News Review: September 2016


It has been a view held for several years at least, by many independent observers, that the United States and its partners in the west and middle east are in fact directly and indirectly supporting the jihadi terrorist groups in an effort to use them as a proxy army to carry out their geopolitical goals. The most obvious and immediate goal is the removal of President Assad and the reshaping of Syria both politically and geographically. To what end, we can only speculate further still (although there are some interesting suggestions) except to presume it will favour their agenda. In any case, there is a lot of evidence to support this idea that the western governments and their partners in the middle east have been supporting terrorism, the very same Islamic radical terrorism they are supposed to be fighting a war against:


As always do your own research…


Testimony from captured terrorist jihadi soldiers as to who facilitated their entry into Syria and Iraq and which states facilitated training them. A very significant portion and almost certainly a majority of terrorists/rebels by most accounts are proven to be foreign that have been transported to Syria. They have been identified after the SAA send them to meet the 72 virgins they dream about. This is no civil war, it’s an invasion.


Captured weapons, ammunitions and food rations and aid which have been identified as sourced from foreign sponsor states by their labelling.


Religious radical ideological inclinations rooted in Saudi Arabia Wahhabism, (the west’s key regional Arab ally) that define the terrorist mindset and value system. These people have been indoctrinated into deranged human beings by the Saudi funded Mosque system all over the world including inside western countries. It would be impossible for the west to be unaware of this recruitment system that has created the mentally challenged soldiers that are willing to fight in their proxy war. To give a flavour of the type of warped people the Syrian government are dealing with, this is a video of a Wahhabi Saudi cleric giving a motivational speech prior to the recent South Western Aleppo counter attack. These soon to be dead US approved “moderate” rebels are dreaming of 72 maidens of paradise (virgins) and 1000 little slave boys that are apparently awaiting for them on the other side. This is what the US coalition supports in Syria, this is the madness that comes out of Saudi Arabia. (Edit: You Tube keeps deleting videos,  will update where possible).




Indisputable photographic and video evidence of the terrorists transportation of oil on an industrial scale into Turkey (a NATO member) which would then be sold on into the global market we presume. Providing the terrorists with funds for their onslaught of civilians whilst also profiting from the criminal activities of terrorism. The oil was even transported within a short distance from the massive US Turkish airbase Incirlik.


Israeli air strikes in support of jihadi military operations near the Israeli border whilst offering medical facilities to injured jihadis whom they even cross the border to go and collect and take back to their field hospitals. Druze Syrians have even attacked the Israeli ambulances as they drive off with injured jihadis back to Israel.


According to statements from military sources in Iraq and Syria, the capturing and killing of foreign military intelligence personnel from the US, Israel and other western allies in both Iraq and Syria who had been working within the ranks of jihadi factions including Islamic State.


Observations made in statements by the Iraqi army that US choppers were flying into Islamic State areas and air dropping supplies, crates that would later be found and identified by the Iraqi army, photographs were published online with accompany statements on several occasions at least.


Accusations that the US army has been airlifting Islamic State lead figures out of cities that were facing seige like Fallujah. These accusations appeared in various news outlets with an Iraqi commander being stated as at least one of the sources.


The complete ineffectiveness of the US and its coalition partners in restricting the movement and success of the jihadi groups in Iraq and Syria for over two years. Thousands of fighters in convoy would have been able to lay siege to Palmyra and travel throughout Syria and Iraq. As far as we know there wasn’t a single air strike against Islamic State attempting to prevent their capture of Palmyra. Not once did the US coalition attempt to strike jihadi groups in areas they had under siege in Syria such as Deir Ezzor as this would have assisted Assad. During the coalitions supervision of Syrian and Iraqi airspace the terrorist groups essentially flourished whilst having no air force and virtually no air defence capability, this is the undeniable reality of the situation regardless of any consiperacy theories.


Photo evidence of Senator McCain associating and meeting with known criminal terrorist leaders prior to the war.


Statements by Israeli officials that they “prefer Islamic State to Assad” made by the former Israeli ambassador to the US on US television and Israeli government officials.


