Aleppo Seige: In the last two weeks there have been major changes in the military situation in Aleppo.  The Syrian Arab Army had cut the last route in and out of Aleppo in the north of the city by securing the Castello Road. For the Islamist terrrorists, knowing that this is a most serious situation, they combined their forces as they often do, to a fighting force of approximately 10 000, and with the support of their Western masters, several days ago launched a masssive counter attack to try and break the seige on Aleppo and free their  fellow terrorists who are trapped in the city. The counter attack was focused in the south west corner of the city rather than the north, the reason for this is that this was strategically advantagous for several reasons, it is the natural direction from which the reinforcements can arrive, it is a narrow area of control that the government have there and if they are successfull they can potetially create a seige on the government controlled area of Aleppo if they were to retake the Castello road. The attack was initiated, as is usually the case with Islamic terrorists with a VBED, a vehicle borne explosive device. There are reports that they were around half a dozen VBEDS in the assault. These are usually home made armoured vehicles that are laden to the brim with explosives and driven by a suicide bomber to his inevitable death. Following the explosions the armed assault by the foot soldiers would quickly follow in the ensuing chaos.


The terrorists successfully created a 500 metre wide corridor that broke through to the beseiged terrorist held section of Aleppo. Although they have access to the seiged section via tunnels and small corridors through buildings they are unable to reach them in any meaningful way militarily as the SAA made a tactical withdrawl to await for reinforcements which are duly coming and have complete fire control over the corridor. Some 2000 hezbollah fighters and units of the SAA have either arrived or will be imminently. It is also reported that the terrorists suffered huge casualties in acheiving their minimal gains so far. If they are able to continue their breach and push the government forces back further then that would be a major blow to the government. However, with reinforcements having arrived and the continuous aerial bombardment from the air by Russian and Syrian airforces, one could probably describe that 500 metre corridor as the most brutal meat grinder on the face of planet earth. It’s also worth noting that the Russians are reportedly unable now to provide helicopter close fire support assistance to the SAA in this region as the West through their allies in the region have supplied MANPADS to the head choppers. It was one of these MANPADS that shot down a Russian helicopter killing all on board just a week ago. I say head choppers because although for those who follow the war know full well the West is supporting fanatical Islamist terrorists in Syria, if there was any doubt at all, in the last week,  footage emerged of “moderate” officially US backed terrorists beheading a young boy (no more than 13 years old) on the back of a red pick up truck before they held is head aloft and screamed in depraved jubilation. Having witnessed on video many appalling things to make posts for this website, this is by far the most gut wrenching and sickening. The coming days are crucial, the SAA must without fail maintain the seige on Aleppo and then drive forward to Idlib which is reportedly a major base for the Western sponsored “moderate” terrorists in addition to the newly branded Al Nusra Front. Who are now known officially as Al Nusra Front Diet – with no added terrorists. Just kidding… they have changed their name to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and are allegedly no longer connected to Al Qaeda. Just wait for it in the media, soon the West will be openly supporting them and it’s all ok because they no longer have long distant phone calls to their Al Qaeda brothers in Saudi Arabia and wherever else they might be.




The first two videos below are taken by the terrorists: