Iraq: Mosul VBIEDS and War Updates

A collection of videos taken by drone as they track Islamic State, Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices or VBIED’s. Or in other words, an armoured vehicle absolutely rammed with explosives with a suicide jihadi degenerate at the wheel driving at you as fast as he can. VBIED’s have been the hallmark of the terrorists tactics Continue Reading ›

Syria: Western Aleppo belongs to the SAA.

The push by the SAA and their allies continues against the foreign sponsored jihadi’s. Western Aleppo is now completely secure and the assault on Eastern Aleppo is imminent. Barring some incredible turn of events, the end of the jihadi war in Syria looks to be ending sometime in the next six months with the winner Continue Reading ›

USA: Anti Trump Protests

The United States, like so many other countries across the globe, has discovered how polarized it’s society really is now liberalism has been shoved down our throats for the last twenty years. Since the election of Donald Trump there have been nightly protests across the cities of the United States.   The mainstream media of Continue Reading ›

Reaction To Trump Victory

Starting with Christian political analyst, Brother Nathaneal, and then taking a look at some reactions from other parts of society.                

Syria: Eastern Aleppo Civilian Protests

Shock horror! The civilians in Eastern Aleppo who are being held captive by terrorists to be used as human shields actually oppose their captors and support the Syrian government despite mainstream news claiming otherwise. The jihadi terrorists have been shooting anyone who tries to leave the besieged Eastern Aleppo. There are some civilians that have Continue Reading ›

Syria: Russian Navy Launches Combat Missions

The Russian Naval group lead by the carrier flagship Admiral Kuznetsov has joined its Russian Aerospace brothers operating in Syria. Obama’s little pets, the terrorist jihadi filth, are already getting a pretty serious hiding and now that the naval group has begun operations, things are about to go from really bad to a certified burning Continue Reading ›

Syria: Jihadi Dimwits Leading The Line

Most of the battle hardened and experienced jihadi fighters have probably bitten the dust by now. So to fill their ranks the terrorists have drafted in the noobs, or at least that’s how it appears from this video. On the one hand, the destruction of this vile force is an absolute necessity for humanities sake Continue Reading ›

South Korea: Huge Protests

There have been enormous protests on the streets of Seoul in South Korea. Directed against the president Park Geun-hye and her close friend Choi Soon Sil. Choi isn’t actually a government official, yet manages to seemingly hold fair influence over Park. Allegedly she has been influencing the Presidents public position on matters by guiding her Continue Reading ›

USA: Trump Becomes President of the United States


Syria: Jihadi Offensive in Aleppo

Jihadi Offensive in Aleppo: An assembly of released footage from a variety of sources and incredible footage from the front lines in Aleppo Syria from ANNA news. Translated and uploaded to You Tube by R&U vids. It states in the title video that Putin had declined the resumption of air strikes on Aleppo city. To Continue Reading ›

News Review September 2016

News Review: September 2016   It has been a view held for several years at least, by many independent observers, that the United States and its partners in the west and middle east are in fact directly and indirectly supporting the jihadi terrorist groups in an effort to use them as a proxy army to Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Mosul Siege

A selection of videos taken from the Iraqi army and it’s allies who are laying siege to Mosul.          

Syria: War Update

The title video has coverage of Aleppo from the recent ceasefire and waiting for civilians to use the evacuation/humanitarian corridors set up by the SAA.       DECISIVE WEEK IN SYRIA: THE SAA AND ALLIES ARE ABOUT TO DELIVER A “COUP DE GRÂCE” IN SOUTHWEST ALEPPO, NORTHERN HAMA, EAST/WEST GHOUTA        

Al Smith Dinner Speeches, Trump and Clinton take the gloves off.

Well…it appears as if the gloves are well and truly off now as the presidential race enters the final lap. Trump verbally brutalises Hillary in front of the big wigs then Hillary stands up and attempts to give as good as she got. Traditionally hosted by the Archbishop of New York at the Waldorf Astoria Continue Reading ›

UK: Russian Fleet Sails Through UK Waters

The Russian flagship and aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier that Russia has (for now) and is en route to Syria. Once in Syria the heat on the jihadi head choppers is going to get turned up to extreme. It will be air strikes round the clock for the takfiri terrorists.  The Continue Reading ›

Asma Al- Assad interview with Russia 24

Interview with Asma Al-Assad, the wife of President Assad on channel Russia 24.

Ukraine: Motorola Assassinated in Donetsk

Arsen “Motorola” Pavlov. 02/02/1983 – 16/10/2016.   Arsen was assassinated by the Ukrainian authorities by way of explosives placed in the elevator in his apartment block and detonated remotely. Arsen had a reputation as a fearsome and highly intelligent commander. He was the commander of the Sparta battalion in the Novorossiya Forces of Donbass.     Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Iraqi Army lays siege to Mosul

Mosul Siege: The long wait for the Iraqi Army to reach the outskirts of Mosul and prepare its assault on the last major Islamic State stronghold in Iraq is over. No doubt the US air force will be on hand to drop some bombs on non essential targets like wedding parties, their jihadi puppets are Continue Reading ›

Syria: Heroes of Kindi Hospital, Aleppo

Heroes of Kindi Hospital: There are so many heroic tales of endurance and bravery from the Syrian War, Kuweires airport, Deir Ezzor and this one from the Kindi Hospital in Aleppo. Kindi Hospital was once a beacon of modern healthcare in Syria. A large newly built modern hospital, until jihadi terrorists with foreign backing laid Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA Tank dodges Guided Missile

SAA Tank dodges Guided Missile: A close call for the tank crew on this one.

Yemen: Ambush on Saudi Convoy

Yemeni forces have struck one of their heaviest single blows to date on the Saudi military. They conducted an ambush that killed at least 40 soldiers and destroyed 3 tanks and 6 armoured trucks.

Syria: RuAF Bomb Northern Hama

Footage of incendiary munitions raining down on jihadi positions in Northern Hama courtesy of the Russian Aerospace Forces.