Descent into a living Hell is the title of this video, it depicts life in Aleppo at the moment with raw footage from the atrocities on the ground. Aleppo is, or was at least Syria’s largest city and major trade hub. For the duration of the war the city has been split into two areas of control, government and terrorist or rebel depending on who your listening to. Inside the city as with all over Syria there are anti government factions who although are in different groups by name are largely similar in terms of their ideology and their will to destroy the Syrian government and replace it wih an institution much the same as seen in Saudi Arabia.

However, that said there is in fighting occasionally, but must of the time we see and hear evidence that they cooperate on many levels. The two major groups within the opposition are Al Nusra/Al Qaeda and Islamic State. In Aleppo city, the dominant terrorist faction is Al Nusra and in the outer areas and the countryside of Aleppo IS in control of the terrorist held areas.

In recent weeks the Syrian government have made major advances across the country and no less so in Aleppo. They have for the most part surrounded Aleppo and have control of most of the access routes in and out of the city. In the western media we have heard reports of how the government has bombed hospitals and refugee centres. If the accusations are even true that blame lies with the Syrian govenment, and there is usually information regarding these events that cast doubt on who did what, we hear almost nothing that highlights the attacks by the terrorists/rebels on the government controlled areas. In the last several weeks there have been some two thousand rockets and shelling attacks in Aleppo on government controlled areas with many dead and wounded civilians.