Taiwan: Super Typhoon Meranti

Super Typhoon Meranti: Meranit was one of the strongest Typhoons on record, it swept across the Phillipines, Taiwan and China. It claimed over 30 lives, destroyed 1000’s of homes and affected millions of people. The Typhoon has also had a massive impact on North Korea which has suffered devastating flooding in recent weeks in the Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Houthi Advance into Saudi Arabia

Houthi Advance into Saudi Arabia: The Houthis continue to defy the House of Saud and their Wahhabi lunatics. Of course, the sickening institution that is the Hous of Saud wouldn’t even be in existence if it wasn’t for their western sponsors. They would have never gotten into power if it wasn’t for Great Britain and Continue Reading ›

Syria: A Tale of Two Boys

The boy in the ambulance: US State Dept-funded groups behind latest ‘iconic image’ designed to demonize Russia and encourage further bloodshed in Syria

France: Paris Protests

Paris Protests: Protests against President Hollandes reformation to the  labour laws continue. What also continues is mainstream medias decision to ensure that these protests receive minimal attention. This is now a common tactic amongst western media institutions, they have a pick and choose policy of what news they deem fit to tell you about. A Continue Reading ›

USA: Hillary Clinton is Sick

Hillary Clinton is sick: For many months there has been speculation that Hillary Clinton is in fact quite unwell,  possibly suffering from Parkinsons disease. The rumours began when Hillary was seen to be unstable on her feet, needing help getting up a small flight of stairs and bouts of strange head bobbing. In adddition her Continue Reading ›

Italy: Earthquake Ruins Pescara Del tronto

Earthquake Ruins Pescara Del tronto: On the 24th of August an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the richter scale struck central Italy. The epicentre was 75 km from Perugia. Over 290 people lost their lives as a result of the earthquake.

USA: Baton Rouge Louisiana floods.

Baton Rouge Louisiana floods: Baton Rouge is in the global news for the second time in a few months. After the police shooting now the town has suffered severe flooding. Thousands of houses were submerged with tens of thousands of people being evacuated. 13 people lost their lives.    

Syria: Aleppo Video Report

An Aleppo video report by R&U Vids. A compilation of videos from other channels with some english subtitles

Palestine: IDF Drops Grenade

Another example in video of the true relationship between the Palestinians and the Israelis. An IDF vehicle pulls up alongside some Palestinian youths who are doing nothing wrong and the IDF leaves a lillt gift for them before driving off in the form of a stun grenade.  On the one side a wealthy country with Continue Reading ›

Syria: South West Aleppo

Several videos from the ongoing battle in south western Aleppo, the terrorist rats thought they had broken the seige, but so far, the narrow corrider they opened up to their head chopping colleagues in the eastern part of the city has become a corridor of death with SAA having fire control over the corridor. Thousands Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review July 2016

Monthly News Review: July 2016     Barely a day went by in July when a significant and usually tragic event didn’t take place. Human society, more than ever, seems like it is getting flushed down the toilet, or perhaps there was just something in air? Although there were several significant events in terms of Continue Reading ›

Interview with a Texan in East Ukraine

Interview with a Texan in East Ukraine: Russell Bentley, A US citizen from Texas, gives an interview explaining why he left the US to go and fight with the Novorossiya Forces in Donbass East Ukraine against the US controlled coup government of the Ukraine.

Stunning Reversals for Terrorist Rodents in Aleppo


Syria: Aleppo Seige

Aleppo Seige: In the last two weeks there have been major changes in the military situation in Aleppo.  The Syrian Arab Army had cut the last route in and out of Aleppo in the north of the city by securing the Castello Road. For the Islamist terrrorists, knowing that this is a most serious situation, Continue Reading ›

Germany: Multiple Terror Attacks

Germany: Multiple Terror Attacks: Germany has seen multiple terror attacks in the space of a week. Monday 18th July a 17-year-old Afghan used an axe to attack passengers on a train, injuring four before being shot by police.  Friday 22nd, an 18-year-old German-Iranian man fatally shot nine people in a Munich shopping mall, five on Continue Reading ›

South Front: Syria War Report 28th July

Monthly News Review June 2016. BREXIT SPECIAL

Monthly News Review: June 2016. BREXIT SPECIAL     On the 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum that asked the citizens of the UK if they wanted to remain or leave the European Union. One might wonder why a country like the UK would even hold a referendum in the first place. Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Coup Attempt

Coup Attempt: On the night of the 15th July, a section of the Turkish military, several thousand in strength attempted a military coup. Ultimately it failed as the rebels made what appear to be some pretty basic errors. For instance they neglected to capture the president and he was then able to rally his supporters Continue Reading ›

France: Nice Truck Attack

Warning, Graphic and upsetting content.   Nice Truck Attack: July 14 is Bastille day, a national celebration for the French. On July 14th of this year, there was a fireworks display on the beach in Nice attended by thousands of people. Families, mums, dads and kids. In what can only be described as a sickening Continue Reading ›

USA: Baton Rouge Cop Killings

Baton Rouge Police Shootout: Following on from the shooting of Alten Sterling, and many other incidents that have made the news in recent years. Whereby it appears as if black males seem to die at the hands of the police in a manner that varies from questionable to outright cold  blooded murder. A lone gunmen, Continue Reading ›

USA: Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling Shot Dead

Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling Shot Dead: On July 5th Another black civilian is shot dead by the police, this time in Louisiana. Footage had emerged of two policeman pinning the suspect down and then shooting him several times in the chest at close range. They shout verbal warnings to him and say that he has Continue Reading ›

USA: Dallas Shooter Kills Five Police

Dallas Shooter kills 5 police: Following on from the recent killings of two black citizens in the US by the police force, a retaliatory attack has occured in downtown Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest march. The suspect, named as Michah Johnson (and black if your wondering) is now deceased after an armed standoff Continue Reading ›