Syria: Hezbollah guided missile

Hezbollah launch a guided missile at an Al Nusra Front vehicle in the Qalamoun region

USA: Charleston suspect arrested

17 June, Charleston, USA, 9 people died from gun shot wounds after a man entered a church and opened fire. The father and uncle of Dylan Roof apparently contacted police to identify Dylan upon seeing the security footage on the TV. It has been classed as a hate crime or a racially motivated as it Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Houthi engage Saudi Tanks

In Yemen, whist the Saudis are trying to win a war by ariel bombardment, the Houthi have decided to make ground attacks on the Saudi’s on Saudi territory, with considerable success. They have captured several military bases in recent weeks. This is footage of desert engagements between Yemeni ground forces and Saudi tanks.

France: Saint-Quentin-Lavalier IS Attack.

In Saint-Quentin-Lavalier in France, a delivery driver, Yassin Sali rammed his car into a chemical factory causing an explosion. His boss, the owner of the delivery firm he worked for was found beheaded at the site. His body was some distance from the head which was found impaled on railings near by. Sali was caught Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle for Beiji

The Iraqi Army, Hezbollah brigade and other militia and volunteer forces have been working together to reclaim the land in Iraq lost to Islamic State. The City Of Beiji has been recaptured by the Iraqi government, an important city as it has a large oil refinery. However, the city has been under the control of Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Beiji under seige.

The Iraqi army attempt to reclaim the city of Beiji from Islamic State, here are some Russian supplied TOS-1 MLRS thermobaric in action.

Syria: Qalamoun

Hezbollah and the SAA are working together to free the Qalamoun region that borders both Lebanon and Syria from Al Nusra front militants. Much progress has been made recently and this is footage of a recent capture of the Chehade crossing near Jerajeer.

Syria: Druze Syrians attack Israeli Ambulance

Druze Syrians in the Golan Heights attacked an Israeli ambulance carrying militants in Syria back to Israel for medical treatment, presumably so that they can return to the battlefield. Druze Syrians targeted the ambulance because they have been suffering at the hands of the militants. The two Al Nusra front terrorists inside were attacked, one Continue Reading ›

Syria: Destroying Militant Fortifications

The operation to destroy fortifications militants Part 1. The latest video from the ANNA news agency embedded with the SAA. Use the settings and subs buttons on the video to get subs.

Syria: Message from a Syrian Soldier

Ukraine: Novorossiya Parade

May 9th, the Novorossiya Forces held a victory parade in Donetsk. This clip features The commanders Motorola and Givi who are now have a legendary status amongst the Donbass residents.

Ukraine: Fighting resumes

In Ukraine it looks as if the Minsk II peace agreement is dead and buried as Kiev forces have begun another assault on the Novorossya forces in the East.

Monthly News Review May 2015

Monthly News Review: May 2015   In the USA at the beginning of May there were large scale protests over several days in the city of Baltimore. The protests followed the death of black citizen Freddie Gray who died in police custody from what looked like being beaten to death. The protests were large scale Continue Reading ›

Brother Nathanael: ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme

Brother Nathanael’s latest post.

USA: Texas flooding

Massive Texas flooding has been caused by torrential rainfall. 30 people are missing with 2 confirmed dead. There is also the massive amount of damage to property.

Ukraine: UAF shelling

Reports of sporadic fighting between the UAF and Novorossya forces have been ongoing since the declaration of the so called Minsk II peace agreement. Lately however it seems to be escalating. Today 3 civilians, including an 11 year old girl were killed in the Donbass region as a result of UAF shelling. Although the government Continue Reading ›

Mexico: Tornado Ciudad Acuna

In the northern Mexico border city of Ciudad Acuna a tornado has struck causing 13 deaths, over 200 injuries and widespread damage.

India: Heat Wave

Over 800 people have now died as a result of a two week long heat wave in India with temperatures reaching 47 degrees Celsius.

Iraq: Ramadi falls to IS

IS have allegedly captured  Ramadi, a major city in Iraq. Despite US airstrikes, IS who don’t appear to be in possession of any significant anti air weaponry have managed to advance. This is footage of the Iraqi forces trying to counter the IS push, it also appears that many Iraqi forces have retreated to a Continue Reading ›

Syria: Qalamoun

The Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army are fighting together in the border region between Lebanon and Syria, until recently the Qalamoun mountain range has been a stronghold for Al Nusra front which is affiliated to Al Qaeda. Now the Takfiri militant forces are being eliminated and the territory is being reclaimed Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Destruction

Footage of a Yemeni town in ruins following the destruction unleashed from western backed Saudi Airstrikes and the blockade.

Syria: Desert Sniper

Kwers military airport near Aleppo, An SAA sniper is engaged with advancing IS militants.