The labelling of jihadi groups as “moderate” and therefore acceptable by the west even though they fight alongside and support the Al Qaeda Syria branch Nusra Front (former name) and share the exact same radical Wahhabi ideology. It is also well documented according to captured terrorists that not only do the terrorists move between groups they sell weapons to each other. Weapons given to the FSA by the US can easily be in the hands of other jihadi terrorists in a very short space of time. In addition, we have proven evidence that the “moderate” approved groups are committing war crimes including the recent horrific beheading by the Zinki group on camera of a 12 year old boy, and gas attacks on civilians that other approved “moderates” have admitted to carrying out although they are usually blamed on the SAA and Assad. Yet still the US doesn’t seem bothered about all this despite their public foreign policy that claims it wants to protect the Syrians and fight the war on terror. Their public position and their private position seem completely at odds with each other. Just as Hillary Clinton was recently quoted in a Wikileaks leaked email, “you have to have a private position and a public position”. To the normal person, that basically means your a liar.


The continual bias in the western media that never exposes the terrorist crimes in government held areas, such as hell cannon shelling (a crude weapon that uses gas cannisters filled with shrapnel that can land anywhere) and sniper fire against civilians. Civilians in government areas are regularly being shelled but it never makes the news. It is always the unintended civilian casualties caused by the government in the jihadi areas that make the news in a highly emotive and slanted manner such as “boy in the ambulance”. We can say “unintended” with confidence for several reasons, the SAA make public their intent to target terrorists only, ok that might not mean much if you don’t believe them, however, the Syrian government still enjoys significant support from the Syrian public as seen in the election results and it would be illogical for the SAA to target civilians, especially when they know any incidents are bound to make international news as the media try to swell anti Assad sentiment. The western media never publicise the problems in civilian towns like Deir Ezzor that are held to siege by jihadis, but whenever the government surround a town or city then its all over the news and stories flow of how the Syrian government are subjecting the civilians to horrors. The SAA would say they are there to liberate the civilians from the terrorists and the difficulty they face is doing that whilst not harming the civilian population. We also have civilian testimony that in these situations, when the Syrian the government sends in relief for the civilians inside the besieged zone the terrorists confiscate the aid and sell it to them at extortionate prices. Yet still the western media speak nothing of this and show the terrorists as the victims of the Syrian “regime”. The levels of bias are such that the western media can now practically be viewed as purely a propaganda tool for the establishment.


The blanket black out in the media that the majority of Syrians actually support Assad, proof of which is not only in the fact that he is still in control but won a presidential electionin 2015 which was monitored by independent international groups. The simplification of the war into sectarianism, in that its Shia vs Sunni, claiming that Assad is wiping out the Sunnis. The majority of the SAA is Sunni so how does that work? They are simply attempts to further the anti Assad opinion by portraying him as a racist bent on ethnic cleansing. However, it is in fact the jihadis who are engaging in this practice where they will murder, usually in a horrific manner, anyone they deem to be a kafir, that is any one who doesn’t live by their version of Islam. This can easily be a fellow Muslim and clearly a non Muslim is also a target.


The funding of certain media groups inside Aleppo such as the Aleppo Media Centre and the White Helmets. The AMC and White Helmets churn out emotive propaganda pieces that inflame anti Assad rhetoric but the White Helmets can be proven to be at the very least part time jihadi’s. There is plenty of photo and video evidence showing the White Helmets bearing arms and engaging in terrorist acts alongside other jihadi terrorists.


The highly suspicious gas attacks and emotive news pieces like the boy in the ambulance and the “barrel bombs” that always appear shortly after the Syrian Army make a significant gain.


In the recent siege against Mosul, it made the news in a variety of outlets that the US are allowing an escape corridor for up to 9000 Islamic State fighters to flee from Iraq and head into Syria where they can continue their battle against Assad rather than killing them. Fortunately the Iraqi army is not complying and striking the Islamic State convoys heading towards Syria where possible. The SAA has already said on their facebook page they are preparing a “special surprise ” for them.


The sanctions against the Syrian government which can only hurt the state and the Syrian people in their fight against terrorists.



