negotiating for Palestine my position would be this: Israel, you can take it all, I know you will never stop until you get it and we can’t beat you. Therefore, take all of Palestine now without resistance in exchange for… all Palestinians become full citizens of Israel with full and equal rights. All Palestinians provided with a home free of charge, all Palestinians receive free and full healthcare along with free and full education to degree level. In addition, as citizens of Israel, all former Palestinians must be able to vote and run for office.

Who knows what else 2020 will bring, a little less misery in all it’s forms and some peace and joy would not go amiss.