You wouldn’t know it from the virtual mainstream media blanket blackout, but the Syrian Arab Army, with support from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are grinding down the Islamist terrorist savages into mincemeat on a daily basis. The reason why you don’t hear much in the western media is because losing sides don’t usually shout out loud about their defeats. The western media have been doing all they can to win the propaganda war and help ensure that Assad and Syria is destroyed, the biggest question is why? They say they don’t like brutal dictators, well we know that’s not true because they support Saudi Arabia amongst others, and to list just a few of its wonderful characteristics, it’s a country with no government elections, the same ideology as Jihadist terrorists and carries out capital punishment on political opponents which might include head chopping or crucifixion, that’s right, they like to nail human beings to wooden crosses.


One would presume that the media would be rejoicing daily at the inevitable destruction of the most brutal, savage, degenerate group of human beings of the last thousand years. Especially so bearing in mind that these same savages are driving vehicles at high speed into groups of innocent civilians in the west on an almost weekly basis.  Imagine what they would be saying if it was the US army destroying the worlds greatest evil. Its a public relations dream for America’s global image. Thinking ahead to when the Kurds finally take Raqqa alongside the US, you can almost hear the victory horns on the TV now. “US defeats Islamic State and takes the capital of IS”. All the typical sound bytes will be rolled out for the brain dead reality show loving masses to consume. As usual though, reality and what they feed you are quite often polar opposites.


Deir Ezzor, the greatest war story of the modern era. When this city is freed from the siege that Islamic State have on it, this will signal the beginning of the end of this war. There is still much to do for Syria, the potentially treacherous Kurds in the north and the rest of the so called “moderate” head choppers in Idlib and other pockets will need to be dealt with in one way or another.


At this moment in time, it looks like it’s game over for the Islamist terrorists and their international sponsors.