Aleppo Seige Back On: The war in Syria is as fraught as ever. The government forces have encircled the terrorist factions in Eastern Aleppo for a second time and this time it is unlikely the seige will be broken. Thousands of Jihadi filth, sponsored by their foreign owners from the west and Saudi Arabia, have been slaughtered on the battlefield in recent weeks as they tried to enter Eastern Aleppo and break the seige completely. All they managed to do in the few weeks the seige was slightly broken was open a narrow corridor to their terrorist colleagues. The problem for them was that the Syrian Army retained fire control on this corridor and as such thousands got slaughtered in the worlds biggest meat grinder. In Eastern Aleppo there are allegedly foreign intelligence operatives from the CIA and MI5 who were desperate to escape before getting caught by the Syrian authorities. It’s highly unlikely they got out and are still inside…oh dear.

Naturally, when the Syrian government is doing well, the zionist owned international community cries out for peace and cease fires or the other trick they pull is the old classic of chemical weapons. With the Syrian Army having the upper hand throughout the country, backed by its saviour the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Russians had the leverage on the recent peace talks with the US which allowed them to negotiate to their advantage. Perhaps thats why the US refuses to publish the details of the ceasefire. In any case, although the ceasefire gives opportunity to the Jihadis to regroup and rest, it gives the same opportunity to the Syrian Army and civilians. As a civilian who has lived horrific war for five years, this must surely be most welcome. Unfortunately, despite the Syrians observing the ceasfire, the US backed moderate head choppers have continued to launch assaults during the ceasefire and have broken it some 60 times since the ceasefire began on Monday 12th. As such the cease fire is breaking down within a week.

In addition, just hours ago, the US airforce decided to give air support to Islamic State in Deir Ezzor killing some 60 Syrian soldiers and injuring over 100. Immediately after the air attack, Islamic State Jihadi terrorists assualted the SAA positions that had come under US fire forcing the survivors to withdraw. In short, the US has just perfomed a combat mission alongside Islamic State. However, the Department of defense has already issued a statement on the attack which reads something like, oops, sorry, it was a mistake.

A rocket attack on terrorists near the Golan heights.


Footage of the SAA in Deir Ezzor