Now that the Syrian Arab Army has completely smashed the defensive lines of the jihadis and all but completley captured Aleppo, approximately 100 000 civilians have been able to escape the besieged zone and receive humanitarian aid. These civilians that the West seemed so concerned about when they were trapped and held hostage by the terrorists in what was the the terrorist controlled area are now free to receive the aid yet the West has apparently changed its mind and they aren’t so needy any more. The Russian defense ministry singled out the UK by stating that the UK had not delivered “a single gram of flour” to the freed civilians.


Although Aleppo is all but won for the Syrian government, there is one last pocket which contains around 10 000 people. These are the remaining jihadi fighters that won’t lay down their arms, their families and any other civilian that adheres to and believes in the Islamist doctrine that the jihadi’s preach, presumably they could leave like the others but choose to stay with the jihaidis. This includes the sweet little Bana, who somehow manages to tweet her messages of impending doom from inside a war zone where there is no internet access apparently.


A deal has been struck with the remaining degenerates and their families in which the green buses of jihadi shame will come and pick them up, and transport them to Idlib province. Idlib is a jihadi stronghold, hopefully not for long though. The arrangement to evacuate the extremists hasn’t been smooth running, they have tried to smuggle heavy weapons out, green buses have been shot at and also, as part of the evacuation deal, the Syrian government negotiated the transport of injured and sick civilians out of Al-Fou’aa and Kafraya, these two towns are under siege by the rebels. Oh, what’s that I hear you say, you haven’t heard about that on the mainstream news? You would be right, the mainstream western media never reports a story that would engender sympathy for the Syrian government, perhaps thats why we heard almost nothing about the recapture of Palmyra by Islamic State. Western media could have really made a big issue of this one and stuck the knife into the Russian military campaign but they chose not to… very peculiar? In any case, the buses that were on their way to Al-Fou’aa and Kafraya to evacuate the sick and injured were destroyed and the drivers kidnapped and possibly killed, fate unknown as of earlier today.


There we have it, the terrorists have been expelled from Aleppo, the western politicians and media has been going crazy now that their plans are crumbling before their eyes, not too mention the reports in alternative media that around a dozern western intelligence operatives have been caught in Eastern Aleppo adding more proof to who is really behind this “civil” war, that is if we needed any more convincing? That might also be adding to the nervousness of the Western elites.


What’s next is anybodies guess, Palmyra, Idlib, and Raqqa all need to wrestled from the jihadis, not to mention the need to break the siege on Deir Ezzor. There is even talk now of a peace deal in the UN. One thing you can bet on, the West will not give up their goals, if they do it will be only temporarily until they can come back another day with new deceptions and attacks. If Syria is to survive and its secularist people retain sovereignty of their own nation, they must continue to forge their own future, tragically, they have been forced to do this with their blood.