News Review: January 2020

News Review: January 2020 Thoughts, speculations and opinions on current affairs. It’s been some time since the last news review. This website is something of a side project for me and other events in my life have taken priority over the maintenance of the website. However, going forward, I hope to revamp the website in Continue Reading ›

News Review September 2016

News Review: September 2016   It has been a view held for several years at least, by many independent observers, that the United States and its partners in the west and middle east are in fact directly and indirectly supporting the jihadi terrorist groups in an effort to use them as a proxy army to Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review August 2016

Monthly News Review: August 2016   The ongoing war in Syria still provides much of the focus of discussion. Every day brings new strategic developments, most of which have been in favour of the Syrian government for the last 12 months, in great part thanks to the support given by Russia and the Russian Aerospace Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review July 2016

Monthly News Review: July 2016     Barely a day went by in July when a significant and usually tragic event didn’t take place. Human society, more than ever, seems like it is getting flushed down the toilet, or perhaps there was just something in air? Although there were several significant events in terms of Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review June 2016. BREXIT SPECIAL

Monthly News Review: June 2016. BREXIT SPECIAL     On the 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum that asked the citizens of the UK if they wanted to remain or leave the European Union. One might wonder why a country like the UK would even hold a referendum in the first place. Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review May 2016

Monthly News Review: May 2016   Despite the huge effort in the US media by various groups from within and outside the Republican (GOP) Party, Donald Trump managed to secure enough delegates to ensure victory at the GOP convention in July when the delegates cast their votes for a new GOP leader. Trump will then Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review April 2016

Monthly News Review: April 2016     If your not one of the super rich, their co conspiritors or just a like minded wealthy individual,  you would do well to remember through what eyes the majority of rich and powerful see you. The masses are merely there to be used and herded like cattle in Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review March 2016

Monthly News Review: March 2016   On Tuesday 14th of March, Putin declared to the world that the Russian Aerospace forces would be beginning their withdrawal from Syria having completed their objectives in Syria. Sure enough, the media of the world were able to confirm that there were Russian combat planes leaving the Russian Hmeimim Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review February 2016

Monthly News Review: February 2016   February 1st saw the begininng of the presidential primary elections and caucuses in the United States. This process will establish the candidates that will represent their respective party in the presidential election that will take place on November 8th. Ultimately it will determine who will be become the president Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review January 2016

Monthly News Review: January 2016     On the 1st of January 2016, Saudi Arabia kicked off the new year festivities by chopping off the heads of 47 people. All very reminiscent of another group in the middle east who likes to chop heads off but we aren’t supposed to mention that connection are we. Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review December 2015

Monthly News Review: December 2015   Afghanistan… a country that used to be secular, civilised and appear from the outside at least a reasonable place to live, look at pictures of it in the seventies and you will see women dressed “normally”, relatively modern infrastructure and a country that could easily have become a modern Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review November 2015

Monthly News Review: November 2015   Following on from the Russian passenger jet plane crash in the Sinai desert in Egypt on the 31st October where all 224 people on board lost their lives there have been several other major terrorist attacks around the world carried out by terrorists who claim to be Islamic State Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review October 2015

Monthly News Review: October 2015     Russian airstrikes on terrorist targets in support of the Syrian Arab Army began in Syria on the 31st September at the request of the Syrian government, that is the government that is recognised by international law and also having been elected into power on June 3rd 2014. There Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review September 2015

Monthly News Review: September 2015   September in Europe saw the beginning of mass migration by refugees hitting the news. In 2015 over 500 000 refugees have made the journey into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa. Most are fleeing the conflict zones of Syria, Lybia, Iraq and Afghanistan. All these countries have Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review August 2015

Monthly News Review: August 2015   There is so much devastation in the middle east right now, the suffering is immense for millions of people. We hear the mainstream western media give their well manicured stories to us regarding whats happening, however, spend some time looking at other sources of information and you will soon Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review July 2015

Monthly News Review: July 2015   As a consequence of the ongoing naval blockade by Saudi Arabia on Yemen, in addition to the military air campaign, 4000 Yemeni civilians are dead and 13 million people are in serious need of nutrition and clean water and if this isn’t addressed urgently there will be millions of Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review June 2015

Monthly News Review: June 2015   On the 26th June there were four major terrorist attacks across four countries, of course this is not including Syria, Iraq, East Ukraine, Yemen and Palestine  and other parts of the world for whom terror attacks are part of daily life . In Somalia an African Union Base was Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review May 2015

Monthly News Review: May 2015   In the USA at the beginning of May there were large scale protests over several days in the city of Baltimore. The protests followed the death of black citizen Freddie Gray who died in police custody from what looked like being beaten to death. The protests were large scale Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review April 2015

Monthly News Review: April 2015   Saturday 25th April at 7.11am GMT an earthquake of 7.8 on the richter scale struck Nepal. The epicenter was west of Kathmandu and north of Bharatpur. So far the death toll is over 6600 and over 14000 injured, this number would have been much greater if the quake had Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review March 2015

Monthly News Review: March 2015   On the 26th March, Saudi Arabia, as part of a coalition led by the Saudi’s, began air strikes on Yemen. The aggressive violation of their neighbors territory had no UN resolution backing it and no opposition from the western global community, countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France and Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review February 2015

Monthly News Review: February 2015   Overseen by the OSCE, Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany brokered a deal known as Minsk II to bring an end to hostilities in the Ukraine. The first Minsk agreement brokered in September 2014 failed to stop the fighting.   As of this moment, it’s fair to say the deal Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review Introduction

Monthly News Review: Introduction   Rather than a monthly news review the first review is a brief examination of humanity as a whole in this present moment. The idea being it sets the stage for the reviews to come.   As a human being born onto this planet, the experience of life that awaits can Continue Reading ›