Hit Job on Putin: Shortly before the recent G20 summit, a car crashed at high speed into a Russian government vehicle killing the driver. That driver was Putins favourite driver, and was supposed to be transporting him at the time. However, a change was made at the last minute allegedly and Putin switched cars. As you can see from the footage, a car is driving at very high speed down the central reservation where no traffic should be and then turns in at just the right moment to collide with the government vehicle head on. The hit man actually survived the crash and was taken to hospital. One would imagine every effort would be made to ensure the survival of the would be Presidential killer, so that he can face a thorough questioning by the Russian authorities.


Its obvious that this was an attempt on Putins life, apparently he faces up to five assasination attempts a year. This one however would have taken a great deal of planning and with the kind of knowledge that only other governments can obtain, namely the US or UK. Putin then had to to go the G20 and meet the sponsers of his would be death. The Chinese who hosted the meeting ensured that Obama received a fitting reception, the only dignitary with no red carpet and forced to descend from his plane from the emergency steps at the rear of the craft.