Now that a short time has passed since the jihadis have been removed from Aleppo, the dust has begun to settle, both literally and metaphorically, some of the realities of what has occurred that were once slightly blurred have now come into sharper focus.


Mass graves of civilians who have been tortured and some dismembered before being executed have been uncovered by the Syrian governement. Explosive booby traps “everywhere” are having to be defused by Russian experts, a nice parting gift left by the jihadi filth for some innocent child to get blown to bits on. Not to mention the 100 Syrian soldiers who were hostages that were executed prior to the jihadi departure of eastern Aleppo, their release was supposed to be part of the exit deal but naturally, you can’t expect the worst of humanity to have any honour. Or what about the discovery of chemical weapon factories and huge weapons depots in the hands of fanatical head chopping deranged jihadis. These resources don’t just grow on trees ready to be picked by the nearest lunatic who thinks they do Gods will. No, they are supplied by very large organisations with power and money. Only nation states have the capacity to deliver these kinds of resources into the territory of another nation. The United States and its partners have made no secret of their desire to remove Assad, in fact they have pushed the idea publicly as part of their foreign policy and their support of terrorists is clear for all to see. Their message has dutifully been reinforced by any means possible by their associates who own the corporate western media. They know how to play to your emotions and find your weak spot with lies and deceptions, to mould your thinking and fashion your behaviour so that you support their agenda. Advertising, media and corporations have been working on figuring out how best to do this since the end of the second world war and the white goods revolution when capitalism faced a fundamental problem, how can they keep you buying stuff endlessly? Put another way, rather than using something till it no longer works or is useful, how can they get the public to continually keep purchasing more than they need. Why… so they can produce as much as possible, to sell as much as possible, to make as much money as possible. This is the foundation of modern capitalism and the psychological ideology that it needs to sustain it.


The tragedy of what has occurred in Aleppo and Syria as a whole is demonstrated in the title video. This tragedy has come about because the establishment that is in control of the West, is for want of a better description… evil. The people of the West have long felt that they are the “good guys” particularly since the defeat of Hitler, and of course there are millions of good people in the West and all over the world for that matter. The point is, the people of the West generally believe that their governments are essentially forces for good. This is certainly not the case today and in fact never has been. The history of the Imperialist Western powers is one long horror story where the blood never even had a chance to dry. Whether it be, the slavery and slaughter of millions of Africans, the slaughter of millions of Native Americans, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Native Australians, the slaughter of millions of South Americans, the slaughter of millions of Indians, in particular the Bengal famine, or the bloodless slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Chinese by drug addiction when the West sold opium into their country and went to war with the Chinese government twice to enforce their rights as international drug dealers. The list goes on, and on. The Imperialist powers don’t just relish the slaughter of other nations and races, they have no qualms sending their own people to a bloody gruesome death as millions of them have died in wars pushing their agendas. The one constant throughout this grim story is that the power brokers never get touched. One suspects that if they themselves were to face the horrors they happily inflict on others, they would demonstrate a humiliating cowardice and prove they are not fit to lick the boots of the ordinary man. They only know how to hide behind their protective wall of material wealth.


A nationwide peace treaty has now been signed between the Syrian government and several terrorist factions that include tens of thousands of fighters. The treaty was brokered by Russia and Turkey, oh dear, no United States… John Kerry and his team obviously weren’t missed. The groups that have signed the treaty are clearly¬† jihadis like any of the other terrorist groups, we can only assume that they are slightly more palatable to the Syrian government than the other degenerates. By swallowing a little pride and calling the jihadis in these groups “moderate” the SAA can now, assuming the truce holds, divert forces to the east and other areas in need. Islamic State is causing considerable problems having been keeping relatively quiet for a few months, they recaptured Palmyra recently after the SAA were forced to withdraw under heavy pressure and Deir Ezzor is facing to powerful attacks. Perhaps this new found strength they have in Syria is thanks to the US facilitating the movement of thousands of IS fighters from Mosul to Syria as was reported in alternative media when the siege of Mosul in Iraq began? We will have to wait and see if the truce holds and if the Syrians have played their diplomatic cards right, the truce will only strengthen their position.







Weapons found in Aleppo






Footage from the T4 Airbase near Palmyra