The list of evidence and accusations that the US coalition is sponsoring jihadi terrorism is quite long. In any case, are we really to believe that the mightiest military force on earth can have barely no impact on an army of religious radicals with mostly small to medium arms and who don’t even have an air force or an ability to shoot down aircraft (which was the case of until very recently when the US supplied hundreds of MANPADS to the jihadis around Aleppo). You would really have to be as stupid as they think you are to believe it. In fact you could even say that, now the mask has slipped to such a degree, that they don’t even try to deny supporting the terrorists, the only thin bit of ice they have left for which they try to balance themselves on before completely sinking under their lies is that they claim to only support the friendly “moderate” jihadi head choppers. For anyone that pays attention to whats going on, they will know that this last thread that they hang their whole moral reputation on is a complete fantasy and a premeditated lie. There may well be some moderate opposition but they pale in number to the radical jihadis and are also welcomed into the political process in Syria. The jihadis, as dictated to by their sponsors, are not interested in anything other that the destruction of the Syrian State which would be replaced by a compliant puppet government with a weak society ravaged by oppressive religious forces.


Observe what the US and their partners did to Saddam and Gaddafi, it took a few weeks to take out a state military. One imagines that the only reason why they haven’t done that to Syria is because they thought the jihadi’s would do the job for them and now they can’t do it themselves because Russia has stepped in. When you compare the bombing intensity between the war on Islamic State in Syria/Iraq and previous wars against opponants they wanted to quickly destroy you will see that they aren’t very serious this time around at all in their war on terror, it’s bombs for show. They don’t even bomb the Al Qaeda offshoots and their allies at all in Syria.


To try and convince the public that their effort is real against Islamic State, consider the hyped up news pieces such as “Jihadi John” where there was a big song and dance in the media when they killed him, “we got Jihadi John” were the headlines. This is one head chopper amongst tens of thousands, yet here they are acting like it’s some sort of military achievement. Strangely enough, it really did reassure many citizens that the US and coalition partners were making headway against Islamic State, all because one celebrity head chopper got killed. People are so out of touch with what is actually happening there that this ridiculous logic can actually work. The critical thinking of the general public has been purposefully minimised so that sound bytes are all that’s needed to convince them.


The reason for examining this, although to the seasoned observer it’s nothing very new, is there is another incredibly significant point to add to the list. On September 17th we witnessed what could be in real terms, the first joint combat mission between Islamic State and the United States coalition.  Such is the desperation now amongst the US and their partners (and confidence in the media to maintain the lie) that they have carried out what appears to be a joint military operation with Islamic State in an effort to achieve their goals.


The city of Deir Ezzor has been under siege by Islamic State for several years. There is an airport on the outskirts of Deir Ezzor which is the only way the Syrian military are able to maintain their defence and supply of the city as its the only way in or out. The military in Deir Ezzor have done an incredible job, they have held out successfully as the only government held peice of territory in Eastern Syria surrounded in all directions for miles by Islamic State. It must really irritate Islamic State that they haven’t been able to capture Deir Ezzor as they send wave upon wave of attacks virtually non stop. The outskirts of the city must be the biggest Islamic State graveyard in Syria. If they were going to make a movie about the war in Syria, the story of Deir Ezzor would surely be a contender. Its unlikely to be made by the Hollywood Jewish establishment though.


Thardeh mountain overlooks the airport in Deir Ezzor. The Syrian Arab Army have always had control of this mountain. Should they lose control of Thardeh they would then find the airport would no longer be secure potentially and this would threaten the ability of the SAA to defend Deir Ezzor. So, retaining control of the mountain is imperative to holding on to Deir Ezzor.


Recent times in Deir Ezzor had been more positive militarily, with the SAA expanding out and taking control of more land, in addition, they had received in the days before the 17th, several thousand newly qualified military personal who had come to reinforce the city and strengthen the military there. Its also worth noting that at this time, Syria was engaged in the US/Russia brokered ceasefire with certain terrorist factions across the country excluding Nusra Front as its formerly known and Islamic State.


For a couple of days prior to the Sep 17th, there were sightings of US drones carrying out reconnaissance over Thardeh. This was also confirmed by the US in their Communications to Russia according the Russians.


On The 17th itself, the SAA were apparently unaware of two F16’s and two A10’s US coalition aircraft, that were flying towards Thardeh because the aircraft had apparently turned their transponders off. This is curious because Islamic State does not posses the ability to electronically detect or even retaliate to the approaching aircraft so why bother trying to hide, unless of course….?


