Iraq: Tikrit, on board an Iraqi Attack Helicopter

Attack chopper launching rockets and strafing with mini gun on Takfiri positions around Tikrit. The siege of Tikrit continues with the Iraqi army reportedly now in control of half of the city, Iraqi’s armed forces say the remaining Takfiri militants number about 60-70 and are trapped in the centreof the city. There an estimated 10000 Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review February 2015

Monthly News Review: February 2015   Overseen by the OSCE, Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany brokered a deal known as Minsk II to bring an end to hostilities in the Ukraine. The first Minsk agreement brokered in September 2014 failed to stop the fighting.   As of this moment, it’s fair to say the deal Continue Reading ›

USA: Ferguson protests and police shootings.

Gunshots at 52mins. Protests  in Ferguson followed a report from the Department of Justice into the Police department. During the protests there were gunshots fired and two police officers were hit. Putting to one side the act itself the consequence in the media has been to focus on the gunshots rather than the police report. Continue Reading ›

Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam

14/03/15 At Least 8 Killed By Powerful Cyclone Pam. The Category Five storm blew the roofs off houses, uprooted trees and cut communication lines as it struck the South Pacific. Powerful winds from Cyclone Pam have caused widespread destruction in the Vanuatu islands, killing at least eight people, aid officials have said. Unconfirmed reports say Continue Reading ›

Iraq Arrests ISIS Advisors, US and Israelis Held

Nigeria: Nigerian military recaptures town from Boko Haram

Syria: Heavy Clashes Between Militants And Syrian Army In Latakia

Takfiri Militants in heavy clashes during fighting with the Syrian Army in the Latakia province near the Turkish border. The region is the ancestral home of the Assad family and a stronghold of his troops. The Latakia province is place of heavy fighting since the beginning of the war in Syria. The militants launched several Continue Reading ›

Bahrain: Protesters clash with police

13/03/05 Fierce clashes between government forces and revolutionaries in Bahrain

Syrian News Broadcast

12/03/15 Syrian news broadcast in English

Nigeria: Boko Haram Under Attack

Heavy fighting against Boko Haram in northern Nigeria in February 2015. Chad, Niger and Cameroon have all sent forces to attack Boko Haram in Nigeria. Civilians celebrate the Chadian military recapturing a town.

Libya: War Zone

Since Gaddafi was removed from power by a western backed violent coup the country has been at war. Its worth remembering that this country had the highest living standards in Africa and there were high levels of government support for citizens in the form of healthcare, energy supply, interest free loans and assistance in purchase Continue Reading ›

Iraq: The battle for Tikrit

Iraqi forces lay seige to Tikrit in an attempt to win it back from IS.

Monthly News Review Introduction

Monthly News Review: Introduction   Rather than a monthly news review the first review is a brief examination of humanity as a whole in this present moment. The idea being it sets the stage for the reviews to come.   As a human being born onto this planet, the experience of life that awaits can Continue Reading ›

Ukraine: Novorossiya forces withdrawing heavy armour

25/02/15 Donetsk region.

Ukraine Electricity Emergency Courtesy of Guess Who?

Syria: SAA advancing on Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army supported by Hezbollah is continuing its offensive against the foreign backed Wahhabi Islamist fighters, most of whom are from other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya and Chechnya. Aleppo a major city in the north of the country near the Turkish borders is now being approached by the SAA. The SAA Continue Reading ›

Euromaidan: Anatomy of a Washington-backed coup d’etat

Ukraine: Ukrainian Armed Forces surrender to Novorossiya forces in Debaltseve.

The town of Debaltseve is surrounded by Novorossiya forces and the UAF are exiting the town, this is footage of about 100 UAF forces surrendering.

Ukraine: street fighting in Debaltseve

Despite the Minsk peace agreement and the ceasefire there is still a hot spot of fighting in east Ukraine. The town of Debaltseve has around 5000 UAF troops inside and it is surrounded by the Novorossiya forces. The Novorossiya forces offered a way out for the UAF if they lay down their weapons but this Continue Reading ›

Greece: Pro government, Anti Austerity protests.

15/02/15 Thousands of Greeks have come out in support of the newly elected anti-austerity, Syriza-led government who are current;ly trying to renegotiate their debt with the euro zone.

Centre for Disease Control Whistle blower

One of the scientists who authored the paper on the safety of the mmr vaccines in the United States has now admitted that under pressure from senior staff they hid data that indicated there was a significantly increased risk of autism after receiving the mmr vaccine.

Syria: Jobar, powerful attack from the east Part 10

More footage from the NewsAnna team embedded with the SAA. No english subs unfortunately, however the video gives a realistic sense of what its like on the ground.