Al-Mallah farms: A major event has happened in the war in Syria in the last couple of days. The SAA and allies have managed to reach Castello Road in northern Aleppo city, its the last road that the terrorists in northern Aleppo can use to resupply themselves from Turkey… or escape. The road runs through an area of farm land known as Al-Mallah farms and the terrorists are defending it with all they have for they know the consequences should they lose this safe passage for them. However, if things continue as they have been lately, the terrorists in Aleppo city will be completely cut off and it will only be a matter of time before they are all dead or surrender. Once Aleppo has been secured then the hope for the terrorists in Syria is all but extuingished. Its unlikely to be plain sailing for the Syrian Arab Army for the foreign backed terrorists and their sponsors will no doubt try every trick in the book to turn the tide.


Aleppo: Syrian Army establishes control over al-Mallah southern farms and cuts off terrorists’ key supply route ~ Many Daesh criminals & cutthroats also killed in Homs and Hama