The aircraft arrived at Thardeh and began their surprise assault, reports from the Syrian government and army indicate that the assault lasted from 20 minutes up to an hour. US command reports that the assault lasted no more than several minutes and as soon as they had been informed by their Russian counterparts they were attacking the SAA they called it off as it was not intended. In any case, regardless of the time frame, over 60 Syrian solders were killed and over 100 were wounded. Could that number of casualties have been achieved in five minutes?


The aircraft withdrew and immediately upon their exit from the area, a ground assault on Thardeh mountain began by Islamic State. According to reports from soldiers at the scene, it appeared as if the ground forces and air craft had co ordinated the attack, one can only wonder where they got that idea from? In addition, the Syrian government have since claimed to be in possession of audio recordings of discussions between Islamic State and US forces prior to the assault, which if true would confirm 100% with any question that this had been a joint military operation between the US coalition and Islamic State. Perhaps they haven’t released them yet so they can be used later for diplomatic leverage?


The SAA were forced to withdraw immediately with their dead and wounded allowing Islamic State to capture Thardeh. In the days that followed, the SAA recaptured the mountain and then withdrew again, presumably for tactical reasons. They then endured significant pressure at the airport as Islamic State tried to press home the advantage gifted to them by the US coalition. Fortunately the SAA were able to drive them back after three weeks of intensive battles and re entered Thardeh Mountain in early October.


Russia called an emergency meeting of the UN security council in the immediate wake of the bombing to no doubt express anger at what had happened, and publicly, Russian officials even went as far to say that they suspect the US is co operating with terrorists. Naturally the US declared it was a “mistake”, however there will be no investigation into this alleged “mistake”.  Russia declared an end to the ceasefire in Syria two days later on the 19th.


Even in western media, they could not contain the fact that the US had just directly attacked the Syrian Arab Army for the first time, although the emphasis on aiding IS in their assault was kept to a minimum. Questions were asked internationally and had the eyes of the world been able to focus for too long they would have perhaps realised the significance of what had happened as it dawns on the general public that the US coalition may have just co operated with Islamic State. Immediately afterwards, other coalition members came out declaring they too had carried out the attack alongside the US on the SAA, we can perhaps assume this was an effort to dilute the pressure on the US by spreading responsibility. The UK, Australia and Denmark all claimed they were part of the attack, guess it was a plane each then as there only four planes involved.


Instead of considerable pressure being placed on the US and it’s allies as to how it comes to pass that Islamic State carries out a ground assault immediately after the coalition air strikes on Syrian positions, the US coalition were rescued by another event in Syria which diverted all the attention away from the US coalitions “mistake” and planted the accusing eyes of the world squarely back on to Russia…again. Very convenient you might say?


On the 19th september, just hours after the ending of the ceasefire, an aid convoywas attacked that was delivering aid to the besieged civilians in Eastern Aleppo, resulting in the destruction of most of the convoy and the death of over 20 civilians and aid workers, including the director of the Red Crescent. The civilians are only trapped in Aleppo because the jihadis wont let them leave, if they try to leave then they shoot them, some have escaped and reports indicate that they have had to bribe the jihadis if they are to get out. There are several humanitarian corridors set up by the SAA in Eastern Aleppo but the vast majority of the time no one can get through because of the jihadi threat. The terrorists are well aware that the civilians provide protection for them, they know the SAA will be reluctant to risk civilian casualties so therefore their attacks are tempered. In addition, if any civilian does get injured or killed, the white hats and their media crews from the AMC will be there to film it and release the footage to the western media for more anti Assad propoganda campaigns. Should the civilians evacuate Eastern Aleppo, the SAA and supporting air forces will sweep through and crush them. If, like the West makes out, the Syrian government is killing its own people, then why hasn’t this happened already and the civilians wiped out along with the terrorists because Assad doesn’t care right?


The attack on the aid convoy was immediately blamed on the Russian air force by the mainstream media, despite Russian denials and attempts to offer evidence that the photos of the attack show it was not an air strike but a shelling from the ground. We probably won’t ever know the truth of who carried out the attack, perhaps it was a false flag or possibly a mistake by the Russians or Syrians, what matters though is that Russia was firmly in the cross hairs of the world’s media as it was branded beast yet again. The US coalition just snuck out the back door still wearing its mask even if it did have some new cracks in it. The media did its job of creating the narrative that the general public consume and the western establishment can sit back and smile again… for now at least.