Assault on Raqqa: The Kurdish YPG with the support of over 500 US soldiers have begun the push to make an assault on Raqqa. There is some territory to gain before they reach the outskirts of the city but they have recently captured several small towns/villages.


Syria is a war where to the casual observer it would be impossible to understand exactly who is on what side, and even to those who pay more attention its full of contradictions that are impossible to make sense of at times. The Kurdish YPG are at war with Turkey, Turkey is of course a NATO member and ally of the US, yet here is the US assisting the YPG militarily and have been for some time. The Turks have already complained to the US that the US soldiers have been wearing the YPG insigina on their uniforms and have subsequently apologised and had them removed.


This is also in direct contrast to Obama’s repeated promises that they wont put boots on the ground in Syria, but then presumably their plans have worked out like they thought and now they have to get involved directly to try and push their plans through. In any case, when has a politician actually been bothered about a promise they made to their citizens?





We also have reports that Islamic State are beginning to leave Raqqa at the order of the US. Is it possible that that the US is setting things up so that they will capture Raqqa with relative ease and then declare themselves the victors against Islamic State having captured their capital. The whole world will then rejoice that the terrorists have been defeated and the US is the hero, just like it is the movies.


“Daesh evacuating Raqqa at U.S. order”, [Syrian Military Expert]