Iraq: Battle of Fallujah

Battle of Fallujah: Footage of Iraqi forces fighting their way into the center of the city. Fallujah will soon be under the complete control of the Iraqi government.

Syria: SAA enter Raqqa

SAA enter Raqqa: The Syrian Arab Army have entered Raqqa province as they march towards Raqqa city where they will inflict the final defeat on the Islamic State terrorists if there is any justice in this world. The SAA are in Raqqa for the first time since 2014, they have liberated the strategic Zakiyah crossroad, Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo Intesifies

Aleppo Intesifies: Footage of Syrian government reinforcements preparing to enter the battlefield in Aleppo. The battle of Aleppo is intense, the foreign backed terrorists are desperate to hang on to what they have left and are sending thousands of rockets into the government held civilian areas, meanwhile the western media makes up false and distorted Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review May 2016

Monthly News Review: May 2016   Despite the huge effort in the US media by various groups from within and outside the Republican (GOP) Party, Donald Trump managed to secure enough delegates to ensure victory at the GOP convention in July when the delegates cast their votes for a new GOP leader. Trump will then Continue Reading ›

Why the British said no to Europe

Brexit could break up EU, prevent WWIII

Iraq: Assualt on Fallujah

Assualt on Fallujah: The Iraqi government forces have begun their assualt on the Islamic State held city of Fallujah. To have been a resident of Fallujah in the last 30 years is to have become familiar with hell itself one would imagine.  The residents have endured the invasions and occupation of the Western forces when Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle of Fallujah

Battle of Fallujah: Footage from the operations against islamic State as the Iraqi government forces attempt to retake Fallujah.  

Syria: Assault on Raqqa

Assault on Raqqa: The Kurdish YPG with the support of over 500 US soldiers have begun the push to make an assault on Raqqa. There is some territory to gain before they reach the outskirts of the city but they have recently captured several small towns/villages.   Syria is a war where to the casual Continue Reading ›

Aleppo: Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Command of Al Qaeda

Exclusive: Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Aleppo, Commanding al Qaeda

Syria: Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta Recent Operations

Footage from some of the Syrian government offensives in Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta.  

Monthly News Review April 2016

Monthly News Review: April 2016     If your not one of the super rich, their co conspiritors or just a like minded wealthy individual,  you would do well to remember through what eyes the majority of rich and powerful see you. The masses are merely there to be used and herded like cattle in Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo,Descent into a living Hell

Descent into a living Hell is the title of this video, it depicts life in Aleppo at the moment with raw footage from the atrocities on the ground. Aleppo is, or was at least Syria’s largest city and major trade hub. For the duration of the war the city has been split into two areas Continue Reading ›

Canada: Fort McMurray Wildfire

Fort McMurray Wildfire: On May 1st in a remote area near Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, a wild fire began, cause unknown. By May 7th the fire had grown to the size of 1500 square km. The fire is massive and out of control with high temperatures and strong winds only serving to fuel the fire. Continue Reading ›

Equador: Earthquake

Earthquake: On April 16th ECT an Earthquake hit Equador with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. This can be considered a very powerful earthquake and consequently over 16 500 people were injured and over 650 people have been killed. The epicentre was in a fairly rural part of the country, over 100km from Continue Reading ›

Japan: Kumamoto earthquakes

Kumamoto earthquakes: Two earthquakes struck Kumamoto Japan on the 14th and 16th April JST. The quakes measured 6.2 and 7.0 respectively on the Richter scale. At least 48 people have died and over 3000 injured in both quakes.

Vaxxed. Robert De Niro and Autism – a Tragic Drama of Intimidation

Vaxxed. Robert De Niro and Autism – a Tragic Drama of Intimidation: Vaxxed is the documentery that was due to be aired at the Tribeca film festival run by Robert De Niro but then pulled at the last minute due to corporate pressure. In due course it will undoubtedly come to light in the public Continue Reading ›

France: Labour Reform Protests

Labour Reform Protests: France has been experiencing protests for a week now after the socialist President Holland – where he gets the label socialist from is anybodys guess – has decided to introduce labour reforms that decrease what people are paid in overtime and increases the amount of hours people must work each week. One Continue Reading ›

Baltic Sea: Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook

Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook: For the second time, the USS Donald Cook gets buzzed by Russian jets. The Western media machine is crying like a child telling the world how awful the Russians are by flying their jets so close to a US Missile ship in International waters, they are so used to Continue Reading ›

Monthly News Review March 2016

Monthly News Review: March 2016   On Tuesday 14th of March, Putin declared to the world that the Russian Aerospace forces would be beginning their withdrawal from Syria having completed their objectives in Syria. Sure enough, the media of the world were able to confirm that there were Russian combat planes leaving the Russian Hmeimim Continue Reading ›

Syria: Hell Cannon Terrorist Nest Smoked

Hell Cannon Terrorist Nest Smoked: The Western media have always made a big issue of Assad with his barrel bombs. But why would Assad strap home made barrels full of explosives to the underside of helicopters and drop them on civilians when he has proffesional munitions at his disposal which would be more effective and Continue Reading ›

Syria: Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopter

Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopter:  One of the most advanced and formidable attack choppers in the world today, the new Ka-52 Russian scout and attack helicopter is in action for the first time in Syria. This footage is during the liberation of Al Qaryatayn which the SAA and allies liberated shortly after Palmyra, this town was Continue Reading ›