Shock horror! The civilians in Eastern Aleppo who are being held captive by terrorists to be used as human shields actually oppose their captors and support the Syrian government despite mainstream news claiming otherwise. The jihadi terrorists have been shooting anyone who tries to leave the besieged Eastern Aleppo. There are some civilians that have managed to leave having paid a hefty bribe to the jihadis according to reports, others who tried to leave and weren’t have been blown to bits on mines that the jihadis laid in the approach to the escape/humanitarian corridors set up by the Russians and the Syrian government. It seems as though the civilians have very little left to lose as protests have begun springing up all over Eastern Aleppo, despite the threat of being executed on the spot. For some reason this isn’t on CNN, the BBC or any other of the propoganda outlets pushing the “Evil Assad” agenda. It is however on the pro Russian/Syrian media and in statements from the Russian Defence ministry. So in the end it comes down to…who do you beleive?