Things aren’t getting better for the degenerate takfiri terrorists in both Aleppo and all of Syria. 85% Of Eastern Aleppo is now under SAA control. The remaining head choppers must be looking at each other and wondering where it all went wrong. All foreign terrorists will be exterminated which is a pretty significant proportion. The remaining Syrian born terrorists can surrender under the amnesty agreement with the government, if of course they can escape their commanders before they get shot for desertion. There may also be a deal put in place like has happened in many other parts of Syria. The terrorists get to leave with small arms and put on green buses to be ferried up to Idlib province (a terrorist stronghold) where they can join the rest of the savages. From the SAA point of view, it means they get to capture the area without any civilian casualties and without further destruction to the infrastructure. Yes they will have to fight them another day but presumably the territorial gain is worth the trade off. It does make sense, the more territory that is secured, the fewer fronts there are and more soldiers are then freed up to take part in offensives in other parts of the country. In short, all the jihadis (other than Islamic State because they are not part of these gangs) who don’t give up, if they aren’t killed and negotiate a settlement, will end up in Idlib where they will meet their fate at some point in the near future when the SAA get round to advancing there, probably after the capture of Aleppo. Its going to be one big terrorist slaughter send off to jihadi heaven. Perhaps the jihadi terrorists wonder if there will actually be enough virgins to go round in heaven with so many of them arriving at the same time, 72 virgins each they have been promised for a martyrs death and its a real motivator for them. They will probably seek reassurance from their Saudi Imams who are experts in these matters apparently.