Video footage shows that Israeli commander shot and killed Palestinian teen, Muhammad Ali-Kosba, 17, while he fled after throwing a stone.

The unlawful killing got immediate backing from top military and civilian officials.

B’Tselem’s findings indicate that Muhammad ‘Ali-Kosba threw a stone at the windshield of Binyamin Brig. Commander Shomer, shattering it, and then fled with other teens. Col. Shomer and another soldier pursued them on foot. Shomer shot ‘Ali-Kosba from a distance of some ten meters, hitting him in the face and in the back. B’Tselem’s investigation indicates ‘Ali-Kosba posed no mortal threat to the soldiers at the time of the shooting. Sweeping support for Shomer’s action conveys this message to troops: shooting a Palestinian stone thrower is acceptable, even desirable, even if the person is fleeing and no longer a threat.

In the video footage, the vehicle is seen stopping at the junction immediately after the stone is thrown. Two soldiers emerge and begin pursuing the fleeing teenager. A third soldier is seen waiting near the vehicle. No further stone throwing is seen. The rest of the pursuit and the shooting occur outside the surveillance camera’s field of vision and are therefore not visible. According to several eyewitnesses, Col. Shomer shot Ali-Kosba from a distance of some ten meters and then went up to him and moved him with his leg. Then, instead of obtaining medical aid for the injured youth, the soldiers drove off. The surveillance footage shows the two soldiers returning to the camera’s range some thirty seconds after the incident began, getting into the jeep and driving away. Ali-Kosba was carried away in a private car and later transferred to a Red Crescent ambulance. He was clinically dead when he arrived at the hospital in Ramallah, where he was pronounced dead. B’Tselem sent the video footage to the Military Police Investigations Unit