Saudi Arabia: Houthi Ambush Convoy

Whilst the cowardly western backed Saudi coalition uses its military might against one of the poorest nations on earth, the Houthi’s and the Yemeni army have invaded Southern Saudi Arabia  and are making constant attacks against the Saudi Army with a great deal of success. This is footage of an ambush on a Saudi convey Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Saudi Air Strikes

Compilation of Saudi Air Strikes on the Yemeni people that have largely been hitting civilian infrastructure. The Houthi’s in conjunction with the Yemeni Army have been fighting Al Qaeda, Islamic State and the western backed Saudi Coalition which seeks to reinstate the ousted Hadi. Hadi is a Saudi puppet and by extension a western puppet. Continue Reading ›

Greece: Refugees

Refugees arriving in Greece on a small boat having crossed the sea from Turkey. These boats have been landing on the shores of Greece in the hundreds. The boat is packed to the brim with people and is just a small dinghy with an outboard motor, it also appears as if no one has life Continue Reading ›

Austria: Refugees

Refugees from the middle east at the Austrian Hungarian border arriving by the thousand.

Hungary: Refugees

Refugees from the middle east in Hungary heading towards Vienna, Austria.

Syria: Syrian Air Strikes

Syrian Air Strikes: Footage of Syrian Air Force air strikes on terrorist positions in Darayya, south of Damascus

Dead Migrant Babies on Europe’s Beaches: Who’s to Blame?

Invisible War Crimes – The Corporate Media On Yemen

Spain: Catalan Protest

A huge Catalan protest where 1.4 million Catalans took to the streets to show their desire to separate from Spain. Today(27/09/15) there was a referendum on independence.

Ukraine: Violent Kiev Protest

At a Kiev protest on the 31 August, this video captures the moment a hand grenade was thrown into police lines. Protests in Kiev aimed at the government and the proposals to decentralize powers. The same militant forces that were used to oust the previous president are now turning against the western backed government that Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review August 2015

Monthly News Review: August 2015   There is so much devastation in the middle east right now, the suffering is immense for millions of people. We hear the mainstream western media give their well manicured stories to us regarding whats happening, however, spend some time looking at other sources of information and you will soon Continue Reading ›

Syria: Zabadani, reasoning with a terrorist

During a short truce on the battlefield in Zabadani, a Hezbollah soldier (categorised as a terrorist by the west) tries to explain the bigger picture to a volunteer fighting for an Islamic terrorist group. The terrorist thinks he is fighting for a particular cause but the Hezbollah soldier tries to explain he is a pawn Continue Reading ›

USA: US Police shoot man with hands up

US Police kill another civilian. The amount of footage of police violence that comes out of the US is astonishing. Here is another example of US police, in Texas this time,  killing a civilian who has his arms in the air and has submitted peacefully to the police, what they didn’t know is that they Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA and Hezbollah assault Zabadani

Zabadani is a key town  in Syria on its western side, whilst under the occupation of Al Nusra Front it provided the main gateway to secure weapons for terrorist attacks on Damascus, in addition it aided the transfer of terrorists and weapons between Lebanon and Syria. The Syrian Arab Army aided by Hezbollah have been Continue Reading ›

Saudi Arabia: Houthi rocket attack on Saudi tank

Saudi Arabia and its regional allies, backed by the west, continue their assault on Yemen with airstrikes and now a ground invasion, however the Houthi are making inroads of their own into the border areas of Saudi Arabia. This is dramatic footage of the Houthis launching a rocket and destroying a Saudi Tank

Iraq: Iraq special forces engage IS

Iraq Special forces combat IS near Ramadi

Iraq: Iraq Army and Hezbollah combats IS in Baiji

The Iraq army and Hezbolloah assaulting IS and recapturing Tel Abu Jared outside Baiji in Iraq.

‘UN to probe disability deaths over UK govt. benefit cuts’

‘Bullying’ – BBC Political Editor’s Bizarre Term For The Public Resisting The Establishment

Whitewashing the IMF’s Destructive Role in Greece

China: Tianjin explosion

Tianjin explosion. Over 50 dead and more than 700 people were injured in massive explosions that occurred in a warehouse in the dockyard at Tianjin in China, The warehouse was owned by a company that specialises and has government approval in handling explosives. There were two large explosions, the first equivalent to 3 tons of Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Iraqi Commandos engage IS

Iraqi commandos engage IS in street to street combat east of Ramadi