Another example in video of the true relationship between the Palestinians and the Israelis. An IDF vehicle pulls up alongside some Palestinian youths who are doing nothing wrong and the IDF leaves a lillt gift for them before driving off in the form of a stun grenade.  On the one side a wealthy country with an advanced army and nuclear weapons which receives unflinching support no matter what in the Western media as well as being the country that receives more money in aid from the United States than any other nation in the world for some reason. On the other side… a country in poverty with no military (yet retains a guerilla style force with small weapons), little to no support from the Western media (naturally, its Jewish owned), is losing its land on a weekly basis to illegal settlements in addition of course to losing the majority of its land in 1948 when it was taken from them to create Israel. In addition to that,the Gaza strip is a giant prison that is under seige and can’t import goods whilst the West Bank has the Israeli Military roaming freely on their land, helping settlers destroy their homes and crops whilst oppressing the Palestinians in a wide variety of ways on a daily basis. When the Palestinians retaliate violently in whatever small way they can muster, the violence is splashed across the news as an example of terrorism and then comes the full scale Israeli assault to punish them for daring to fight back for what is rightfuly theirs.