It’s been a really bad couple of weeks indeed for the jihadi terrorists in Eastern Aleppo and Syria as a whole. On the 17th of November the south western corner of Aleppo was completely secured, the chances of the besieged eastern sector receiving help from fellow head choppers from Idlib province now was remote at best. On the 28th of November came one of the most significant days since the war began. The whole northern sector of the besieged area was liberated by the SAA and allied militias. Tens of thousands of civilians were able to escape the war zone and get aid from the Syrian authorities. They would of course have been able to do this much sooner had the rebels allowed them to leave the war zone through the specially set up humanitarian corridors. What the civilians discovered when they tried to use these corridors was that they were fired up by the “moderate” jihadis. The jihadis know full well they need the civilians as human shields, otherwise the SAA is going to bust inside like an angry bull and open a can of whip ass on them. The fact that the jihadi’s believe civilian human shields helps them, proves that the Syrian Army does what it can to minimise civilian casualties, for if the SAA was the force of terror killing its people, as the mainstream media would tell you, then why wouldn’t they just roll through Eastern Aleppo with all the firepower available to them. What seems much closer to the truth and is backed up by the time it has taken for the SAA to advance, is that they attempt to preserve civilian life as much as possible, of course, this is war and there are inevitable unwanted casualties. Obama can tell you all about that if you ask him about his drone strikes. US and coalition air strikes have managed to bomb at least 12 wedding parties around the world since 2001. Imagine the reaction and consequences if a foreign state had carried out an air strike on a wedding party in the US or UK or France.


One really has to marvel at how the mainstream media that have been secretly supporting jihadi terrorists are now having to desperately try to distort reality more than ever to suit their political aims and maintain their illusion. The linked BBC article has alleged quotes from Syrian civilians trapped in the besieged area actually claiming civilians are running from the liberated areas into the besieged areas. Is it really conceivable that any civilian with a family would run from a safe zone where there is food and water and medical aid, back into a war zone where there is no food, water or supplies? This is what the BBC is resorting to to try and maintain its agenda. Whether through implication or direct quotes, the BBC consistently pushes a picture that all the civilians are running away from Assad and his “regime” of terror.  This propaganda fantasy runs in direct contrast to any objective analysis of the situation when considering all the sources of information available.


“Our house is a bit away from the the places where the regime retook control. Thousands of families have now moved into our area”.


“Most have fled to our areas. They are staying in homes that we have found for them”


Or how about this headline in the next BBC article “UN alarm as 16,000 civilians flee government advance”, it implies the civilians are running away from the Syrian government, when in fact the government have freed them from their terrorist captors. They are now free to run where they like, worship who they like and have social freedom. Under rebel rule they were trapped and had to live a strict wahhabi Islamist life style or die. That’s the difference. The only civilians who prefer the rebel rule are the civilians who adhere to radical Islam.


This France 24 article is really incredible, not only do they use the same trick as the BBC with their headline “Thousands of civilians flee east Aleppo during government offensive”, implying the civilians are running from the government, they then interview and quote a member of the extremist Zenki/Zinki gang. The disgusting Zenki gangsters that are the absoloute filth of humanity, filmed and posted online a video of themselves beheading a child only a couple of months ago. They are terrorist jihadists 100% with a wahhabi ideology to match, no different from Islamic State or any of the other “moderate rebels”, if they were to invade France they would rape the women then sell them into sex slavery, thats after they beheaded the fathers and sons in the streets in front of their families. This is who France 24 deems fit to feel sorry for, whats even more shocking is that France has been the victim of horrific jihadi terror attacks, including a lorry driving through and massacring families at a fireworks show on a beach and several mass shootings killing many innocent people.


Then we have the international political reaction, its always the same formula. When events happen in Syria that the western establishment don’t like, there will be some faked propaganda peices to ramp up the public support followed by a political push in the desired direction. So now that the SAA are well on their way to extuiginshing the jihadi’s once and for all from Aleppo, which would be a massive blow to their foreign sponsors, we see the calls for ceasefire and humanitarian aid access re emerge from the UK, US UN, France, and all the other usual suspects. What’s really curious is that the United Nations only seems to want to send aid to the rebel held part of Aleppo, the residents that were inside the beseiged section but have recently been freed by the SAA are still in desperate need but for some reason the UN doesn’t care about them all of a sudden. A UN spokesman has said that they are waiting for a ceasefire from the SAA so that they can access the beseiged area. A ceasefire and only aid to the beseiged area, read between the lines and that sounds like lets give the terrorists a rest, a chance to reorganise and fresh supplies. It is well documented now that any aid that reaches beseiged rebel held areas in Syria rarely gets to the civilians, if it does its because the rebels have sold it to them at extortionate prices. This information has been reported by civilians on numerous occasions.


At this moment the SAA, spear headed by the incredible Tiger Forces are in control of about 60% of what was the terrorist held Eastern Aleppo. We can only hope that total liberation of Aleppo is swift and there are minimal civilian casualties. Then the civilians in eastern Aleppo that the western world claims to care so much about will be free to live their lives as they see fit and rebuild their homes. The radical wahhabi Islamist ideology spawned by Saudi Arabia and used by the West as a weapon against Assad will be nothing in Aleppo but an extremely bad memory. For the civilians there that want to live the wahhabi way, well they can emigrate to Saudi Arabia to join the other degenerates.






A very sad loss for Liwa al Quds