West Bank Occupation:  A third generation of Palestinians are now enduring the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank. As their land is slowly absorbed into Israel through the construction of settlments in the West Bank, the mass imprisonment of citizens, wars on the blockaded Gaza Strip where no one can escape or get supplies, the destruction of their crops either by settler sabotage or more recently the government sprayed chemicals on 400 acres of farmland, the restriction of their movement and their rights being destroyed further every day, they are witness to their own slow genocide. One would think that after the second world war the Jews would be the first ones to stand up for any one suffering oppression like this but here they are commiting atrocities against the Palestinians that are akin to what they endured in Nazi Germany. This is why Palestinians are now charging at Israelis with knives when they know that they will get shot dead, they have absaloutly nothing left to lose, why else would you run at a man with a gun when all you have is a knife? It truly is modern day David vs Goliath, except David is no longer a Jew.